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Sar-e-Aam (From MQM Nine Zero !) 21st July 2012

Sar-e-Aam team From MQM Nine Zero to promote peace in karachi & Views of Hassan Nisar about law & order Situation in karachi !


    mqm woh wahid jamat ha jo pakistan k liay kam krna chahti hai.. bt nawaz sharif jaisa dash log mqm k khilaf propoganda krtai hain jaisa 1992 mai kia tha nawaz sharif ko karachi ki adalatl la kr saza dilwae or sahbaz zharif ko bhe jb yeh log jail mai bnd hn ga toh pnjab ki hukumat gir jayege mustafa kamal ko wahan sa elect krway……… ALLAH KA SHUKR ada krtain hai urdu speaking k ALLAH na mqm bnanai n altaf hussain na jo jurat mnd dhikai i suilut them.. wrna sari quam hum urdu speaking k mardalti

  • Naseem Yousef

    I am very much interested in such programmes where all the prevailing vices in Pakistan are exposed . I am also impressed where the plight of families who had disabled children was shown and as a result some one from UK helped the family/ies. I would be interested to know some more families in similar situation so we the overseas Pakistanies could help those who are under priviledged.

  • panasonic

    I am big supporter of ppp but MQM pakistan ki sab say achi political party hy per punjab ky wadaron, jagirdaron ny mqm ky khalif itni nafart bhar di hy en haramyoon ko sirf mqm main borai nazar ati hy. Allah talah tab hi en per nawaz shareef j, ur jalee degree walay jasy kamene log musalat karata hy.

    Kisi ny sai kha hy en punjabion ki aqal en ki dhoti main hoti hy. Ye Pakistan bane say phaly Raja ranjeet singh ki ghulmi karte thay apne ghar ky darwazy khol dia karte thay ranjeet singh ki ayashi karne kaylie yahee wo hi bagariat kom hy jo jagirdaron ki dalali karti hy.

    GA bhutto -GA sindh.

  • gulgul74

    In my view whats happening here a photo of whats happening in Karachi or pakistan.a person who we don't even know who he actually belongs to just by making an ID of khan etc he does not represent Khans or Pathans and the same vice versa.and by making comments against MQM or anyone else he/she does his job and then watches the game.we will not bring peace till we adopt this principle that who ever does this is the enemy of all and should be condemned by all.In Islam there is no room for racism.Let me be the first to start i am a pathan and i disown all such pathans who are racist.let us be all Muslims and serve the purpose we have been sent for.Submit to the will of Allah in the most peaceful manner.

  • Prime.Minister.Gilan

    Dear Pakistanis

    Please stop bashing each other. MQM, PPP, PTI, ANP… no one is less Pakistani. Muhajirs have worked very hard to build Pakistan. Likewise sindis, pashtun, balochis and panjabis have contributed as well.

    We have so many external enemies, who are willing to destroy us.

    Please demonstrate unity, and lets get together to make us stronger in the blessed month of Ramadan.

    If no mother land, then no altaf hussain, no nawaz sharif, and no zardari or imran will be there.

    Please try to understand and respect everyone’s view point.

    In the month of Ramadan, lets join hands and prey for SALAMTI of our beloved motherland

  • shanbaba afaqui

    One must simpathicaly understand others position, and give him his right, Karachi waly punjab say keon nafrat kartay hain? Sirf nawaz and uskay chamchoon kay attitude ki waja say. Kash Allah Tala Mian sahab ko thori si aqal day deta. any way it is too late, and it is stupidity to hope that noon walay Aqal ko istamal kareen gay.

    The fact is Punjab MQM dushmani main BAWLA ho chuka hay.

  • shahbs

    Aqib! agree tu educated he karey ga, or tum jesy jahiloon ki kami nahi disagree kerney ki .. tu kush hota rahey like or dislike per,, hoga tu wohi jo educated mqm people chahein gy, tu ja jaker pahar per fart ker, ye peshawer k char baagh meinl ghas chur, or jul jul mar,, jeye mqm ,,jye Altaf bhai