Hassan Nisar on Imran Khan (June 24, 2012)


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  • artistic

    imran does not say we will do it ,he says he will bring competent people who are capable of doing it,but there should be a will to implement and that is what he and his team has.PTI zindabad!!

  • facetoface


  • mypakistan1947

    jahal log ab b nahi samjtey

    save Pakistan and save the future of our new generation so vote PTI.

  • skhan00

    ALLAH may help you Imran Khan . Pray for him & vote with ur Honest judgement

    • critical_point

      he is no different to mubashir luqman… PTI walo ab to dekho k yeh log kis k isharay pe nachtay hain… Hassan Nisar is a dog jis ne haddi dali udher chalay gayay.. lakhon rupaye ki rolex pehnanay wala… acres k ghar main rehnay wala aur sharabi admi jo kal tak sharifon se imdad leta tha ab IK ki baat karta hai.. watever he says doesnot matter as journalists like him are already well exposed… Khir PTI is a People party B team… aur bewakoof logo Imran khan can never be a Prime Minister it is sure.. Where he is going to win 170 NA seats from, he will not be able to win his own seat… be realistic. So Please vote for Muslim League otherwise PPP is going to make the next governmant too. Imran khan himself knows his worth… merely 10% of ppl use twitter, facebook and other social sites to express themselves.. so 140 + votes on these sites for IK show his total strength here and all over pakistan… His all rallies and gatherings were totally funded by the agencies… even Malik Riaz has told the truth.. about his lahore and karachi processions.. Watever PTI will do they never gonna win.. may be 10- 25 seats in NA in next parliament… these dummies and arseholes like hassan nisar who dont have a nationality and dont have a religion cant change the views of ppl as their true face is evident.. just watch hassan nisars views on Allama Iqbal and Abdul qadeer khan.. so if u agree what he is saying in this program then u agree with waht he has said isin the past.. you cant be biased about him.. taking wat is in IK favour and leave the remain.. HASSAN NISAR IS A WELL KNOWN DRUNKYARD WITH OCCULT THINKING AND VIEWS, DROWNED IN EXTREME PESSIMISM.. US KI SHAKAL SE HI LANAT TAPAKTI HAI.. His mother refused to meet him whlie she was on her death bed.. This is truth.. So if he favours somebody then this means that person bears the same character and views as of HASSAN NISAR.. KHUDA KI LANAT HO IS BANADAY PE

      • ebiz110

        KHUDA KI LANAT HO critical_point pay, how this feel?

        your ignorant BS, you want Muslim League to be in power again? NS biggest corrupt leader in the history, arent you feel to see whats going in the Punjab where ML has all the control… You must be retard, paid, and ignorant. WHO CANT SEE HOW people of pakistan suffering everyday cause of these looters sold everything brick by brick

      • skhan00

        Mr. critical_point you need to straight up ur facts brother. first of all Difference of opinion is bound to happened but difference in truth and lies is always there. I agree PML-N has some good member but the fact is Mr. Nawaz sharif family will always dominate the decision power. Giving some one respect is different than taking some one and defending the wrong doing( actions ) of Mr. Sharif.

        Can you justify why whole family is Mr. Sharif is in politics ?

        Mr. Nawaz sharif did lie to me at least once when i heard him not participating in the elections of 2008; This was on national television ? At least make him admit tht he was wrong & he is sorry abt it .. He should be humble enough to apologize .. but i am no one to tell him tht so remember A truth Muslim can't be bitten by the same person twice.

        In the end, last few years Mr . Sharif shared the dinners with Mr. President. My Sharif supported him in becoming the President now why is he opposing him. Suddenly He realized tht he is not a good man Mr. Sharif is trying to deceive you my friend. I can only give you some facts if u are communicating tht's very good for the starters. Knowledge open the power to right ways. I will say this in the end that If Imran Khan does n't do good I will be the first person to oppose him but at least give him a chance don't try the same old persons again & again .. I pray for everyone for the Right Path. ALLAH may Help us all & remember ALLAH can ask you why did u voted for Mr. Sharif if u think that u can answer Ur ALLAH then go vote for him. ALLAH may Help us all .

  • amjadm

    Dear Hasan and Agenda 360 team…thank you for the show…what I understand is that:

    -PTI Imran Khan are following people agenda

    -whereas other parties including PMLN are following their own agendas

    -For example, PTI is speaking direct to the people, and PMLN is trying to find more political space through known corruptions all over Pakistan

    -PTI don't want to come in power just for the sake of it unless they can serve the people

    -Other parties are trying to come into power by fooling the masses once again, and in this connecton we all need to contribute towards educating the masses, politically and logically.

  • kaisar

    Mirza Ganjay ka tatta sarr gaya hona hai

  • Fikar e Pakistan

    Hassan Nisar you are realy GREAT,we LOVE you