Sar-e-Aam (From MQM Nine Zero !) 21st July 2012

Sar-e-Aam team From MQM Nine Zero to promote peace in karachi & Views of Hassan Nisar about law & order Situation in karachi !

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Sar-e-Aam (From MQM Nine Zero !) 21st July 2012, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. CITIZEN says:

    mqm woh wahid jamat ha jo pakistan k liay kam krna chahti hai.. bt nawaz sharif jaisa dash log mqm k khilaf propoganda krtai hain jaisa 1992 mai kia tha nawaz sharif ko karachi ki adalatl la kr saza dilwae or sahbaz zharif ko bhe jb yeh log jail mai bnd hn ga toh pnjab ki hukumat gir jayege mustafa kamal ko wahan sa elect krway……… ALLAH KA SHUKR ada krtain hai urdu speaking k ALLAH na mqm bnanai n altaf hussain na jo jurat mnd dhikai i suilut them.. wrna sari quam hum urdu speaking k mardalti

  2. Naseem Yousef says:

    I am very much interested in such programmes where all the prevailing vices in Pakistan are exposed . I am also impressed where the plight of families who had disabled children was shown and as a result some one from UK helped the family/ies. I would be interested to know some more families in similar situation so we the overseas Pakistanies could help those who are under priviledged.

  3. panasonic says:

    I am big supporter of ppp but MQM pakistan ki sab say achi political party hy per punjab ky wadaron, jagirdaron ny mqm ky khalif itni nafart bhar di hy en haramyoon ko sirf mqm main borai nazar ati hy. Allah talah tab hi en per nawaz shareef j, ur jalee degree walay jasy kamene log musalat karata hy.

    Kisi ny sai kha hy en punjabion ki aqal en ki dhoti main hoti hy. Ye Pakistan bane say phaly Raja ranjeet singh ki ghulmi karte thay apne ghar ky darwazy khol dia karte thay ranjeet singh ki ayashi karne kaylie yahee wo hi bagariat kom hy jo jagirdaron ki dalali karti hy.

    GA bhutto -GA sindh.

  4. gulgul74 says:

    In my view whats happening here a photo of whats happening in Karachi or pakistan.a person who we don't even know who he actually belongs to just by making an ID of khan etc he does not represent Khans or Pathans and the same vice versa.and by making comments against MQM or anyone else he/she does his job and then watches the game.we will not bring peace till we adopt this principle that who ever does this is the enemy of all and should be condemned by all.In Islam there is no room for racism.Let me be the first to start i am a pathan and i disown all such pathans who are racist.let us be all Muslims and serve the purpose we have been sent for.Submit to the will of Allah in the most peaceful manner.

  5. Prime.Minister.Gilan says:

    Dear Pakistanis

    Please stop bashing each other. MQM, PPP, PTI, ANP… no one is less Pakistani. Muhajirs have worked very hard to build Pakistan. Likewise sindis, pashtun, balochis and panjabis have contributed as well.

    We have so many external enemies, who are willing to destroy us.

    Please demonstrate unity, and lets get together to make us stronger in the blessed month of Ramadan.

    If no mother land, then no altaf hussain, no nawaz sharif, and no zardari or imran will be there.

    Please try to understand and respect everyone’s view point.

    In the month of Ramadan, lets join hands and prey for SALAMTI of our beloved motherland

  6. shanbaba afaqui says:

    One must simpathicaly understand others position, and give him his right, Karachi waly punjab say keon nafrat kartay hain? Sirf nawaz and uskay chamchoon kay attitude ki waja say. Kash Allah Tala Mian sahab ko thori si aqal day deta. any way it is too late, and it is stupidity to hope that noon walay Aqal ko istamal kareen gay.

    The fact is Punjab MQM dushmani main BAWLA ho chuka hay.

  7. cofcol says:

    MQM is taking all the right steps to get maximum votes. Bengolis and all minorities in Karachi are going to vote for MQM. I think MQM will get even more votes this time.

  8. rajaa_inder says:

    ALTAF ASSASSIN (Hitler Reborn) is in charge of HOLOCOST of Sindis & Balochis in Karachi

    ALTAF ASSASSIN is big time ghadar and agent of RAW

    altaf assassin must be hanged immediately for killing of 273901 innocent sindhis, balochis and punjabis

  9. rajaa_inder says:

    Real Face of MQM (SS):

    MQM is FASCIST group like NAZIs

    ALTAF ASSASSIN (Hitler Reborn) is in charge of HOLOCOST of Sindis & Balochis in Karachi

    No freedom of speech (communism)

    Either you are with us or against us (fascism)

    Buy media for propaganda (zionism)

    Worship personalities (altaf assassin)

    • Clearview says:

      No matter how you interpret, MQM is the most powerful political force of Pakistan and its powerful strength is the educated and committed supporters who can never be detached from MQM or its leader, despite any propaganda from Anti-MQM powerless people like you who are nothing but baseless lottas. MQM ZINDABAD

    • Preacher says:

      Brothers…… What ever u say its not a core view of this issue, thats all rubbish and childish thinking.

      Aak poranay case ko recall Karo….. aaj se aak saal pehlay I think so Lahore may Qadyanion ke Kan…khany per atack hoa tha, us atack may aak terrorist ko griftar kia gaya tha jis ne media pe aa ke ye baat ki the ke kuch arsay ke baat ha karachi may khoon razi ho gi or aaj wo he halaat haan.

      Rehman malik jasay Ch….ya jab wazir-e-dakhla ho ga to ye he hona ha. Humari agencies aak saal pahlay pata chal janay ke baad bhi kuch nahi kar sakeen. Its a big failure to underestimate his clue.

      Moreover I'm pretty Sure Government is also involve in these killings. For what, I don't want to say about it….. Just think about it.

  10. hira masood says:

    ataf nai pakistan ko couraption free kiadat di mazloom kommoo ko zuban dee. altaf hamary punjabi bharway siasat danoo say to achaa hai middle class ky logoo ko agay meerit pay lay aia . or itni qabil team dee apnay mamy chacay ko agay nai laia yai hota hai nazriaa.pakistaniu agar inqlab chahaty ho to altaf ur imran kay hath mazboot karoo.

  11. Aqib says:

    shahbs …wesey ye dekh k tere comments par kitnoo ney agree kiya hai or kitnoo ney disagree …. tere muh par to khud hi yaha hi jutta parr giya hai begherat jahil ..

    • shahbs says:

      Aqib! agree tu educated he karey ga, or tum jesy jahiloon ki kami nahi disagree kerney ki .. tu kush hota rahey like or dislike per,, hoga tu wohi jo educated mqm people chahein gy, tu ja jaker pahar per fart ker, ye peshawer k char baagh meinl ghas chur, or jul jul mar,, jeye mqm ,,jye Altaf bhai

  12. rajaa_inder says:

    True Character of MQM:

    No freedom of speech (communism)

    Either you are with us or against us (fascism)

    Buy media for propaganda (zionism)

    Worship personalities (altaf assassin)

    As a Muslim none of above is permitted.

    • shahbs says:

      raaja inder! iek or character hy mqm ka,,tujh jesey zaleel nashukry karachi k tukroon per play bei lagam ghorey ko khuli chuti di hoi hy,, wara teri zaat be nishan kerney klieye bus ik chota worker mqm hi kafi hy..jye Altaf.. or raaja inder jeisey log hoon fori griftaar or khaien phir mqm ki fruit chat, chter maar maar.

  13. eengr says:

    How to verify your name in voter list 2012

    1- Write message (SMS) containing your CNIC Number only from mobile phone.

    2- Send SMS on 8300

    3- ECP will send you SMS containing detail of you vote registration.

    If your vote is not registered contact your ECP office >

    (if you really want Change in Pakistan, you must take out a few minutes to do this so that you don't have to suffer for the next 5 years)

    Election Commission of Pakistan – Contactus

  14. Lutto Phutto Jeay Bh says:


    Name 3 journalists AWARDEDby MQM?

    Ans: 1. Hasan Nisar

    2. Nazeer Naji

    3. Mubashir Luqman

    Hasan Nisar infact praises MQM, ZARDARI & EVEN BILAWAL ZARDARI.

    His only motto is that PPP should win again……thats why he pretends he likes PTI , as he thinks PTI will cut down the votes of PML-N, & ground will be smooth for PPP victory.


  15. mr.khan says:

    hasan nisar ki bi maa ka chod aur sari ki sari MQM walu ki maa ka chode …ye programe dek kar pir sare raat ghusse se nind nahi aye

    • shahbs says:

      mr. khani tu kha naswar or churs or so ja pahar ki kaan,,ey pathan! mr. khan tu ja waziristan,, na bana karachi ko wazirustan,, beigherat ka bacha mqm ki hy alag shan baan,, tu beith peshwar mein or paka pakwan, zaleelan! Mqm zinda baad karachi mein beith ker karachi waloon sey nafrat kerney waloon ka qila quma hoga!JEYE ALTAF BHAI,,

  16. shahbs says:

    @Aqib! tujhy pata hi nahi mqm hey kia.. kha ma kha barkein na maar, 90 aa,,tujhy pata chal jaye ga,mqm kitni manuzzum jamat hay or sub qumiyatoon k saath iek jiesi mehnut ker rahi hay,, sirf teire jeise bherey gungy log nahi janty or sun suktey, tujhy batana mqm k barey mein pather per pani dalney k mutaradif hy,, tu ye bakwass kahein or ja ker, k hum mqm ko kion chahtey hein,,jahil Aqib ham educated logon k mun na lag

  17. shahbs says:

    Raaja inder! tu aa tujhy batey hein jinnah pore kia hy tu a tu sahi.. or phir tu hoga sirf under ..ajaa aaja yaar, bus parein gy tujhy sirf do teen chater!

  18. t-haq says:

    i think its pro MQM program manage and sponsor by MQM

  19. Aqib says:

    karachi waley b pagal hi hain….MQM ..waley rozana in ki lashein bicha rahey hain …in ko loot rahey hain …in say battha b letey hain ….or ye karachi ki awaam phir b… MQM ..zindabad ..k nahrey lagatey hain …D.F.M ..tum logun ka

    • shahbs says:

      Aqib! terey peit mein kion maroor ho rahi hy? kia terey pass bhi maal hy,,abhi atey hein hum zara jaga tu pata begheirat,, tum jesey logon ko karachi sey bahir penkhna hy jo hamri roti per karachi mein pal rahein hey or hamary barey mein bakwass bhi ker rahey hein. mqm zinda baad.. tu sur ja ,mar gul ja ho barbaad, mager mqm zinda baad,,!

