Hasb e Haal – 16th June 2012


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  • Darma_adcho

    Quit the job or loose your rating? I am no more going to watch this MF channel. So if you remain here you will be doomed just like MF Dunya Channel.

  • Ali_ss

    is gandagi ki wakalat kar kay tum nay bhi apni izzat kharab kar li hay.. suhail ahmad, tumhain pakistan ka har channel lainay kayliay ready hay,, just come out of this gutter.

    • farooqcpa

      Now no laugh on. Azizi talk. Please leave this channel, otherwise boycott of dunyatv and has be hall

  • HelloPakistan

    Hello All Good people.

    I am back again to leave my comments regarding this program host and comedian Mr. Ahmed , you both also talk about truth and reconciliation

    this is the time to talk about Planted Program . You guys also under influence of Might and Right . get out quit the Job and join the Good side remember you have to die one day and you both know what is going on in yours studio . but if you do not take action and scared or influence by money and power at least do not talk about the other people at least they are exposed not hypocrite like you and other Dunya team.

  • kashif

    Laanet tujh pe sohail ahmed saari duniya ka mazaaq banata hai ajj jab khud k channel ki baat aaiy tau chup kar giya sharam magar tum ko aati nahin

  • SuperDuperKhan

    Inn 3 ko Apni Roti, Daal Fiker hae….

    ye Dhaneshwe[Junaid Salim] Became Joker no 1

  • Hamza_lfc4

    How are people assuming the owner had sometin to do with it ?

    Malik riaz himself said that his son knws Lucman and all . This cud be just the anchors who are corrupt but it shud be investigated as shud oder owners .

    Aur rahi baat Azizi aur junaid ke i think they are honest people. And yes Lucman and Mehr shud be sacked hope the owners or the CJ are able to do that .

    And all the anchors shud come on their shows and declare their assets like talat did.

  • Tariq Mahmood


    Pakistan's 80 % society is corrupt. It is due to corrupt syestem. We need some body like Khommini.

    There is no other solutipn.

    • a s ajmal ajmal

      bhai main to imran khan ko bohat mudatt say keh rha hoon humaree qowm or hukmrano ko seedha karnay ka akhri or wahad hall imam khameeni wala formula hai,ye laton ealay hain baton walay nhi bamah me,ALLAH hum ko imam khameeni day day nhi to ye watan azizi ki aakhree…………naooz biLLAH

  • tahir99


    hum tumari izzat kartay hain

    tum Dunya ki is gandagi say dur raho

    chooron aur haramzadoon ki wakalat na karo

    hum tumari izzat karna chahtay hain

    yahi pegham baqi doono kay liay bi hai

  • mazhar warraich

    Juned sad tum me chaplusi ki had kar di hay tum se azizi acha hay jis me mien aamir ki gandi harkat par dum nai Halae jesy tun me halai hay

  • suakhan

    The solution is simple, those bad apples or the someone responsible appologise to their viewers. Can the top person of Dunya News has the courage to do that? Not in Pakistani culture.

  • khanthereal

    Just because there are few bad people does not mean a whole channel is bad. There are a lot of people who earn their bread from this channel and do it halal way. Please do not be too emotional but rather use logic and let the sense prevail.

  • day-journey

    sare log bas ek hi rag alap rahe he ke dunya tv ko dekhna chor do jo log apne garo me indian tv dekhna aaj tak nahi chor sake vo pakistani tv ko kese band karie ge ahmari awam jo dekh le ankhe band kar ke os ke piche chal parti he kabi kabi ankho dekha bi joth hota he ho sakta he koi sazish ho thora intzar karo ho sakta he ke dono anchrs ne mil ke dunya tv ke khlaf koi sazash ki ho louqman live tv me apne malik ka anam le raha tha aaj tak kesi anchar ne esa nahi kiya ap sare log geo yahodi tv ke sath mil kar dunya tv ko band karne me geo ka sath de rahe ho jo ke malik riaz ka barpoor sath de raha he jis chanal ki waja se adilya ko badnam karne ki ye sari kahani nikli he

  • zainul schoulz

    Please do not pretend to be more ethical.

