Laal: Utho meri duniya – “Farman e Khuda” by Allama Iqbal (Mazdoor Kissan Party song)


Laal: Utho Meri Duniya. Poem: ‘Farman e Khuda’ by Allama Iqbal.
Directors: Taimur, Omayr, Ammar, & Vishal. Video: Laal and Anjuman Muzareen’s campaign for land rights in March 2010.

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  • eengr

    @Mazdoor Kisan Party: You must make alliance with PTI to bring changes for poor people as soon as possible. I think you can strengthen Imran Khan's ambition and vision by making alliance or joining them like Asghar Khan. Alliance of like minded parties like PTI, JI, and Mazdoor Kisan Party is integral to make Pakistan a prosperous country. Thanks

  • posteconomist

    What a beautiful song, which does complete justice to Allama Iqbal's poetry. The message is exactly what Pakistan needs. I would like to quote four lines from the poem:

    Uttho Mere Duniya Ke Gareebon Ko Jaga Do!

    Kaakh-e-Umra Ke Dar-o-Deewaar Hila Do!

    Rise up and awaken the poor of My world!

    Shake the doors & walls of the mansions of the great.




    Jis Khet Se Dehkaan Ko Muyassar Nahi Rozi;

    Uss Khet Ke Har Koshah-e-Gandum Ko Jala Do.

    The field which doesn't yield a livelihood to farmers;

    Burn every stack of wheat from that field.