    • hotduke1 says:

      wese ik bat bolun boss!!!!bura mat manna ye jo tum bura bol rahy hna jis awaam ko wohi awam tumhn 70% revenue daiti hy!!!!yar kya hgaya hy tum sb ki sochon ko???aisy lar rahy ho jese ye tumhary bap hn…o bhai tum mqm ko burs bolo sger bolns hy to …awam ko kya?????lagta hy tumari soch kafi choti…tum sb log isi mn mar jao jahilon k ye karachi,ye lahori ye pathan!!!!tum sb logo ko ho kya gaya hy????pakistna ki had tak tha ab to ye bimari bahar tak barh gai hy…kya kar rahy ho dosto….dollar 95 pr pohanch raha hy or tum jahil abhi tak karachi punjabi, sindhi or pathan pr he lagy ho!!!!!!had hy yar wakai!!!!jo aqib jahil aadmi karachi ki awam ko kya keh rahy ho????tum jese ghatiya logo ki waja sy he tasub barhta hy….saly pakistani nahi bol skty!!!shame on u yar!!!!

  20. zamzam says:

    ARY to 100% MQM paid channel ha or is ki managment bhi sari in k sir per hi chelti ha or inhin sa dictation laiti ha,,,Isi lia jeb koie media per exposed hota ha to foren ARY wala us ko la laita hain,,,Maslen,,,Mubashar luqman,,,Hasan nisar aj phir p ker a gia ha,,,Sharem karo awam ki baat kerta ho,,,Lannti daily 15 loog maar deta hain ya loog,…..

    Sharem a rahi ha is media ki wajah sa k ya pakistani media ha,,,Jis na islam ko molvioon ko madrasoon ko bednaam kia ha,,,Phir army ko bednaamkia ha,,,

    Black media shame on you,,,Jo awam ko bawaqoof bana raha ha,,,Jo loog expose ho chuka hain un ko janb bhooj ker la la ker awam ko bawaqoof bana raha hain,,,

    Us ki baari misalain hain,,,Aamir liaqet,,,Baber awan,,,Mubashar luqman,,,ARy per wapis a raha ha,,,Mehar bukhari,,,Maya khan,,,Asma shirazi,,,Najam sthi,,,Kamran khan,,,,

    Main to semjhta hoon kuch naik loog hain is mulak main abhi bhi jin ki wajah sa ya mulak bacha hua ha,,,Verna jahan veena malik a ker logoon ko islam ki dawat da gi or tebleegh kara gi u mulak k ALLAH hi hafiz,,,,Black media,,,Paid by different countries,,

    • shahbs says:

      zamzam! tu apney naam ko badal or rakh khul ja sum sum, kamatey hamery karachi sey hein or galieyan bhi hum khein in jiesy beighertoon ki, jin ka na din hy na imaan or naam rakh lia zam zaman, shram tu mujhy a rahi hy teiri ghaleez or jhooti batien perh ker,,akhir tu kab tuk mqm sey nafrat karey,,ga? ja ja ker aag mein jal or tabah ho,, mager einda mat ker karachi ka safer ,,kion yahan rehtey hein mqm ky jiger,,

      • zamzam says:

        Iman kis k ha ya nahi ha,,,Ya to ALLAH hi janta ha,,,Karachi sa 70 % reveniewe aita ha,,,Or hum seb us ki wajah sa khata hain,,,,What a joke for Pakistani nation,,,,Ager Aita b ha to sara k sara MQM ki wajah sa aita ho ga,,,,Bussiness sara Punjabi or pathan kerta hain,,,,Bahi hamain karachi ya urdu bolna waloon sa nefret nahi ha wo hamara bahi hain,,,Pakistanioon ko nefret ha MQM ki GUn ki politics sa,,,Mager ya pta chala k Such per ker AAp ko nicha uper sa aag legi ha,,,,

        • shahbs says:

          zam zama tu ker waaz waziristan mein, mager Gun jujh jesey beigheirtoon k lieye rakhi hy jo karachi ko gunda ker rahey hein,, karaachi hamara hy hum own kertey hein karachi ko,, jo bhi karachi aya hamari marzi sey aya or jaye ga bhi hamari marzi sey ..tu review bhi hamara hy tum tu sirf yaha beithey earn ker rahey or hamein galiyaan dey rahey hoo,, ab tum ko jana he hoga,

  21. Haq Parast says:

    MQM the Only true, mIddle class leader-ship party !!!!

    MQM the source of Success and Development oF Pakistan ….vote 4 MQM to save Pakistan <3 :)

  22. alisherdil says:

    salaam alaikum to All . i m also a pti supporter bt …. does thatmean we will stop.sayin.truth …. as we r folowers of great religion which teaches us to b fair in all aspects of life as taught by.Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad p.b.u.h n same is teachings of Sahabas n nw my.leader imran khan n i strongly.believe.even.if imran khan will do mistake we must stop him n criticise him as no one is perfect n a healthy.criticism leads to.improvement n also.leaders stop thinking n.considering themselves as gods as in all pak political.parties except jamat e islam.. n nw regarding hasan.nisaar …….. no psycho suffering from severe inferiority complex n.tries mr. Something n all.pakistanis t Ullu ke Pathee…… a lost crack n.where.he.has to.go ………as he.only.criticises no.solution Psychoooo……………n his.views about mqm …… Typical two face pakistani ….. a hypocrite.who.dares not to speak truth …..or he is sick n.mently.retardwdinshort i ll say Hsan.Nisaar ……. is a person who cant.see.cries.of innocents.ppls brutally murdered by mqm………in short i will Psychooooooooo n a Hypocrite who pretends to b dieing for.pkistan immigration to some.western country shame.on.suvh.double fave man…………..n Pti.supporters r mashallah well.educated bt whrn.a stupid person a jahil.afmi will.tlk.some.stupid ill mannered talk full or.nothing bt ignorance then.Joota uthana pdtaa he as …. latooon ke bhoot nai mantee ……. Allah b with u all.

    • shahbs says:

      Alisherdil! kash tu apney naam ki terha paak hota, tum logon ney tu karachi ko loot maar ka adda or mal-e ghanimat sumjha hey,, loot rahey or karachi ko duno hathoon sey,, or hamein maar bhi rahey ho,, hamery sheher mein rehker is qader durdili? lstoon ka bhoot nahi tu,bulkey sirf iek goli ka bhoot hy tu! teira anjaam wasy "neik" hoga, chal hoja tiyyar yazeed ki oulad,, alisher ali ko marney waly tum hi ho beigherat or ab karachi ko burbaad ker rahey hoo..Jye Mqm ..

  23. amirusa says:

    We can easily judge the level of education, knowledge, and the mentality of PTI supporters by simply reading their comments.

    99% PTI supporters are uneducated and only 1% is edcuated and that is their leader Imran Khan. Imagine what kind of change these idiots are hoping for by bringing Imran into power.

    These Uneducated (Jaahils) PTI supporters will definitely ruin the image and the political career of Imran Khan soon.

  24. qamerfaraz says:

    this report 1000000 percent true

    -کراچی (اسٹاف رپورٹر) متحدہ قومی موومنٹ نے کے ای ایس سی ریجن ون کے انڈسٹریل زون پر قبضہ کرکے بھتہ وصولی طرز پرصنعتی صارفین سے اربوں روپے ہتھیانے کا سلسلہ شروع کردیا ہے ۔ڈھائی ارب روپے کی آمدن والے سائٹ زون میں 23تنظیمی کارکنان کوبھرتی کرکے انتظامات سیکٹر طرز پر چلائے جارہے ہیں جبکہ وی آئی بی سی اورنگی ون میں پیپلز پارٹی اور ایم کیو ایم نے بلنگ کی وصولی کے لیے گٹھ جوڑ کرلیا ہے۔ تفصیلات کے مطابق کراچی الیکٹرک سپلائی کمپنی کا ریجن ون کا حدود اربع انتہائی وسیع ہے جس میں سندھ اور بلوچستان کے صنعتی دل سائٹ اور حب سمیت لیاری، بلدیہ، اورنگی ،اوتھل سمیت دیگر علاقے شامل ہیں۔ذرائع کے مطابق اس ریجن کے R-1زون کو متحدہ نے مکمل طورپر ٹیک اوور کررکھا ہے ،جہاں ایم کیو ایم سے تعلق رکھنے والے ڈپٹی ڈائریکٹر ارشد افتخار ، ڈی جی ایم عدنان افضل ، منیجر ندیم ، منیجر ذیشان صدیقی اور ڈیٹا کنٹرولر آفیسر عامر نے تمام انتظامات سنبھالے ہوئے ہیں۔ذرائع نے بتایا کہ صنعت کاروں سے وصولی کے لیے 23کارکنان کو بھرتی کیا گیا ہے ، جنہوں نے صنعت کاروں سے وصولی کے لیے اپنی من مانیوں کا سلسلہ شروع کررکھا ہے ۔دوسری جانب “وی آئی بی سی ـــ” اورنگی زون کے علاقوں میں قصبہ، میٹروویل، فرنٹیرکالونی ، پٹھان کالونی اور منگھو پیر شامل ہے ، جہاں 90فیصد پختون آبادی ہے، ان علاقوں میں بلوں کی وصولی کے لیے متحدہ اور پیپلز پارٹی نے گٹھ جوڑ کرلیاہے۔ ایم کیو ایم سے تعلق رکھنے والے ممبر سندھ اسمبلی منظر امام نے VIBC ون اورنگی کا ٹھیکہ لینے کے لیے بھاگ دوڑ شروع کررکھی ہے، ان علاقوں سے وصولی کے لیے پیپلز پارٹی سے تعلق رکھنے والے ضلع غربی کے سابق صدر بابو عبدالخالق مرزا سے 30فیصد پر معاملات طے کرلیے ہیں۔ ذرائع کا کہنا ہے کہ بابو عبدالخالق نے کے ای ایس سی کے سابق GMایس ایم ادریس کو اس حوالے سے اپنا ایڈوائزر بنایا ہے ۔یاد رہے کہ ایس ایم ادریس نے بطور جی ایم 95تا 96کے ادوار میں از خود میٹر ریڈنگ کا ٹھیکہ نجی ادارے کے سپر د کرکے KESCکو نقصان پہنچایا اور کروڑوں روپے کما ئے تھے

    Altaf Hussain adam khor insan


    IF YOU ARE THE BIGGEST bhatta khor

    IF YOU ARE THE BIGGEST Target Killer

    IF YOU ARE THE BIGGEST master of bori band lash







    ALSO Shameless

  25. Lutto Phutto Jeay Bh says:


    Name two 3 journalists AWARDEDby MQM?

