Pakistan Chowk – 17th June 2012

watch Latest Pakistan Chowk – 17th June 2012

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  1. Ajamal says:

    What type of manners are these so-called leaders showing to this nation? They don't have basic manners of speaking when asked to, listening when some one is speaking and putting your point of view with logic and facts!

    No wonder their behavior is becoming a national phenomena.

  2. rugh786 says:

    Naz bloch so sweet,,,you are doing a good job,,i like it,,,so brave,,,keep it up,,,God bless you.and Rana Mubashar is so foolish and don,t have sense to do a programe like this,,,so bad.

    milan itlay

  3. Tariq Abi Nazir says:


  4. mehrsaghir says:

    آپکا پروگرام دیکھا آپ یقین کریں یہ پڑھے لکھے لوگ (حکومت) والے جھوٹ بول رھے ھیں ، اور یہ پیپلی کو بھی زرداری کی ایڈوائیزر لگوا دیں اس نے پورا پروگرام کا بھی حکومت کی طرح بیڑا غرق کیا اللہ ان سب کو ٹھکانے لگوا کر کسی عام بندے(جس کے ساتھ زیارتتی ھو رھی ھے عام بندے کو حکومت دے) تا کہ پاکستان کھڑا ھو سکے ۔ مھرصغیراللہ ۔

  5. sabir khan says:

    Common man not interested who many amendments done, 5th time budget present, and other bull sheet ,People want to know who many job created in facts 3,500,000 people lost the job,worst law and order situation . Industries collapse, no electric power , no gas , PPP pushed this country 100 years back.PPP leader ship all CHOOR. I am agree with PTI spoke woman. People should open their eyes sincerely evaluate the performance of PPP and reject it in coming election ,think for other option.

  6. amir shahzad says:

    ppp khusar don't have patience to face the fact . If u do their faces black even they don't have shame . Rana mubshir what tamsha u are doing in Pakistan chock . Before ppp was facing in camera room now bring in chock .

  7. imran tahir says:

    ppp walu ke gusti koser . pti zinzabad

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