    If you are free to air your show then Please have guts to criticise of Mehar Bukhari and Mubashir Luqman action loud and clear that happened in your own grave yard atleast in one full segment of your show…MUTTI MUT PAO.

  • Raghav

    Beautiful and heart touching poetry by Junaid & Azizi. Literature in all languages is full of

    poems dedicated to "Mother", but it is rare to find any dedicated to a "Father". As a father, who fits the description of both the persons described in the poems, I felt very happy listening to the poems.

    Great job HH team.

  • muztarib

    aap sub ke comments perh ker yaqeen ho gaya hai ke humaray bachon main shaour hai lekin jub vote denay ka time aata hai tou ye shaour kahan jata hai chand sikkon ke badlay hum apna zameer apna haq baich detay hain aayinda vote detay huway apni aqal aour shaour ka sahi eista,amal karain kiyonke dunya tv ne tou sirf apny channel ko becha hai lekin jo mulk bech rahay hain un ki bhi muhasba karain apni nafrat ka izhar wahan bhi karain aour sub ko ye aehsaas dilla dain ke hum abhi zinda hain

    • Malik Saif

      Nice show but owner of this channel (Dunya TV) deserves especial words…

  • ch salamat ali

    yaar mujhay koi bhai ya behan sirf aik baat samjha de ke , bohat se logon ka yahan kehna he ke junaid aour azizi apni noukri pakki karnay ya maalikaan ki khushaamad ke leeay apnay channal aour apnay anchors ko defend ki he , yaar pehli baat to ye he ke dono ne bilkul bhee mehar aour luqman ko defend nahi kia balkat kuch condemn hee kia he ,i dusree baat ye ke , bacha bacha jaanta he ke being the most popular show , har channal azizi aour junaid ko double salary package de kar bhee apnay paas laanay ke leeay zore laga rahay houn ge , inn donon ko apnay paas roknay ke leeay to dunya ki managment inn ki minat samajat karti ho gi , phir inn par apnay maalikaan ki khushaamad ka ilzaam kuch ziada samajh mein nahi aata

  • muhammad touqir

    hasab e hall team should immediately resign dunya tv channel to prove their creditibility other wise it will be presumed that these people are one and same who are characterless …. they only do hot debates as anchers but have no moral character…… mr azizi and company you should leave this channel……… you will get better job……..junid you seem to be an anteletual but you too….?????????? dafa karo as cmpany ko………lucman (khra such wlay???) it is clrear thaat he sells him self on very low price…… and mehar bukhari w/o kashaf…. who will respect you people…. yoou are all paid servents of riaz thakedar……… so dont come again on media……assets of mian aamar should be investigated for the last ten years….. how he became so rich… his assets are increasing day by daay………every body shame all such vempiors…..that is all…..

  • Jhon Smith

    Mr azazi Tell us you have scooter?? Azizi Said I have SCOOTER or MOTO BYKE. He is lying. BOTH JUNAID AND AZZIZ have automatic Parado Jeeps and Totyta CARS!! Juniad are corrupt!!

    All Anchor have some price in Pakistan. Some you can buy at low some have one Villa and Car as its price. These corrupt meida is part of society when every department is doing corruption. Than why media will not do corruption. It is nothing unusual. Any we have to live with corrupt media. Most Anchors are multi millioner in Pakistan. Every Anchor has price. Geo and Duynia are big channal. So they are most corrupt in Pakistan.