    Ans: 1. Hasan Nisar

    2. Nazeer Naji

    3. Mubashir Luqman

    Hasan Nisar infact praises MQM, ZARDARI & EVEN BILAWAL ZARDARI.

    His only motto is that PPP should win again……thats why he pretends he likes PTI , as he thinks PTI will cut down the votes of PML-N, & ground will be smooth for PPP victory.


  26. ali9999 says:

    Hassan Nisar nay lagta hai PTI ko kuch bol diya ha. kaafi gaaliyan par rahi hain un ko:-) or aisa to nahi kay bura laga kay hassan nisar nay "PTI" kay ilawa kissi aur ki tareef kar di!? kal tuk kay "best analyst" aaj !@$#$ ho giya!?

    PTI walay bhaiyoon… criticism/tanqeed bhi suna seekh lo. hum logo apnay pasandeeda ki buraai suntay he galam'galoch main a jatay hain.

    • drsaif2 says:

      hassan nisar galat kar raha hai thts y loog gali dai rahain. Karachi MQM ka nai hai. wahain ke basnay walay logon ka hai. I m PTI supporter tht Lanat ho hasan ap par jo aik terorist group ka sath dai rahian ho. darpook

  27. KABIR says:

    wasy mera dil tu ni chata tha k rozay ma kuch kahu but ye sharabi ar batu ka batanger banany wala insan ek qatil party ko favour karta hai aur vo issay bara scholar ar danishwar kehtay hain muk muka howa hai is ka un


    • shahbs says:

      aftaab1996! tujhy kia takleef hay? hum khaal tu kia pura bakra bhi mqm ko deingy,, or teeri khal kheinch lein gy ager tu ney mqm ko kuch kaha..mqm zinda baad pakistan painda baad

      • khanpaki says:

        B gairat MQM (Qatil aur gunda gard) k supporter ye khaal unatarn aisa asaan hy. Tm MQM waly tho iqtidar k liay kuch b kr sakty ho. Musharaf b gairat aur ab zardari b gairat ko support kr k, tm logo ny mulk ko tabah kr diaya hy. Shukar hy ye pathan log hy jo tm dehshat gardo ko khamosh kya owa hy. apny qaid Altaf b gairat aur makkar ko kaho k mulk tho ajaye. England ma ayashian uraty howe mulk pr hakoomat krna chahta hy. shame on MQM, shame on ZArdari, shame on Altaf.

        Vote for PTI

        Love you Imran Bhai the greatest

        • Clearview says:

          Hey Akhrot Khan, Musharraf's tenure was much better compare to the one right now.

          Pathan logon nay hamay khamosh nahi kia hua hay, Hamaray Quaid Altaf Bhai nay hamay khamosh kia hua hay. warna tu tum sab logon ko seedha karna ata hay hamay, Bhai ka ek ishara hi kaafi hay. Altaf bhai wants peace no matter what. is liay ham khamosh hain abtak.

          Remember, don't force us to bring Altaf Hussain back to Pakistan, then no anti-MQM people will be allowed in Karachi. We have already showed PTI a trailor not long ago when Imran Khan was denied entry in Karachi and everyone of you were helpless at that time.

          So Beta jee, hosh may reh kar baat karna, aur yaad rakhna MQM ki sirf DEHSHAT hi kafi hay tum jaisay lalloo panjoo logon kay liay.

          • mskhan says:

            Tu laanti insaan, if mush period was better than the present, then tumara baap qatil altaf zardari kay saath kia kar raha hay. MQM can not survive without power that it get by black mailing every government from Nawaz Sharif in 1992 to present with zardari dako.

  28. Clearview says:

    Only the brainless, senseless, and, uneducated people will disagree with Hassan Nisar.

    GOD Bless You Hassan Nisar.

    MQM will remain the super power regardless of negative opinions by Anti-MQM people.

  29. Scotty says:

    I was not use to follow MQM at all but when i look at Hassan Nisar Stance on them i really started to like them because people of karachi love them and vote them tht means they did good work for the people of karachi so we have to respect tht mandate.

    Last hope is Change and change is Imran khan

    Vote him and change pakistan this is our last chance :)

  30. jkumar70 says:

    hey Guys! Welcome to Day2 of Ramdan after Shehri in Pakistan, and After Aftar in North America. Hope you all in good mood – with love, compassion and forgiveness committment to all human being. You guys are blessed to have such practice in your faith to practice desciplined life for 1 entire month, no other major faith have that. be 100% muslim. control your nafs.

    Although my ultimate all time leader is Baccha Khan, recently I saw a documentry about him – what an Ambassdor of Islam and non violence. No wonder he was so loved in India. I join all the Pathans to call him our great leader and role model. you are brave Qaoum of Pakhtoons and baloch. Pakhtoons are defenders of Mazlooms and helpless from ancient times – long before even Islam arrived in this region. Can you not produce 2-3 Baacha Khan?

    Another thing I am very proud of is – when Mustafa kamal was chosen best Mayor of karachi. I did not know which party he belongs too. I know MQM base have very intelligent people following. Try to become more like him. I am not your contryment, but very proud of you. But being powerful alone just a destructive force. Power with accountabilty alone is productive force.

    Now, every Muslim of pakistan – please take a vow that exactly Prophet did in his time – protect all the Rinkle Kumaris of your country. Because their protection lies on their shoulder. You can not be proud of such act if you are good muslim. You can not keep killing all the Salman Taseers of Pakistan – it sends very bad signal about you.

    I just saw on one TV channel that you can invite Shahid Afridi or celebrity like him in your home for Aftar. I think this is bad trend. A good muslim will invite one who have nowhere to go in his house for Aftaar. Think about his dua. Actually that is actual purpose of collective Aftar

    Have you seen! loot – maar on food buffet table set in lahore, where Sardar Lateef Khosa was speaking around aftar time. No one waited for the time call. They just attacked the buffet table – and cleaned everything out in 2 minutes. Aftaar time was still 33 minutes to go. is this be Roza? if this be called Roza then I have trouble with that. I would go home without aftar, because if I was part of Rozaa and attacked the table for food, I defeated entirely purpose of Ramadan's hiliness

    • Humayun says:

      You, JKumar, who do you think you are trying to befool. Expressing a jumbled up mismatched arguments to mislead people in Pakistan. Firstly look at yourself, a Hindu, guilty of Gross Discrimination against a enormoudly large group of your very owen people of a different Caste in India, 'Dalits' the untouchables. You lot the Hindus have reduced them to a position even worse than that of animals. Added to that is the discrimination your people in India exercise against the minorities, Muslims, Christians, etc and even Sikhs. With that all your argument of pretending to be a goody goody person is demolished to the ground. I would recommend you stay away from advising Muslims on human values when you and your faith lack principles on this element of being a human being.

      • jkumar70 says:

        Had it been any other day! I can help you undersatnd your aukaat with a good saaf saffaf aayeena, because I know you just too well. Let me also tell you that I am certified and accomplished in dealing with dumb like you. Better let me respect you for Ramadan period this time. I will be here after this "Ceasefire", and if you still dare to be here (I invite you in advance). Send me the this same message after Ramadan, and please note down my id which is once again jkumar70. I will help you understand who exactly you are! Did you Undertand well? once again, let me respect your holy month.

        • muhkam001 says:

          @jkumar….yes we would like to confront each other after ramazan….dont worry tumhari har khwahish poorey ho jaey gey….agar itna hee respect kartey hoo then take leave from RAW for one month and start ur duty after ramazan……what u r suggesting is that u ll write against Pakistan, islam n Muslims but coz it is ramadhan….u ll write in soft words rather than using abusive words………soft words or abusive words..ur comments against Pakistan, islam n Muslims are not acceptable……

          • jkumar70 says:


            Done deal!!! Something came out right from your crippled head. I have replied your post before @mind you 60% message was deleted by Administrator but don't worry how to handle that part, After my last post your you disappeared. RAW is there to help you, I asked them to give me a job like CIA gave to Ramond davis – but they said no vacancy and also I also not fulfil the critiria. To be a qualified RAW agent, one have to be a Pakistan national. Getting Pakistan Pakistani Passport is easy – Recall Abu Jundal Case, jiski wajah se Pakistan ki abhi bhi Thoo thoo thoo ho rahi hai. I know you are not a muslim, you can not ge guaranteed! but I have still maintained not writting you and like minded will hurt other's feeling.i wish I could separate you and other idiots from good muslims. Becuase it is hard on me not to reply you. As you know I love replyining idiots and nonse talkers. Absolutely! I will write agaist all the fake muslims of Pakistan – those Pakistani muslims who are dajjals and destructive force for Islam, and unfortunately appeared in Pakistan. Let me decide about my comments. I don't need permission from you whether it is acceptable or not? you just read it and enjoy. I know you are missing my juicy post, just wait one month.

  31. rajaa_inder says:

    Hassan Makkar is big time MUNAFIQ!

    Hassan Makkar is an alcohlic!

    Hassan Makkar is liar!

    Hassan Makkar is big time hudharaam!

    Hassan Makkar gets money from riaz bahria!

    Hassan Makkar does not have depth of issues!

    Hassan Makkar just read few books of fake history!He does not have hardcore history knowledge!

    Hassan Makkar is ANDHOON MEIN KAANA RAJA!

  32. fikhan says:

    during this tenure it is proven that in all circumstances MQM will be with zardari uncle………….so dont spread confusion please …vote MQM is nothing but to vote zardari

  33. Kamran_450 says:

    I request all PPP+ANP+JI+PML(N)+ specially Sindhis people living in Karachi ka utho aur 90 Karachi per HAMLA kero aur inn saray MQM terrorists ka safaya kero. Iss k ilawa aur koi solution nahi inn murdaro ka. Zinda jala dho inn haramio ko. MQM nai logho ka jeena haram ker dia hai.

    • shahbs says:

      kamran45 ab hum teira jeena haram karein gy.. teire gharr ka pata maloom hy .. beigherat hamarey karachi mein beith , hamien he tari dy raha hy..pheley to tu or teire naam nihad per hamla karein gy,, tu tu fana hochuka hoga, kionky tuney karachi urdu logon k sheher mein beith ker panga lia hy..tari marta hy sala,,hum ney achy achy ko chati ka doodh yaad dilaya hy, teiri liye to hamara mamoli worker he kafi hy

  34. rajaa_inder says:

    Hassan Makkar is big time MUNAFIQ.

    • shahbs says:

      Ab tu chup ho ja insaan banker! wara lagein k tujhy wo chatterr.. phir tu kahey ga bas ke bus ker,leikin hum bhi tujhy lijaien gy bori mein bher ker..warna kerdein gy dekly dalray anchr ker ker.

