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Mubashir Luqman New show on Ary News – Promo

Watch Latest Mubashir Luqman New show on Ary News – Promo


  • Mirza

    yr apka cell noumber chahiy

  • Dawood

    mubashir luqmqn name say muslman lagtay ho lakin ho tum israil aur india kay agent ho ghatia admi Raiwand main jaa kr dakh lo sirf ALLAH(S.T) aur us kay payaray Rasol ki baat hoti hay :

  • Ahmad Nawab Khan

    Mubashar Luqman sahib ap ne ARY Tv par jenab syed Munawar Hassan ke bare men kush eterazat uthaye hain keh Munawar Hassan saheb sud ke bare men ko hatmi raye nahi rakhte to arz ha ap Molana Abul Ala ke ketab sud ka mutalea karen our us ke bad apni kush bayani se logon ko mehzoz farmaen , Omeerd had naraz nahi honge meri es guzaresh par, baqi fazal rehman saminul haq ya dosre ulama hain un ke bare men men kuch nahi keh saqta, magar itna bat don har alam sud ko halal nahi janta chahe suni ho ya shiya


  • ali

    mubashir luqman buhoot acha hy.ham aap k sath hy sach bolnay mai. geo walay tu bikay huway hy

  • ali

    mubashir saab well done . sach sab ko kahra lagta hy. hamesha sach bolo .geo walay tu paiso k poojari hy. jo b pakistan k khilaf hy sab ko nanga karo takay awam ko pata chalay. mqm waloh ko b nanga karo ye b pakistan k khair khowah nahi hy

  • Col(r) JEHANGIR

    i had been watching ur eagerly. ihad one point to ponder that why dont u include very important point in your show. i am staff college graduate. i was a young capt when i was deouted for election duty in Sargodha in 1970. we did our best and fairest elections were held. Soon after the elections we aling with our 9 div were ordered to move to Dhaka on 28th of mar1971. we reached Dhaka on 2nd of april. no soul could be seen there. Bengali Troops had revolted on 26 of mar. It was game of wits. if west pakistani troops had hegemony and timely action they mutilated bengali and visa versa. we were destioned for Comila, but since we were to wt for C-130 we stayed at dhaka for 6 days. in the mean time Sheikh mujeeb was brought there in MNA hostel and flown to west pakistan. I remember him saying "ajj app unko salute kar rahy ho kal mujay karo ga" he was not for bifurcation of our country. as he had obtained 52% seats he was very much wanting to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. how could a party leader with less than 46% seats could assume the seat of PM of Pakistan. this is how we lost East Pakistan. I remember offering nimaz e jinaza for 20 to 25 soldiers daily. lot of turmoil was seen by us from Mar to dec 70. the Prime Ministers Khalida Zia was a frequent visitor of my office at Kumila. As her husband later Gen Zia The President of Bangla Desh who was assionated weas in our custody. Gen Saibzada & all others were all out for political solution rather than a humiliating surrender. We lost thousand of Jawans & were detained in indian jail for two years.

  • kool son

    This show is totally paid for n i dont like this person how he speaks n give opinion bogus n unacceptable for only one party which is PML(N) and even if you see his track record so-called corrupt n targeted programmes good way to earn huge sum but repute is dead hell.

  • s.u chaudhry

    very organised compaign against M L by brothers it means in their dictionary diffrences of opinion is not toleratable.

  • m.afzal

    AOA i am watching your show regularly and i want to apriciate u that u are doing a great job and telling people truth about the curent affairs and i want to give some true story about my village my village name is lawa tehsil talagang district chawal which is located near namal college my school waS established in 1960 it get high school status and in 1960 a union council was formed 1850 main police station bana and 1860 main high girls school bana and 1965 main health centre bana still there is no college and not any science subjects in girls high school neareast college is about 65 km in talagang and 45 km meanwali there is no docter and lady doctr since 15 years no lab no x rays and population is above than 1 lac of vilage and near about 60 000 living in small village lawa and how can N-league SAYS that panjab badaL gaya ..dear brother u must visit potwar areaes jhehlum,chakwal ,attock ,big village and tehsil u wil seee that there is too rainy rivers are floating if goverment made dams and produce electricity and water avail for agricultural.when asif zardari came president he was visit lawa at river ghabir and attend the oppening ceremony for dams bt till nw 1 % work has not carried out only he advertatise and giving speaches and i will equest to u send me your phone no i will give u more information about potwar areas..cell no 03412134303

  • waheed

    Mubashir Luqman sahab AA! kaha jata hay k sach hamesha krwa hota hay, aur jo kam aap kr rahy ho wo lutairon ko krwa he lgy ga, Islamabad long march kisi minhaaj ya awami tehreek ki kamyabi nahe, blky agr sahee mano me is agreement py amal ho jay to hamara Pakistan khushhaal ho skta hay, iski awaam khushhaal ho skti hay, ARY tv channel or is channel k tamam anchors aur tmam team ko salaam k jis ny in haalaat me b awam ko sach aur wo b khara sach btaya,q k ap ki guftgoo me humain aisa lga k jesy ghreeb awam bol rhe ho, q k aap ny 18 cror awam ki trjumaani ki hy, Allah apko aur ap k tamam ahl-e-khana ko hmesh khushhaal rkhy, aur jo apko bura kehty hain fikr na karin Allah hamesha haq aur sach ka saath deta hy.