  • Qazihamid

    Barbad chaman ko karne ko bas ek hi ulloo kafi hai, har shakh pe ullu baitha hai Anjame gulistan kya hoga

    • moon_jogi

      Hum is channel k 1 anchor ki baat cheet ki wja se is poore channel ko bura bhla keh rhe hain n is channel ka boycott krne ka kehte hain but un ka kya jino ne hmare Pakistan ko bar bar loota n again wo vote lene k liye ap ko bewaqoof bnane chl pre hain agar hum is channel ko sza de rhe hain to hum kuoon uni ki himayat me comment krte hain jo bar bar is Pakistan ko loot chuke hain or phir keh rhe hain hum purani qeemate wapis layen ge doosre keh rhe hain agar dobaara Govt. mili to roti kpra mkaan shy triqe se awam ko den ge …. asal boycott un ko vote dene ka krna chahiye na ki un ki chipti chupri tqareer ko sun kr dobara doka kha jayen …. abi b boht se dost hain jo uni ka raag alapte hain so plz apne vote ka shy istamal krna sheekho plzzzz.

  • tariqkokab

    We all are Feekas who is our malik…………………….. all elite class is enjoying……

    Please suport CJ who is one hope for all the Feekas…………………..

  • jakhan

    میں ان کئی لوگوں میں ایک ہوں جو یہ شو شائد ہی دیکھنا بھولتے تھے بلکہ یہ کہنا مناسب ہو گا کہ انتظار رہتا تھا آج تیسرا شو ہو گیا ہے تینوں دیکھےوہ مزہ نہیں آیا جو آیا کرتا تھا اور اگر شو ہوگا تو دیکھوں گا مگر جانے انجانے سے دل میں ایک خار سی بن گئی ہے یعنی جس شو کو دیکھ کر اکثراداس دل بھی خوش ہو جایا کرتا تھا اب تو دل خوش ہو تو اور اداس ہو جاتا ہے اس کی وجہ اس چینل کا اتنی بڑی سازش کرنے والے کو پلیٹ فارم دینا اور اپنے اینکرزدئیے کہ آؤ اور عدلیہ پر لشکر کشی کرو اس ریاض ٹھیکیدار کو صرف اس وجہ سے اپنا پلیٹ فارم مہیا کیا گیا کہ وہ ارب پتی ہے بے شک اور چنیلز پر فرشتے نہیں بیٹھے خاص کر جیو اور اس کے اینکر تو پپو کٹھنیاں ہیں مگر چور تب چور ہوتا ہے جسے چیز چراتے یا چوری کی ہوئی چیز سمیت پکڑ لیا جاۓ،مہر بخاری اور مبشر لقمان ہی نہیں یہ ثابت ہو گیا کہ لوگ جن جن کو جن جن کا غلام سمجھتے ہیں دراصل وہ ہوتے ہیں اسی ہفتے کے پہلے شو میں دیکھو ابھی دیکھو دو دن کی بات ہے یہی جنید سلیم چیف جسٹس کے ساتھ اگر مگر لگا رہا تھا دوسرے دن نیٹ پیغامات کی وجہ سے تھوڑے ہوش ٹھکانے اے تو ٹون ہی بدلی ہوئی تھی آج تو حد ہو گئی بس صرف چیف جسٹس کے ساتھ حضرت نہیں لگایا آگرررررررررررر آگرررررررررررررر ملک ٹھیکدار کا وہ وار کامیاب ہو جاتا جو اس نے بڑی پلاننگ سے کیا تھا جبکہ اس وقت تک وہ ایک گھٹیا آدمی میڈیا کے سامنے گھٹیا پن کر چکا تھا تو نتیجہ اور گھمبیر ہو جاتا اور یہی سچے صحافی حضرات چیف صاحب کو کن کن زاویوں سے توڑ مروڑ کے پیش کر رہے ہوتے جیسا کہ اور کسی کو چھوڑو یہی جنید اپنے ہفتے کے پہلے شو میں چیف جسٹس کے بیٹے کی بات کرتے ہوۓ یہ کہ رہا تھا کہ بچوں کو نوالہ کھلاؤ سونے کا مگر ان پر نظر شیر یا عقاب کی رکھو یعنی چیف صاحب کے متعلق کہا جا رہا تھا سب دوغلے ہیں کچھ کم کچھ زیادہ محب