  35. aftab1996 says:

    yeah log BAQREE EID pey QURBANE k janwer karredney sey pehley hee raseed dey tey hein yeah keh k apni KHAAAL do gey yaa JANWER kee.

    Sarey crime MQM sey shrooh ho k MQM pey hee katum hotey hein .

    • hotduke1 says:

      acha bhai maan laitay hain mqm sy shoro or usi pr khatam….daikho na to mn MQM ka koi supporter hon or na he worker,,,to mqm ko kuch bhi bolo i dont care but hte point is ye to bakra eid pr khalein laity hn or baki jo 63 sal sy hamari khal utar rahay hein un k bary mn kya khayal hy????asal waja wo hein jin k pas power hy…..yar bhai abhi sahi home minister ajae…phr daikhna!!!!per yar jo bhi hy mano ya na mano but mustafa kamal jb tha or jub mqm ka he HM tha tb itny halat kharab nahi the!!!!!ye haqeeqat hy boss…bhaly gali do mqm ko….but yar jo acha hy hmein usay bhi xcept karna chaiye!!!!!!!

  36. athal says:

    All Muhajirs are with MQM

    All pashtoons in karachi are with ANP

    All sindhis and Balochis are PPP.

    All Muhajir outside karachi and Haider Abad hate MQM.

    All pashtoons hate ANP but in karachi they love it.

    Everyone everywhere hates PPP these days.

    the bottom line is in Karachi you need to affiliate with these gangs to gain protection, sympathy and pride.

    These are just criminal GANGS fighting each other. And Altaf Bhai is like a Guru ji, like a holyman representing evil Demons.

  37. jawad_khan says:

    abay aftab pendo salay allah say dar tujh ko bhi marna hay q kisi per ilzaam lagara hay kia tu nay khud apni ankhon say dekha hay mqm ko bhatta letay hoey ramzan may apnay liye

    magfirat mang or imran k tatton k liye bhi allah hum sab ko hidayat de amin

  38. MANI GUL says:

    I realy like Hassan nisar sahib but i humbly request him to not give new ideas to make afra thufri in our country.i heard this in 2 different show from him this mujma and snake walibaath.ab ye is mulk main kerna reh gaya hay.aur koyi kum hungamain hain.?

  39. jawad_khan says:

    pti = pakistan threek-e-iblees

    wah wah wah

    wah wah wah

    love pakista love karachi looooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee always mqm

  40. aftab1996 says:

    is program ko bee MQM ney HIJACK ker dea. Plan k mutabiq 90 pey kia gia hey MQM ke taraf sey. aaj jo BHATTA yaa TARGET KILING hey MQM ke EJAADD KERRDA hey. sakoon garet kar dea Karachi walo In MUNAFIQ QATIL MAKKAR (MQM) NEY.

    Altaf Hussain iss Dour ka KANAA DAJAAL aur sab sey bara FITNA HEY.

  41. Benazirbhutto says:

    عمران خان اور نواز دونوں کتے کے بچے ہیں اور ان کے چاہنے والے اس زمین پر سب سے کمینی مخلوق ہیں .

    ایم کیو ایم زندباد .

    سارے دشمن کتے مردہ باد

  42. Clearview says:

    PTI supporters are identified easily by their evil comments and kaafir type mentality.

    PTI = Pakistan Tehreek-e-IBLEES

  43. jkumar70 says:

    In Holy Month of Ramdan, I thought according to Islamic Doctrine, no muslim suppose to say bad things about another human being. I thought this is Ibadat Ka Maheena. I desciplined my self yesterday that I am not going to say any offessinve to our fellow Pakistani muslims, and therefore not post anything which might hurt their feelings. I wanted to earn some Shabaab like you guys. But I am so surprised to see so much gaali galoz here. Is everyone here non practicing muslim. If so, then I may have to change my mind. I do not want to offend practicing muslims. But what is happening here. Iss 30 din ke mahine mein you not suppose to curse even your enemies. But I am surprised to read all that post. May be a good practicing muslim should not be here, if they are at all here. yaha sab shaitaan aur dajjal hi dikh rahe hai? I think I feel already feel better as I earned shabaab today by giving car ride to a Rozedaar from a cricket ground to his house. I have already participated for this noble cause today. But what you guys doing. I am sure you are all up for Shehri and Aftaari, but all other componet of Ramdan is missing in you, I guarantee. I think I am going to reverse my decision.

    • shahbs says:

      jkumar i am deeply embarrased and felt guilty but..khuch log yahan swarn enniies say bhi zaida hein,, worst than non believers.. i regret u hurt to read all this rambling,, but now every thing gone far out of hands, and they are treating decent educated urdu speaking people worst than to any religion,, they are swearing they are complete jahil,, and islam has been brought only for these jahil so they learn,,but they forgotten path of islam,, and busy swearing urdu speaking and karachiats. and leading party mqm,, and defaming isla.. we should feel ashamedof our self,,this is nt islam i know but who teach this lesson to these jahils come fom diffeent jahil areas now living in karachi, enjoying every facility in my own city. and swearing at us as well,,what a crying shame, in holy ramadan,, bad name for my great religion cz of these jelous jahils groups

      • jkumar70 says:

        Thank you for telling me that. I am aware of the fact that how once a beutiful intellectual city of Karachi – even until 1947 was one of the prominent seat of learning for hindus, let alone muslim, is how divided to its most dangerous level. but I am not that aware the all of them are muslims, but they are blood thirsty of one another. You are a good guy, and I want to respect people like yourslef. And going to keep my vow of not posting anything which might hurt practicing muslims. Shaitaans are going to get benefit of the doubt. Karachiits were so tolerant once that the largest Ahram of the floower of Swami Vivekanada was in Karachi, only second to one in Calcutta. In this Ashram Qaeid e Azam was regular visitor almost every Saturday afternoon when he was in Karachi – as claimed by Late Swami Ranganathananda, who was incharge of Ramkrishna Mission, Karachi from 1941 – 1948, when Ashram was finally closed for good due to harrassment of Muslim Fanatics. Swami ji speak so highly of Qaeid e Azam's higher faculty development, and that one books developed in me instant regard for Qaeid. I think just for one month everyone should set aside their agenda, and just forgive – what prophet asked to do in this holy month. Definitely this historic city will heal becuase of this love, compassion and forgiveness. Can follower of Mohammed not give just one month to him, who give muslims everything? I hope so. I am a non muslim but i will.

  44. jawad_khan says:

    IMKHAN tu nay kis per bharosa kia hay aj tak tu nay apnay aap per bharosa nahi kia or deen ki bat tum per achi nahi lagti tum jesay log fitna ho har bat per deen ko le atay. mumin phelay apnay aap ko theek krta hay phir nasihat krta hay afsos sad afsos tum jesay fitno per

  45. jawad_khan says:

    imran k tatton tumharay mo main jo ata hay boltay ho main kafi din say tumharay comment dekh raha tha mager tum nay majbor kr diya ager altaf hussain london may hain tu tumharay baap say pesay le kr gaya hay kia. apnay apnay gireban main jhakon or intezar kro us waqt ka jab irman nine ziro per aey ga thora sa saber kro. or ager iram say muhobbat krtay ho to ye bhi socho k altaf bhai say bhi log muhabbat krtay hain ager chahtay ho k koi iram ko gali nahi de tu tumbhi altaf bhai ko gali nahi do

  46. jawad_khan says:

    IMKHAN galib ki ulad bhoko or bhoko q k tumhara khana or pakhna hum hi ban keray gay galeban

    • IMKHAN says:

      yar mai mobile nahi rakhta… na Pakistan mai jana hota hai khas, apki daketi ki mujhe fikar nahi hai… waise bhi meray mulk mai apki Mafroor Qaumi Movement terrorist party declared hai so no worries there buddy

      • shahbs says:

        IMKHAN! tum mountain khan log zaida barey terror ho,,khudkash tum ho,, bambar tum ho..urtoon ko marwaney waley tum h o,,jahahalet sey bherpoor tum ho tu log kisi northern area k pahar per hi reh suktey ho tum karachi ya over seas k qabil nahi, ab tum kisi pardeis mulk mein beith ker wahan fart ker rahey ho,, pardeis ko bhi tum polluted ker rahey ho, apni farty sooch sey, or dirty brain sey,kionkey tum is key ilaway khuch ker bhi nahi suktey.. pardies country ko tumhari usal nasal haqqiqut ka pata chal jaye to use din deport!!

      • hotduke1 says:

        konsy mulk main hein sir wese aap????

  47. sean says:

    Thay saying this programme for evey language speaking and every faith peoples but i didn't see PAKHTOON not invited in this progrramme its means its by MQM agenda programme.

    shame on you show and MQM

    • IMKHAN says:

      jis ko parkha wuhi munafiq nikla, Iqrar ul Hassan Altaf ka pujari nikla Hamid Mir & Co Malik ke paltu niklay Saray leaders sari parties Zardari ki baandiyan nikleen…

      Ye kusoor kisy ka nahi mera hai, in pe dobara bharosa karnay se pehlay Umrah ya Hajj karengay InshAllah aur jo time guzarna huwa to Qalam e Pak sunengay Hamd O Sana sunengay ya books parhengay magar ab in zar khareedon pe bharosa nahi karengay… Mubarak ho nine zero ki pooja inko, PM house ki ziarat President house ka tawaf adleya ke heroics Klasra ke tabsaray … sab hi plots par bik gaye?? itna sasta tha in sabka deen eimaan?? Insan ki tauheen hain ye log jinhon ne logon ka bharosa becha hai

    • shahbs says:

      we invited every one in nine zero and who love karachi,, and pakistan..pakhtoon is no exception..we treat all loving people with respect, hindo christian pakthtoon baloch sindhi hazari,hinkoi,, jo hum sey nafrat karey wo karachi sey baher rahey,,yahan, sirf decent thoughts key log, karachi walon sey or udru walon sey muhabbet kerney waley rahein gy baqi sab gher jaien gy,,bohet kama lika karachi mein,,bohet galiyaan de dalien karachi walon ko, ab busssssssssss!!

