Aik din geo ke saath – Khawaja Saad Rafique – 15th july 2012


Aik din geo ke saath – Khawaja Saad Rafique – 15th july 2012

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  • Masood

    Saad Rafique is good and clean.

  • malik

    u r very good man. but in rong party.

  • Malveros

    An honorable and straight forward person.

  • mr

    khawaja rafiq a asset of my homeland,God bless him.

  • bhoori

    kwaja ko jab fathe milti hey, too ye 5 caror ka prize bond ley leytey hey, iss ki ama ka paas koonsa jin tha jis ki waja say kwaja ko 1986 mai 30 lakh business key liye diye, iss per or iss ki haram ki famly per 1000000000000000000000000000000 laanet.

    • zahidsz72833

      What a jealous, short sighted and narrow minded Bhoori you are. Kh.Saad Rafique is one of the bravest, honest, sincere and most loving politicians.

      God bless him and his entire family – aameen

      Jalnay Waly Allah say maang – hassad say tum khud hee barbaad hojaogay.

  • shahid khattak

    just vote for PTI



  • bestever

    Khawaja Sahab aap Aur Punjab government ki performance Dekh ker bhi log agar kissi doosri ya naam nihaad tabdeeli Walon ko vote detay hain to phir oun doston se shikwa hi kiya ja Sakta hay. I love you khawaja Sahab and Shebaz shareef. You both are role model for any political worker. His sacrifices for the country and for the party are no less than jawed Hashmi. He does the stro g opposition of the party sometimes in party

    Meetings but he hasn't left the party. Hashmi Sahab had some personal issues rather than national issues. Khawaja saad has proved himself thousand times better than jawed Hashmi. Love you khawaja saad.

  • gallas10

    I love pti I can die for Imran plz vote pti plz plz for ur country and people

  • drsaif2

    is ka b to sara family PML-N ke MPA and MNA hain. PML- N family party.

  • Logical Thinking

    nice man

  • anee

    62 percent of population of Pakistan;

    Democracy is to give people the right to present their problems/strengths to the govt;

    why only member from a family, community can't possibly do this in case of this so-called democrate;

    Why it takes two MPAs and one MNA from one household to present people there.

    This is the reason people in South don't like PMLn. Like development funds they have kept everything to Northern punjab and in northern punjab among some families. It also becomes easier for sharifs to control politics. Less number of dogs to distribute booties among them.

  • Ilyas

    Such a descent, educated and mature politician …

  • rollinaces

    He must be a good person .. but this is our problem as a nation we are very quick to start glorifying people .. even he himself is invovled in family politics .. he is mna his wife mpa his brother mpa dont you think its a moral corruption ? and then government college under construction but has to have his fathers name in it ?? please pakistani people wake up stand up for urself .. dont you think that he knwos shareefs corruption ?? dont you people know that shareefs did oponey laundring and how they made money ? so if he is not financially corrupt he is morally corrupt and he has to answer Allah one day for all this but we people specially the ones are member of some political parties we believe after we passed away we still gona have to answer shreefs zardaris etc

  • bubber-Shiar

    He is very much munfiq person, his braveness, honesty and boldness is limited, since he mouth is full ( three public office openly holding , hiddenly i don't know) he is MNA , his wif e is MPA and his brother is adviser to CM Punjab

  • ullvllair

    he should come in pti

  • ARG

    I belong other province but I like him he BRAVE, HONEST, DECENT and TRUE


  • eengr

    I am PTI supporter, but I have a lot of respects for Saad Rafique because of his decent talks on various forums. I watched your whole show, and liked it. Just to say some thing which is in my heart all the time: do u think you are at right place ? Yai sawal mera peecha nahi chortha, jab bi ap jaisay man of principles ko dekta houn. ALLAH bless you and your family always.

  • alibaba13

    All members of PMLN are honest and great. We love PMLN

    Vote PMLN to save pakistan.

    From uk.

    • drsaif2

      Allay ke banday yahi loog tu pakistan ko kaa rahain hain. look ye MNA, brother MPA, wife MPA. jan churao in see.

      • alibaba13

        Koy galat baat nahy hy

  • coolzzx047

    Saad Rafique.. My favourite Leader but I am very disappointed that Khawaja salman rafique is his brother. His brother is against Young Doctors and doesn't like to give service structure.

    I am in UK and would like to meet Saad rafique in Pakistan. He is great leader, mature and open-minded person. God Bless him.

  • luv@pakistan

    One of the very honourable,respectable,and sensible politicians,in Pakistan.respect you highly,proud of u.

  • FarhanRasoolBoola

    khawja sab should join pti. no doubt he is a honourable person in pmln

  • D Lahoree

    Mr Saad Rafiq is a symbol of true leader in Pakistan and Pakistan people and PML N is proud of these type of great people

  • farhan_khan

    I used to respect Saad Rafiq, and my thought was that he was a better person in N-League. But since he has blatantly lied on a TV show with Kashif Abbasi that Sharif family has no assets in London, my view has changed abt him. Shahbaz Sharif , Maryam Nawaz, Nawaz Sharif, Ch Nisar themselves have admitted in different TV programmes (all available on Youtube) that they have property in London. But Saad Rafiq was trying to be "Shah se zyada Shah ka wafadar"

    • ch qasim

      i think appny ghore sy suna nai programe…agar suna hota tu yah sub na ketay

  • rajaa_inder

    Khawaja Saad Rafique is a great man. God Bless you.

  • nomi yaar