وطن بس ایک لفظ ہے ورنہ ملک کی یہ حالت نہ ہوتی کاشف عباسی سوچی سمجھی سکیم کے تحت عمران خان کو ایک شو میں ذلیل کرنا چاہتا تھا مگر شیر کے بچے عمران خان نے اسےوہیں آنکھیں دکھائیں تب وہ باز آیا بعد میں اس کی بیوی نے ثابت کیا کہ وہ کس کی بیوی ہے اگر بیوی ایسی ہے تو ظاہر ہے اسی شعبے سے تعلق رکھنے والا اس کا خاوند بھی ایسا ہی ہو گا ، اب انشاللہ سب کی باری آنی ہے کمنٹس میں کچھ لوگوں نے اپنی دانشوری دی ہے کہ ہمیں ایسا نہیں سوچنا چاہیے تو ایسا نہیں ہے ویسا نہیں ہے ہم بڑے جذباتی ہیں پسند نہیں تو شو مت دیکھو ان سے عرض ہے کہ اگر لوگوں کے کمنٹس برداشت نہیں ہوتے تو نہ پڑھو اور کام سے کام رکھو شو دیکھو اور چلتے بنو ہم اسی طرح شو بھی دیکھیں گے اور اظہار ناراضگی بھی کرتے رہے گیں کیونکہ ہم ان کے چنیل پر ائتماد بھی تو کرتے تھے جب یہ لوگ دوسروں کی پگڑیاں اچھالتے تھے جو کہ صحیح کرتے تھے تو تالیاں بھی تو ہم ہی بجاتے تھے اور آج اتنا کچھ ہو جانے کے باوجود ہم اس شو کو دیکھتے ہیں اس سے ظاہر ہوتا ہے کہ ہم صحیح معنوں میں اس شو کے دیکھنے کے عادی تھے اب شائد یہ دیکھ رہے ہیں بدلتا ہے رنگ آسمان کیسے کیسے، نہ کریں شو ختم نہ کریں چنیل بند آگے دیکھو کیا ہوتا ہے اب تو اونٹ پہاڑ کے نیچے صحیح معنوں میں آیا ہے دوسرے چنلز کی بھی پھٹ رہی ہو گی وہ چڑیا سے خبریں لینے والوں کی چڑیا اب عقاب کی نظر میں آ گئی ہے جس چوتیا کو دیکھو دو چار کرسیاں میز رکھ کر انے والے مداریوں کے ہاتھوں میں چاۓ کا کپ تھما کر اپنی فلاسفری جھاڑ رہے ہوتے تھے سب سے پہلے اس شخص کو سلام جس نے جان بوجھ کر کسی کے لیے یا لالچ میں یا وطن پرستی کی محبت میں یا کسسسسی بھی وجہ سے اس ویڈیو کو ریکارڈ کیا اور انٹر نیٹ پر چڑھایا زندہ باد اس شخص یا اشخاص نے ایک دیوار کی بنیاد رکھنے کا افتتاح کر دیا ہے اب چاہو یا نہ چاہو دیوار تو بنانی پڑی گی ایک مظبوط دیوار جس کی پہلی اینٹ اب چیف جسٹس نے بھی لگا دی ہے جن لوگوں نے کہا کہ ہم لوگ گریبانوں میں پہلے جھانکیں پھر مخالفت کریں تو جناب یا جنابین اگر گریبان میں نہ جھانکتا تو اتنا بڑا مضمون نہ لکھ پاتا بخدا یہ وہ آواز ہے جو الفاظ خود بتا رہے ہیں کہ ان ظالموں کو کیا پتہ کہ ان کے چاہنے والوں پر کیا گزری ہے جو ابھی مرہم رکھ رہے ہیں انہوں نے ان کے کولیگوں نے ان کے آقاؤں نے ہی زخم دئیے ہیں مانتے ہیں جس طرح باقی تمام شعبوں میں حرام خور وطن فروش موجود ہیں اس طرح پرنٹ میڈیا اور الیکٹرونک میڈیا میں بھی ہوں گے مگر اس طرح ہوں گے یقین نہیں اتا اس لیے ری ایکشن بھی زیادہ ہے کم از کم میں یا مجھ جیسے کروڑوں کو اگر کوئی امید تھی وہ عدالت ،میڈیا اور سیاست دانوں میں عمران خان جیسے لوگوں کی اب اگر ان میں کوئی نکما کھل کر سامنے آ جاۓ تو دکھ فطری عمل ہے الله تعالیٰ ہمیں ہمارے ملک ہماری عدالتوں اور نیکو کاروں کو جو ظاہر نہیں کی حفاظت فرماۓ اور ان نقاب پوشوں کو بے پردہ کر دے جو منہ میں رام رام اور بغلوں میں چھرا چھپا ے ہمارے وطن عزیزی کو بیچنے برباد کرنے پر تلے ہیں اور اپنا حرامی پن چھپانے کے لیے کچھ بھی کر گزرتے ہیں الله ہم سب کا حامی و ناصر ہو پاکستان زندہ باد