  48. jawad_khan says:

    tum jitnay bhi pti k tatay ho sunlo ager altaf bhi nay jis din kehdia tum logon k liye comment diye jaey tu tum apnay comment dena hi bhol jao gay or insha allah imran eik din zaror expose ho ga insha allah ye is ramzan mubarak main karachi main rahnay walon ki dua hay

    i dont care my all comment you like or dislike

  49. jawad_khan says:

    imran khan ki party sirf mammi dedi ki party hay hahahahahahahahahaha






    aaoo tumharay bab main himmat hay tu karachi main jalsa kr k dikhoaa mqm ki madad k bagair

  50. jawad_khan says:

    abay jahilon kheton may pakhana krnay walon tumhari pori zindagi sirf mqm k khilaf hi guzregi rahay gi tum jesay bagerat logon k liye hi mqm bani thi .muhobbat do gay tu muhhobat milay gi ye mqm ka falsafa hay. ager altaf hussain london may hay tu iram ki ulad bhi london bhi hay.ager tumharay leadron may itni si itni himmat hay tu aao karachi or jeet k dikaho tum sab wo hi boltay jo tumnay sirf suna hay haqiqat sirf wo ho janta hay jis pe guzri hoti hay. jahilon tum jo bhi boltay raho mqm hay or qayamat tak rahay gi isha allah .love pakistan love karachi and always looooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee mqm.

    • IMKHAN says:

      aap ka pakhana to ghaliban Hindu ne band kardeya tha jo hamen panah deni parhi, izzat karo gay to izzat milay gi

      • shahbs says:

        jahi ki nasal IMKHAN ! ja history paerh or baat ker,, hum ney angriezon or hindo ka huqqa pani apne great leader founder of pakistan Qauid-e Azam ki qiayadut mein band kerdia tha..tu m na shukroon ki izzat karey gy hum?? jo hamery sheher mein rehker hamein hi gali deitey hein?? tum ko tu shroo sey hi nikal bahir kerdeina chayea tha, phir pata chalta karachi ki ehmiyet ka..tum hud sey ziada guzer gye ho,,or dheel bhi hum ney di,, mager ab tum log apni nashukrana bad kalamiyoon or bad faliyoon ki saza khao..khuch .jeye karachi jeye mqm,,jeye pakistan

    • athal says:

      Living in village and going to the open fields to take a dump is not too bad when you compare it to Karachi where people literally drink sewer and gutter water. Where a Tank of clean water is 18000 rupees. But You can still be proud of Altaf and Mustafa cause if you don't they will cut your throat.

      • shahbs says:

        jahi athal! tum log jama he itney hogy ho karachi mein,, k pani peeney k liye kam per gaya.. tum jahiloon ney humarey educated full of resourses karachi ko ganda ker dia..har cheez tum karachi ki kha gye athal k bachy..kion rehta hey or ata hey karachi mein jab hum pasand nahi tumjhey han? jis ko deikho moun utha ker karachi aa rahay hay chahey athal ho ya mathal,, subb pani khatum kerdia,, lagta hey karachi ko dubai sumjha hey,, sara pani pi liya ..gandagi key dheir laga diye.mustufa bhi safaiyaan ker waa kerwa ker mar gy? hamara tu nahi ab hum tumhara cut throat kerien gy jhooty athal ..

        • athal says:

          Lets say what you just said is true, and what I was saying is true also that will mean that we have met each other halfway. Lets shake hands now and lets both realize that both of us telling the truth…..

          Once we have confessed and realized our mistakes thats when we can start working on our problems.

          Because lets face it you got as much problems as I do…….( meaning leadership )

  51. ShahidPakistani says:

    ایک کروڑ کی آبادی خوف اور ڈر سے کبھی بھی ایم کیو ایم کو ووٹ نہیں دے سکتی۔ ایم کیو ایم ایک حقیقت ہے ۔ انہوں نے کام کیا ہے لوگوں کیلیے ۔ اس لیے لوگ ان سے محبت کرتے ہیں ۔ اور ایم کیو ایم فوجی جبر کے باوجود پاکستان پرو جماعت ہے۔ اس بات کو سننے کیلیے کوی تیار نہیں۔ کیوں کہ بچپن سے یکطرفہ اسے دہشتگرد ہی پڑھایا گیا ہے۔

  52. qamerfaraz says:

    -کراچی (اسٹاف رپورٹر) متحدہ قومی موومنٹ نے کے ای ایس سی ریجن ون کے انڈسٹریل زون پر قبضہ کرکے بھتہ وصولی طرز پرصنعتی صارفین سے اربوں روپے ہتھیانے کا سلسلہ شروع کردیا ہے ۔ڈھائی ارب روپے کی آمدن والے سائٹ زون میں 23تنظیمی کارکنان کوبھرتی کرکے انتظامات سیکٹر طرز پر چلائے جارہے ہیں جبکہ وی آئی بی سی اورنگی ون میں پیپلز پارٹی اور ایم کیو ایم نے بلنگ کی وصولی کے لیے گٹھ جوڑ کرلیا ہے۔ تفصیلات کے مطابق کراچی الیکٹرک سپلائی کمپنی کا ریجن ون کا حدود اربع انتہائی وسیع ہے جس میں سندھ اور بلوچستان کے صنعتی دل سائٹ اور حب سمیت لیاری، بلدیہ، اورنگی ،اوتھل سمیت دیگر علاقے شامل ہیں۔ذرائع کے مطابق اس ریجن کے R-1زون کو متحدہ نے مکمل طورپر ٹیک اوور کررکھا ہے ،جہاں ایم کیو ایم سے تعلق رکھنے والے ڈپٹی ڈائریکٹر ارشد افتخار ، ڈی جی ایم عدنان افضل ، منیجر ندیم ، منیجر ذیشان صدیقی اور ڈیٹا کنٹرولر آفیسر عامر نے تمام انتظامات سنبھالے ہوئے ہیں۔ذرائع نے بتایا کہ صنعت کاروں سے وصولی کے لیے 23کارکنان کو بھرتی کیا گیا ہے ، جنہوں نے صنعت کاروں سے وصولی کے لیے اپنی من مانیوں کا سلسلہ شروع کررکھا ہے ۔دوسری جانب “وی آئی بی سی ـــ” اورنگی زون کے علاقوں میں قصبہ، میٹروویل، فرنٹیرکالونی ، پٹھان کالونی اور منگھو پیر شامل ہے ، جہاں 90فیصد پختون آبادی ہے، ان علاقوں میں بلوں کی وصولی کے لیے متحدہ اور پیپلز پارٹی نے گٹھ جوڑ کرلیاہے۔ ایم کیو ایم سے تعلق رکھنے والے ممبر سندھ اسمبلی منظر امام نے VIBC ون اورنگی کا ٹھیکہ لینے کے لیے بھاگ دوڑ شروع کررکھی ہے، ان علاقوں سے وصولی کے لیے پیپلز پارٹی سے تعلق رکھنے والے ضلع غربی کے سابق صدر بابو عبدالخالق مرزا سے 30فیصد پر معاملات طے کرلیے ہیں۔ ذرائع کا کہنا ہے کہ بابو عبدالخالق نے کے ای ایس سی کے سابق GMایس ایم ادریس کو اس حوالے سے اپنا ایڈوائزر بنایا ہے ۔یاد رہے کہ ایس ایم ادریس نے بطور جی ایم 95تا 96کے ادوار میں از خود میٹر ریڈنگ کا ٹھیکہ نجی ادارے کے سپر د کرکے KESCکو نقصان پہنچایا اور کروڑوں روپے کما ئے تھے

    Altaf Hussain adam khor insan


    IF YOU ARE THE BIGGEST bhatta khor

    IF YOU ARE THE BIGGEST Target Killer

    IF YOU ARE THE BIGGEST master of bori band lash







    ALSO Shameless

  53. tariqtunio says:

    shahbs kyun ree Yeh Karachi kiya teri Baap ILtu ka hai…. yeh hamara Sindhiyo ka hai our yeh Pathan hamare Bahi hai yeh yaha reh sakte hai lekin ab tm ko nikalna parega yaha se Jaldi mai malik nahi bano apni Hesiyat ke baat karo

    • shahbs says:

      rajapakistani,, pata hay tu raja under or raja hindustani ka bhai hey, karachi waloon sey nafrat kerney waloon sey muddabani apeal hey,,karachi filfore khali kro,,or jo jo bhi karachi sey nafart kerney wala karachi mein beitha hay agr pahar sey aya hey tu pahar per jaye or ghass khaye or jo kisi pakistan key nawahi ilaqoon sey ayea hey bheins paley,,,karchi waley zinda baad..pakistan painda baad

    • citizen says:

      BETA JITNA HAI UTNA BN K REH wrna tum kia tmhara jo dsra baap ai nawz sahrif us k sth he gaib ho jaye ga beta itna dum rakhta hai toh korangi aa wrna tm jahan bulaye ga wahan aao ga….. tm korangi aao ga toh bt jao ga nhe…..

    • Jalal says:

      Well said .. My dear friend Pathan, Sindhi, Punjabi, Boluch and Kasmri all have equal rights everywhere and every part of Country. There is no one who can stop anyone going anywhere.

  54. shahbs says:

    raja ander tu abhi tuk bahir hay..tujhy kerty hein abhi under karachi zinda baad pakistan painda baad,,

  55. khan arifullah says:

    ye al haqeqat hai MQM ALTAF terriorist partey hai AJMAL PAHRI NASER POLICE WALA or WALI BABER ke qatal me MQM malose hai or IS KE ELWA ap log YOU TUBE ME JAYE or waha MQM TERRIORST LEKA or on ke target killar ki bate sone ap SAB PATA CHAL JAYE GA MQM KILLAR PARTEY

    • shahbs says:

      khan arifullah! akhrot ki nasal,, mountain ki nasal tu kahan hey? tujhy target kerna tha,, tum jeisey tafrikion or fassad dalney walon ko target kerna hi afzal hy..jeye mqm. or wali khan baber hamara bhai or dost that, khaberdar apni napak mun sey us shareef ka naam lia,, ..sirf ab tujhy target kerna hy kionkey tu beemari hy or ilaj ie udud goli hy.. jeye mqm

  56. tariq1985 says:

    Hassan Nisar only supports educated middle class. MQM aour PTI ka nara yehi hai.

    Hur jamat ke sath issues hain lakin MQM walay unpur waderay nahin hain. Hassan Nisar iss soch ko support kerta hai. Warna phir vote daitay raho inhi logon ko Klasra ki tara

  57. raja-pakistani says:

    Why all this crap….we all know the truth of MQM, we all know MQM has been behind:

    mobile snatching, target killing, kidnapping, victiminisation of the weak. MQM leader life style in UK and he also has taken citizenship in Uk. why are the people of Karachi listening to a man who has got a british passport. If he is atrue patriot then MQM should tell altaf Hussain to come back to karachi. Even if his life under threat then he still needs to come back to karachi. This program is stag managed by MQM and we all know that. If MQM is sincere then they can stop all the crimes in karachi but they have made a alliance with PPP and zardari to rob and loot the country. People of Karachi i beg you listen to your heart and save your city, do not live under the bullet of MQM. vote aghainst them as they have not done anytyhing for you. UNITE AND GET RID OF THESE CROOK…KICK MQM OUT…KICK PPP OUT….KICK ANP OUT THEY ARE ALL SAME

  58. Humayun says:

    Do remember that Hassan Nisar is some foreign agent and Islam hater. He would never ever leave an opportunity to insult and malign Islam. As long as he remains to politics and says whatever he likes, within limits of decency, we don't mind. But his open discrediting Islam and Muslims is closer to blasphemy. Curse him and reject him totally. Immoral and a hypocrite he is.


