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Capital talk – Justice (R) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim – 27th june 2012

Capital talk – Justice (R) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim – 27th june 2012

  • samajhna_mushkil

    بات کسی بھی موضوع پر ھر رہی ھو، عاصمہ کی پھدی میں عدلیہ کی خارش ضرور ھوتی ھے، اب یہ پتہ نہیں کہ اس پھدی کی خارش کا سبب کیا ھے? کیا ارسلان نے انگلی کی تھی? یا اس کو غیر ملکیوں کا پسند آ گیا ھے? (شش) یا پھر پیدائشی پھد-خارش کی مریضہ ھے?

  • Ali Thamer

    a gowher says:

    June 28, 2012 at 12:13 am

    I think we should get rid of Parliament, Prime Minister and President, the rest should take an oath of allegiance for Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry.

    Iftikhar Choudhry simply has become a dictator, he wants to use constitution to his pleasure and he forces his version of the constitution over anything, he now wants Parliament to get his approval before they pass a new Law.

    Beside all this Chief Justice is using his Suo-Moto powers to hang any one he does not like and rescue anyone he wants.

    I am told that before dooms day a one eyed (may be crossed eye) Dajjal will appear and the whole world will be destroyed. I do not know about the whole world but Iftikhar Choudhry may be the real Dajjal for Pakistan.

    I hate thugs like Zardari , Nawaz Sharif or Gillani but I like to see elected parliament a supreme authority and power to runs the country, not an appointee Chief Justice who is a NRO Judge and protecting his corrupt black-mailer son.

    I believe Iftikhar Choudhry is planning to get rid of elected Government and rule the country as a Dictator with the help of Army.

  • khusra khan imran

    Vote For PTI Bcoz PTI na MQM se Muk MUka Ker Liya Hai.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz PTI na Choudry Brothran se Muk Muka Hai.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz Hum PTI walay General Pasha Ke Oulad Hein.

    Hum Musharif ke Oulad sa Thay, Per Yateem Honay kay Bad Hum Pashane god lay liya aur hum us ke oulad Ban Gayay. Afsos ab woh bhee chala gaya.pls vote for us.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz We have Deal with PPP just to target Only PML N, No one else, We are B Team of PPP Zardari and Co.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz We r all Together against the biggest Right Wing Party.

    Vote For PTI Bcoz We will not let the change come to This Country.

    Vote our leader Imran khan, Bcoz he is Seeta White X boy friend and Bring illegal Daughter from Her. Biggest leader, biggest Zani.

    Vote PTI Bcoz our Leader did promise and forgot those promise after some time that Derna against Zardari corruption in ramzan after two tv show you vanish, Derna against Nato supply, Derna Against MQM and Court case against Iltaf Hussian. Long march against Gilani Blaa Blaa Blaa.

    Vote for PTI Coz After pasha Now Malik Riaz is also GONE too.

    Vote For Begharats and we will Destroy this country Together. This is what we call change and we will make a new country.

    This so called TSUNAMI is fast becoming a BADNAAMI, BAY-NAAMI and GUM- NAAMI.

  • k.pervez

    Dear Mo

    Sorry comments were posted in haste, not to miss my train, having ticket in my pocket, whereas Nawaz Sharif is severely over speeding on newly laid track of superior courts, surprisingly without any ticket being issued by the honourable judges, mainly because the CHAMAK he is famous for.

  • choughtai

    When this ASMA lady go not learn.