    • CITIZEN says:


  59. khanMQMwala says:

    Why People Hate MQM:

    1. Party of common people, representative from grass roots.

    2. Given one of the best Mayors in the world.

    3. Only party with no corruption case ever.

    4. Only party with no bullets proof owned vehicles or millions of hectares of land.

    5. Only party having young, educated, talented, visionary workers/leaders who came from out from common people.

    6. Only party having no LOTA history.

    7. Only party who openly challenged agencies, establishment and Feudalism which is rotting up Pakistan.

    8. Only party who has biggest network of social welfare Khidmat e Khalq..

    9. Only party who has the best attendance in senate and assemblies and never caught sleeping.

    10. Only party in Pakistan who has been subjected to state terrorism, blamed for Jinnah pur, but history proved that all was fabricated.

    11. Only party whose leader did not take bribe to topple PPP led government as proven now in Asghar khan case!!!

    12. Only party whose examples is being given by CJP is highest court as representative of common people and Acknowledged Mustafa Kamal has set an example for all.

    13. Only party which do not have history of Family politics.

    14. Only party who really do their homework and make policies like shadow Budget, NRO case, petroleum prices, de weaponization bills, province issues, 18th amendments etc.

    15. Only political party whose followers are real Pakistanis who infarct created and scarified for Pakistan not sleeping peacefully or just listening Radio when Pakistan was created.

    16. Only party whose elected leaders still lives in rented apartments, drive motorcycles, whose workers are approachable anywhere any time.

    17. Only party who has vision, policy and far sightedness as in case of Talibinization of Karachi , SWAT deal and its failure etc.

    18. First party who talk about revolution which was ridiculed and now being followed.

    19. Only party which can gather millions of people in jalsa with gracefull discipline.

    20. Only party who is most hatred in Pakistan because of its blunt vocalizations of TRUTH.

    21. Only party whose workers are being killed, blamed, subjected to torture, denied to justice but never talked about breaking of Pakistan unlike Sindhis or Baloch Nationalists whose demons are made heroes by racism struck majority of Pakistan.

    “The MQM is the softest target – even if there were a tsunami, the MQM will be blamed for it,” MQM always been cleared of any allegation in a court of law. in context of the “derogatory statements” being made during the past few days by people like Ayaz Palijo who have “no elected representation” even one couselor seat he can’t win.

  60. mr.khan says:

    Ye un logu ko lay Aya hai ..ju aik waqt ki roti pi aapna iman baijta hai…Hassan nisar tu aik whiskey bottle per kuch bi bakwas kar sakta hai…anyway altaf kutha kuta mqm pe lanat

  61. Khan80 says:

    lagta hai altaf k++ttey ne london se speciel drink bheja hai is ke liya,,,,

    • eengr says:

      Hassan Nisar double games khelta hai. PTI ki bi tareef kerta hai aur MQM ki bi, and Islam ka khilaf bi bolta hai. Bahut bara fitna pardaz banda hai. Hamaray logh itnay simple hai, k wo Imran Khan ya Altaf Hussain ki tareef keray aur beshak Islam k khilaf bakta rahay, haam PTI or MQM etc supporters LIKE per click kertay hain…eik din khuda k samnay bi hazir hona hai.

      • RudeBoyPTI says:

        Hassan Nisar one of the smartest and intellectual man does not matter what he do in his personal life.but do have a pain for pakistani nation that why he always try to wake our stupid and dum nation he dont talk negative about islam he show and explain the real meaning of islam which is malwi didnt teach us and make us believe that Allah will help us no matter what because we are muslim, because of this thinking and stupidness we are so behind

        • Mediator says:

          @RudeBoyPTI: Sorry, I don't agree with your logic, because it means ka aap Islam ka khilaf boltay raho, laikn sirf nation ka baray mai achay words use kero…is this criteria justified? Second yehi tho Musharraf bi kerta raha, lekan khud kehta hai k mai nai missing persons ko becha USA ko aur dollars liay, phir uss ko ku like nahi kerthay haam logh? Third he demoralizes nation by calling curse on whole nation, why whole nation? Forth he says k Pakistan sai niklo baher, kuch nahi Pakistan mai, etc etc, whats this? Apni family baher beji hai aur haam per lannat ker raha hai, why? PTI/MQM/PML(N)/JI etc must think about these.

    • shahbs says:

      khan80 tum bhi karachi se dafa homm ager hum pasand nahi..jao paharoon mein raho or pather toro

  62. khatana says:

    pti zinda baad lekin jo Allama iqbal ko nahi manta ,sharab pi kar islam ke dars deta hai,us ki khubsoorat batein logon ko bewaqoof banati hain,hasan nisar ko indian media sunwata hai ke yeh dekhein ji yeh hain muslim aur pakistani jin ka itna bara scholer khud hi kehta hai ke muslim yeh aur woh hain,yeh banda sirf logon ka moral gira ker khud ko bara insaf pasand show karta hai,laanat hai aise logon per,edhi bhi muslim hain,arfa karim,aur jf 17 thunder bhi pakistan ne banaya hai,neculer bhi khud hi banaya,yeh is andhe ko kon dikhaye ga,yeh kehta hai ke hum ne aik pen nahi banaya,khuda ki qasam aik insan hai jo sacha aur muhibe watan hai,aur woh IMRAN KHAN hai,aur hasan nisar bhi aaj hasan nisar is liye hai ke wo imran khan ki tareef karta hai warna ise kon janta tha,pti zinda baad

  63. Truth Exposed says:

    Dog of MQM…..

  64. facetoface says:


  65. Pakistan first,PTI says:

    S A A L A mqm ka ( K u t t a ) ,

    Mqm ager tanghey ooper kar key bi khey log phir bi nhi maney gey

  66. mal says:


  67. sheikh_jee says:

    just law ko strong hina chy ye sb khd sy finish ho jay ga jub aik do ko zazza mily ii

  68. Aqib says:

    MQM k chamchoo…kuch b keh looo ..hum to MQM ko …( MURDABAD) hi kahein gey

    • rajaa_inder says:

      As long as MQM is there in Karachi, there will never be peace. MQM and Peace can not go together. MQM lives on killings, fearing citizens, and threats! The GOAL of Goals of MQM is Jinahpore.

      It’s a mega multi years plan crafted by ALTAF ASSASSIN

      • my8-in-Nawaz says:

        @Inder Janwar

        Abay Jahil ganwar Gadhi say sex karanay walay insaani janwar. If Karachi has progressed because of you jahils then how come rest of Sindh is full of Janwars like you who are still living in the 15th century? The fact of the matter is that most of Jahils from Interior Sindh, Punjab, Sarhad are useless and criminals and are the reason why there is so much corruption and lawlessness in Karachi. You blame MQM for striving for Jinnahpur, when in fact the Army itself has said that there was no Jinnahpur maps recovered and it was all a conspiracy against MQM.

        Jungli Janwars like you who practice Karo Kari, Wani, Watta Satta and other diseases will never can be civilized as humans. People who treat their mothers, daughters and womenfolk like cattle do not deserve to live. This is your culture still in the interior, so before you open your dirty filthy mouth against others you should go stand in front of the mirror and stare at your Makroo ha*rami face first.

        • athal says:

          why do you have to get mad at only one person. I was just reading all the comments and was looking at the likes and dislikes as well…. I understand that majority of the people don't like MQM and they are not as popular of a party at all. Seems like they have a lot of baggage to carry. The one thing that I understand is there is no baggage of political money corruption. The baggage is that of Batta, Murder, Crime, Mafia.

          I don't think MQM is that popular outside karachi

    • shahbs says:

      aye jahil or na shukrey Aqib! tum village mein raho or ghass khao..hum parey likhy longon key sheher karachi mein fart nahi kro,,jo karachi walon sey muhabbet karey ga wohi yahan rahey ga, warna apeney asel thikani jaye ga,,murdar tu khud murdabaad hey,,karachi zinda baad or is murdar ko nikal karien bahar..jeye karachi jeye pakistan

  69. sk_123 says:

    I am resident of karachi and you can see MQM running bhatakhoor camps everywhere here.yeh log gareeb rehri aur dhabey wala say us k mehnat k kamai cheentay hain. police un k saath khari hoti hai lekin kuch nai hota. yaha ka mechanic hoya hajam sub k sub MQM ko bhata detay hain aur phir kehtay hain agar tumhrey saath koi problem ho tu humein batana we will see them.

  70. Bad_cop says:





  71. Khan80 says:

    Millitant qatil movement ka shrabi bacha,,,

  72. rajaa_inder says:

    Real agenda of ALTAFF ASSASSIN is Jinahpore!

    Jagoo Sindhio Jagoo! Jagoo Pakistanio Jagoo!

    I have seen JinahPore currency and flag with my own eyes in MQM office London

    • hotduke1 says:

      hahahahaha!!!!!acha!!!!!!phir to note per pic altaf hussain ki hgi???hyna????o jahil admi ye kya bol rahy ho jago sibhiyo han???tum jjese sary ulllo k patthy jo tasub rakhty hn inko mar mar k theek kardaina chaiye!!!!tum log kya abhi tak dehat ki soch rakhty ho k jago sindhiyo abai kabhi jago pakistan bhi bol diya karo!!!is tarah to ppp pury sindh sy jeeti hy ab hum unhn bhi galiyan dain k kisy jitwadiya jinhon president house sy Quaid e azam ki pic hata k bhutto ki lagadi!!!jub bhonka tha tumny k jago sindhiyo jago!!!1saly jahil insan racist!!!!tumary jese ghatya logo ki waja sy mulk hamara is jaga khara hy!!!1wese sindhiyo ko kabhi isi tarah jagny ka bola jub bangladesh toota tha???jb bhi ppp ko sindhiyon ny he jitwaya tha na???yad t hga q k tum to kafi purany aadmi lagty ho…jinnah poor tumny apni aankhon sy daikha tha sb…:D

  73. Kamran_450 says:

    If we have to save Karachi, Sindh and Pakistan, then MQM terrorists must be eliminated from A to Z using Pakistan army and PAF, like Naseerullah Khan baber did. Imran Khan has clearly said that in Karachi 30-40000 terrorists hain jis nai Karachi ka 1.5 crore awam ko yarghamal banaya huwa hai. Ager inn 30-40000 MQM terrorists ko finish bi kia jiay, then it would not be an expensive deal, because 18 crore awam mehfooz rahain ghay.

    • uk says:


    • BitterTruth12 says:

      @Kamran –

      Salams Kamran. When i read your post, the lines you've written it reminds me of similar post. That person was also saying the same thing – that these are only few people, and we should clean the earth from these dirty ignorants, using our powerful military and airforce. Do you know who it was? A post in an american newspaper, an american guy was commenting on Pakistan and muslims in general. And may be pakistan air force may not be able to do carpet cleaning in karachi – but US Air force can do that on pakistan – just like they did it on Afghanistan and Iraq! So now tell me – just like you think someone is wrong, you are also wrong according to someone else's view point – does that mean use of force?

      • Kamran_450 says:

        @BitterTruth12: Wsalam. First of all honestly, I don't know about any other post any where else. Look lets analyze it very frankly. First of all I'm not talking about urdu speaking people…I hope its clear now. I am talking about MQM party, and specially their leaders. How many terrorists will be in Karachi who have put people's lives at their stakes? I watch Imran Khan, he said it might be around 30-40000 who have terrorized whole city.In these definitely there will also be PPP+ANP+religious etc, but major share is of MQM; all others are just reaction of MQM action. Tell me if Pakistan army/PAF do opeation across the board and finish these numbers, then whats the problem? Once and for ever, what do you think? Yaar iss ka aur koi haa nahi hai, ab deko ramzan k pehlay din 6 qatal, why? whats the hell is this? Imran Khan has repeatedly said that MQM must disarm themselves, and become part of the society…why MQM is inculcating in urdu speaking brother/sisters that only MQM is nijat-dahinda for you, and whole nations is enemy of you? why?

  74. Clearview says:

    wow! would you allow your sisters, Veena and Shermila to become the leaders? if so, then we will welcome them whole heartedly.

  75. ProPak says:

    MQM = Munafaq Komoe Movement.

    MQM means Badmasho ka tola

    MQM means Bore main band lash.

    MQM means Killing innocent people

    MQM means Terrorist grop.

    MQM means Raw agent.

  76. rajaa_inder says:

    MQM walo, can you pls explain JINAH PORE? That was the time when all Pakistanis lost trust on you. This is the real agenda of MQM, and you guys have disguised yourself in various forms, and continuously working on the same agenda, and creating favorable circumstances for JINAPORE. But surely we know this. Sindh is mother of Pakistan. Pakistan was borne in sindh.

    • shahbs says:

      t-haq!!sara Pakistan he pro mqm hay..kionkey hum he iek sachi wahid jamat hein jo pakistan ko taraqion ki bulandi per puhcha sukti hy….tujhy koi jalan hy? t haq wasey tu hay kon ?

    • shahbs says:

      raaja inder hindo mata k bander! tu aa 90 ky under tujhy batatey hein jinnah por k naqshy perh perh ker.. tu kia hy ? pidi na pidi k shorba,,sala indian baghora

  77. honest1 says:

    RAJA INDER sahab…….ye soch hi ghalat ha ap ki……karachi ke urdu speaking aur

    muhajar hamaray bhai hain….same like sindhis..balouchis….pakhtouns..panjabis..

    MQM ke leadero ne agar ghalat kiya ha tu its doesnt means ke ap muhajir ya urdu speaking

    logo ko karachi se nikllnay ki baat karo……..ham ne muhabat batni ha nafarat nahi….

    IMRAN ko main isi lia like karta ho ke wo sab ki awaz ha kisi aik ki nahi………….

    • shahbs says:

      hONEST1!! tum tu barey honest nikley,, tumhein pata nahi is rajey ka,,ye raja maha raja hey,or hum ney bhi is ki lieye special barrek banaie hy 90 zero mein, kionkey ye latoon ka bhoot maha raja hy batoon sey nahi maney ga,,kioneky is ka brain he under hey or tum lagy ho usy mr kehney, ye tu abey, tabey k bhi qabil nahi sala,,kion importance dey raho ho in pagaloon k toly paharoon , jangaloon sey uth ker aney waloon, ko?jahil nasel!

  78. balal ahmed says:

    MQM murdabad ALTAFF murdabad qatal party ha yea or ISRAR ko pta nahe kua ho gua ha acha bla program krta tha.

    • rajaa_inder says:

      Karachi belongs to sindhis and balochis, who are living there since centuries. Muhajirs must be kicked out in order to make peace. They are traitors.

  79. sunlight123 says:

    If MQM want respect from people , Than MQM leadership have to eliminate terrorist wings from their party ,when MQM leaders defend in media that their party is not at all involve in killing, not a single person believe it, and they have to educate their worker how to behave with people from different part of country. presently image of MQM is very bad people hate MQM. Coming election will be very tough, people are disappointed with MQM performance and they are looking for alternative ,PTI gaining popularity .

  80. tanveer saudi arab says:

    mian lahore ka rahnay wala hon kuch baton main mara MQM say ikhtalaf hah

    1- do qomy nazerya ghalat tha?

    2-yah waderon jageerdaron sardaron kay khilaf han t waderon ky god main bhi bathtay hain

    3- yah only mahajer k haq ky bat kartay han pore qom k haq ky bat kyon nahi karty

    4 iltaf bhi bahar kyon bathay hin woh imran khan ky tarhan logo main kyon nahy hain

  81. my8-in-Nawaz says:

    @Raja Inder Sindhi Jahil

    Hey di*ck head if Altaf Hussain' time is up then no one can do anything we all have to die some day. But your dream that MQM will end with him will only be a dream. Its not because of Altaf Hussain that people of Karachi hate jahils like you, its the level of Janwar in you that we hate. By the way how the hell did you ever manage to sneak into UK? are there no visa standards in UK like other countries? seems like any moron and janwar like you can go into UK. This is pathetic.

    • rajaa_inder says:

      Yes, we sindis janwar gave you penah, when hindus kicked you out of india. You eat out of sindis and then kill sindis… these are teachigs of ALTAF ASSASSIN i.e., spit in the same plate where you eat…

      • amirusa says:

        you are all identified as a Pakistani due to Mahajirs' efforts and sacrifices. You sindhis are still hindus, you are not muslims because you marry your infant girls to Quran. What a Jahils!!!. I don't think we can ever educate you all to become a good human being, but we still respect you all as a human.

      • sumair.msc says:


        tum sindhi log tu apni maan bahen hindu buniyay kay hathon rahen rakhwatay thay..bhool gay… apnay baron say zara poocho…

        is mulk ko bananay aur us ki progress mein sirf aur sirf URDU speaking community ka sub say bara hissah hay…

        tum log tu murghay laranay mein masroof rahtay ho

        • tariqtunio says:

          Tm log Muhajir ko ke aye tha abhi tak Muhajir hoo or Muhajir hoo ke rahoge. lagta hai phir se tmhe Joote khane ka Shoq hoo gaya hai lagta hai ab phela wale joote bhol gaye hoo. laanat hai tm jaise Qoam par.. Iltu Kute pee ……….(fill the Blank)

          • tariqtunio says:

            Tm log Muhajir hoo ke aye tha abhi tak Muhajir hoo or Muhajir hoo ke rahoge. lagta hai phir se tmhe Joote khane ka Shoq hoo gaya hai lagta hai ab phela wale joote bhol gaye hoo. laanat hai tm jaise Qoam par.. Iltu Kute pee ……….(fill the Blank)

  82. SUNO MERI BAAT says:

    Some one posted great news below that Altaf hussain got heart attack and a failed lever . Kash khabar such ho , karachi waloon key jan may jan a-ay gee .

    Maar ja-aa tou bohat acha na muray tou kum-az-kum disable ho ja-aa .

    Wasay bara bharri janaza ho ga , 10 munn key laash aur 100 ton kay gunahh .

  83. ToobaTooba says:

    1–Hussan What You Think of America?

    Hussan–What is America,,I Damn Care

    2–What You Think of Asif?

    Hussan-who is Asif,,I Damn Care.

    3-What You Think of Muslims?

    Hussan–What are Muslims,,I Damn Care.

    4–What You Think of Altaf

    Hassan–………………I Am Going To Toilet,,I Have Pressure,Bye The way,,Altaf Bhai is Great Leader ,,MQM is Great,,,,I Care,,I Care ,,,I Care ,,I Care,,,My Bali Pura.

  84. honest1 says:

    I am not against MQM,,,but the innocent peoples who killed by MQM… there any

    answer from MQM..?Once when i was travlled to karachi to see my relatives…when train

    reached near karachi… relative told me that… dont say any word against ALTAF

    bhai…..and start talking to saying that ALTAF bhai zindah bad he is ours bhai…….

    this all surprised to me……every body afraid to speak against MQM ….why?

    is this a peace?is this a party?

    • rajaa_inder says:

      Yes MQM is equiped with arms and guns. NO DOUBT ON THIS!

      Dear Karachits, Don’t worry the ASSASSIN WOULD BE DEAD IN FEW MONTHS

      Karachi belongs to sindhis and balochis, who are living there since centuries. Muhajirs must be kicked out in order to make peace. They are traitors.

  85. Clearview says:

    MQM must act like Ghunda and badmash to all JAHIL, BAKWAS and Faggot type people like you who must be disciplined time to time, because you are all considered LATON KAY BHOOT jo Baton Say Nahi Mantay.

    However, MQM is the most polite, nice and well civilized group of people when it comes to deal with sensible and educated society of people, regardless of their race, language, or ethnicity. MQM is fully equipped and capable of using these tools accordingly.

  86. JOLLY GOOD says:

    9——-0 Death warrents are issued from here . badmashoon ka toola MQM . Here every body is afraid of each other and GOD FATHER lives in london from there he controls mqm , all of them are son of a b-i-t-c-h . Their time ends soon . Look at the face of Altaf hussain swollen soowar .

    This show is planted . Look at people sitting on groung they are scared to death , they have been forced to attened this show , their ID cards will be returned after the show .

    • rajaa_inder says:

      ALTAF ASSASSIN is the Mir Jafar of 21st century. He hates balochis, sindhis, panjabis. Since now the control is no more in hands of mqm, ALTAF ASSASIN has started a slogan of Pakistaniat. This is just to save his life and hide his past. But ALTAF ASSASSIN for sure is a traitor.

      Dear Mr. Assassin you can Run, Run, and Run but can not hide. Your crimes will follow you everywhere. You always thought sindhis and balochis are stupid people. But now you know how they will defend their city KARACHI.

  87. ebiz110 says:

    Mqm parties polices are base on Hate, Violence, and dishonesty. Mqm has a great hold on Sindh, you can see how well messed up Karachi is today, one of the worst cities in the world, especially Lyari, you hardly hear any day pass by when, killing, kidnapping, loot aren’t going on by many nutshells running around armed thugs, living in Karachi is compare to living in Somalia


    Mqm’s chairman Altaf is the first one to go hiding if someone needs him, You wont see him in route anyday since he is coward, he left Pakistan long time ago, who he is afraid from? His on people? he got so popular for his conning that member of current assemblies leaders are following his footstep and they are trying their best day and night to make sure whole Pakistan would be messed up, disgracefully, fitly, weakest economically and physically as Karachi.

    I Will not support mqm , how can I be supporting terrorist party?, which do so many bad things for their on Muslim peoples everyday that I feel sorry for my self to see and hear about itl. Everyday newspapers, news, columns are full of praises of MQM for doing great, wonderful, amazing things for their local people and for their families. Tortures, mutilated, bagged bodies find every other day

    Sometimes I think why cant we have leaders like Altaf in our societies, therefor this world would be very, very, very nasty place to live in, I feel very sorry for supporters of mqm, when I see faces of sindh people, afraid, hungry, jobless, poverty is so common and everybody hiding something and feel so sorry, because all knows there is one of the messed party ruling them MQM, I wish we can hide your children in the ways of the mqm so they cant be part of this hell send party..

    Now I ask simple question, why would you want Imran Khan to make a change from this messed up world, where everybody is living hellish and messed up life?????

    after Almighty Allah he is the one hope left now to take care of these SOBs..

    I read some ignorant people saying what Imran Khan has done yet, look all his charity work he did and doing it, he got it done without any corruptions or without any help of government, my main point is this, he never being in the power so nobody, I said nobody has any right to ask him what he did. Ask your corruptions #1 leaders what they did and how the sold you guys out…

    I know InshAllah once he will be in the power he would accomplished more and more everyday for good of Pakistan, not like these looters who are selling Pakistan brick by brick and on another hand passing bills to protect there stealing, its just unbelievable, but this is Pakistan, where some bewakof people still supporting them and these leaders laughing there ass off on jahil awam.. Support Imran Khan vote PTI otherwise wait for another hell send five years of corruptions and loot..

  88. Disgusted says:

    I condemn any party that is based on ethnicity. If MQM believes in equal rights then they should replace the chief of the party belong to a different ethnic background.

  89. Neutral observer says:

    Hasan Nisar said that accept MQM mandate in Karachi. What does he mean. What do you think?

  90. Jhon Smith says:

    MQM is Killer Party. They are killing muslim Pakistani. Why People of Karachi always vote to MQM. bcz MQM make them afarid that PPP or people of interior Sindh will get jobs in Karachi! So they will keep win election as MQM create lot fear of Sindhi in urdu speaking community. So sindhi will vote for PPP and Karachi will vote for MQM: this game will keep go in next election too.

  91. Ikchamcha says:

    کراچی سے باھر بیٹھ کر ایم کیو ایم سے نفرت کرنے والے جاہلوں کا منہ کالا

    جب ایم کیو ایم لاکھوں ووٹ لے کر دوبارہ جیتے گی تب تم سالے اپنی دھوتیاں اٹھا اٹھا کے چنے کے کھیت میں ماتم کرنا .

    در فٹے منہ مہاجر دشمنوں کا

    • rajaa_inder says:

      MQM gets vote on gun points. If muhajirs don’t vote for MQM, ALTAF ASSASSIN will get them killed. All muhajirs are hostage of ALTAFF ASSASSIN. That’s how mqm gets votes. But this year there will not be simultaneous elections in Karachi, these would be held in piecemeal. And real face of ALTAF ASSASSIN WILL BE EXPOSED.

  92. sdfnwb says:

    MQM is doing peace Jalsa in Karachi.

    WHAT A JOKE……:)

    ALl they have to do remove there own wings.

  93. rajaa_inder says:

    MQM (Muslims' Qatil Movement) is responsible for everything. Altaf Assassin pulls all strings. He wants to divide sindh and pakistan.

    • shahbs says:

      raaja! Altaf bhai tu baad mein divide karein gy,, tujhy dhoondney saathi nikly hein , pheley tujhy 2 hisson mein divide karein gy.. teira sir alag or teira dhur alag, so divided into two parts of your body head and without head.. jeye karachi jeye altaf..

  94. Disgusted says:

    You are an Idiot!

    I don't want to side the MQM but I hate the hate.

  95. qazi sahib says:

    PLANTED PROGRAMME MUthidda Qatil MOvement killer party.

  96. KhanTheReal says:

    Words of "Fatma Suriya" make me cried. When she was young she might be thinking that one day Pakistan will be a happy country. But today when she listens all those poor voices, she might be upset that it was just a dream of her not reality.

    But let me say this one day her dream must come true inshallah, when the primeminister will be Imran & his well-educated (not fake degree holders), honest, true & real pakistanis will be working under him.

    May Allah give her and all of us life to see the govt of IK. Ameen !

  97. Abdul says:

    MQM promotion Limited. I know better and that is the reason that almost everyone can, if you make an effort, see that people sitting at nine zero are not due to respect but fear related reason (s). This group is just not good for any let alone self. Who with the right and even average IQ can bring up to listen or watch their so called leader? My God …….., it is enough for today.

  98. uzman0 says:

    lol on Ppl who are still in some kind of superiority complex. shame.

  99. Adam667 says:

    Hum nahi tu kon, Ab nahi tu kab. Jago Pakistan, trust honest leader , Vote for chang, Vote for “IMRAN KHAN” Pakistan ZINDABAD….

  100. [email protected] says:

    yar yeh phir nine zero pe agaya .i think is ko altaf ne ek flat daidia hai yahan tabi isko now aur koi jaga nahi milti ..

    ajeeb bat hai jahan se murder k order hote hain waheen peace k sawal kar rah hai ..

    iqrar u have lost ur respect now totallyyyyyy..

    Jo MQM K Haq main hai matlab usko ramzan main b insaniyat nahi aiyi .kyunk pakistan ka har shaks janta hai k log ko marwana mqm ka kam hai lahore main b shuru kardia hai enhone …Pakistan main aur kisi azaab k hone ki zaroorat nahi MQM K hote huwe .

    If u r Patriotic u will agree with my words

    May Allah Bless Pakistan and Get that Terrorist Gang Mqm Out of pakistan

    Aamen !

  101. hira masood says:

    aap mqm say lakh iktlaaf karoo unkay tareekaa kaar say iktlaaf kar saktay ho magar in ki tanzeemi nazm o zabt ur altaf hussain ki salliuohtoo kaa aitraaf naa karnaa haq parasti nai hoo gee

    • alihussain says:

      Altaf bai ki kis salaheat ki bat karte hain koi eik to batao. Mn us ki chand eik salaheetain batata hon. 1. Nashe ki halat mn england se live taqreer karna. 2.Apni be-huda taqreer mn heejron (Khusra) jaisa dance karna. 3. Dance k saath saath phir indian gane gana. Are ap logon mn sharam ki kami hey nn to ap MQM mn election karate aor kisi insan k puttar ko is ka leader banate, laikin chand ghundon ne ap sab ko dra kar rakha hua hey aor ap log bhair bakrion ki tara bas tik tiki lagay nine zero par lage us k photo dekh kar ibrat hasil karte rahte hain. Aienda us ki salaheat ki bat mat karna.

  102. jkumar70 says:

    In Audience at least two people said that they speak language – Hindko. Well that word was relevant when you were in Hind. My suggestion would be – can you not change the name of language – Pak-Ko, or Islam-Ko. Hind-Ko in Pak, doesn't sound right. hassan Nissar Sahib! Ye kyaa aap khud ko Diwaar se lagaa rahe hain. Inko aap justice aur human right ki lesson de rahe hai. Agar ye Justice aur Human right samajh jaayein tab to Islam ki validity hi khatam ho jaayegi

    • aj_157 says:

      hindu mat jitna justice aur human rights ka passdar hai wo sab ko pata hai

      brahman aur dalit bhai bhai hain na

      • jkumar70 says:

        Duniya kaa koi bhi Qaom ki Passdaari Human rights ki Pakistanion ki Passdaari se Jyaadaa hogi. Chaahe vo cave mein rahene waale junglee hi kyun naa ho, Pakistan ke Mussalmaano se jyaadaa human rights ke paasdaar hain. TUmne to 1973 constitution mein tarmeem kar ke Ahmadiyon-Qadiyani-Mirza ko non muslim declare kar diyaa. and therefore Wajib ul Qatl. Doond ke doge aisi koi duniyaa mein iske match ki missal. Eik nahi , hazaar defa e Pakistan council banaa lo, agar tum rinkle kumari kaa defaa nahi kar sakte, allah kabhi tumhaaraa difaa nahi karegaa. Tumhaare Ulat brain se andaazaa nahi ho rahaa hai. Sura Al Bakara (Maulanaa Madoudi Tarzumaa) mein dekho yaar – Islam humanity ko defend karne ke liye hai, only mussalmano ke liye nahi. yahudi jo dushman they, unki bhi dignity ki parwaah prophet ne ki hai. TUm pakistanion nein to Islam haa huliyaa hi daraawanaa banaa diyaa. main to count kar rahaa hoon ki – iss ramada mein tum kitne Shiaon, Ahmadiyon ki jaan le rahe ho. Acche mussalmaan hone ke liye, last years se jyaadaa number honaa chaahiye, sub teraa rozaa kabool hogaa.

  103. Aqib says:

    ———-MQM– MURDABAD——-

    • Ikchamcha says:

      PTI aur PMLN kameene zaleel MURDABAD aur too bhi jaham ki aag main dafaaa ho ker jale aur mare.


      Hasad ki aag main jalne wale sale dozaq main bhi jalian ge

      • Disgusted says:

        Sorry that Idiot comment was for the one who said MQM murdabad and not for everybody else.

        So I say it again.

        You said MQM Murdabad

        I say

        You are an Idiot.

        • shahbs says:

          Disgusted! Mqm sirf zinda baad, or us sey nafrat kerney waley..baqi sub sur jail mein or sub k sub murda baad, sirf karachi sey muhabbet kerney waley zinda baad..mqm izzat kerney waley zinda baad, baqi nafrat kerney waley murda bori mein band

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