  • ata

    aap teno ache ho par dunya tv pe lanat

  • humayunawab UK

    EXCELLENT SHOW….SUPERB……very nice effort……

  • asadalikhan

    Why boycott hasb e haal this is a good program or in Jo ho Saka wo in ne kardiya ha or kya kar skate ha

  • farhanspp

    Yar problem Hasb e Haal say nahn hy broblem Azizi or Junaid ke ba ja or paied suport hay jo wo DUnya News or ess ka un corrupt media logon ko day rahay hn its better they dont talk on them even that would be acceptable somehow but not completlly but there must be a media court trial to put things in right directions.

  • The Hidden Truth









  • m.abbas125

    i hate dunya news and channels like that

  • Pukhtoonk

    My name is anchor and i am 100% phenkar. Kasur aap logon ka hai pata nahi anchors ko kya samjh bhet the ho.apni aqal ka use ziada kar aor anchor ki baat aor tajziye par ankhen band karke yaqin na karo.mehar aor luqman ke show ka bycot karo lekin sath sath baqi channels par chand aisy programme jo mulk ke khelaf hote hai unka bhe bycot karo. I think hasbe hall ka mehar aor luqman ke show se koi talaq nahi. Har channel par acha programme dekho aor bure ka bycot karo

  • Jhon Smith

    Azizi Always said He has Scooter to travel. It is big lie He has Automatic Toyota car and one Jeep. And Junid has Automatic Parado jeep. Junid is corrupt person. Geo and Duyina are top in corruption!

  • Sunshine

    Lanat ho us Dunya TV per.

    Shame on you Junaid, Tum zameer faroosho (Mian Amir aur lucman) ki waqalat kar rahy hoo..

    Lanat hoo tum logo per

  • jk12



  • Khan1

    Mr. Junaid Saleem.. Shame on you.. Don't say anything, good or bad, for our CJ… you al are sold out… if you really with CJ.. resign from this channel…. Otherwise go to hell with your channel… l

    • moon_jogi

      Khan sab that's the problem of our nation …. hum bete k gunah ki sza us k baap ko dene k aadi hain isi liye junaid n azizi ko ap Luqman ki sza dena chahte ho ….. agar is trf aap ye kr rhe ho to phir aap ki soch k mutabiq Arslan ki sza Chief saab ko milni chahiye hy na???? Baye jaan her koe apne kiye ki sza or jza ka mustahiq hy so Luqman ka gusa usi pr utaro in pr nhi …plz do'nt mind but as a nation we need to b fair with every one.

      • buttmunna

        in my openion CJ was aware with the activities of arslan and same as mian aamir is involved and responisble for mubashar and mehar actions

  • yes.we.can

    i love azizi, i love hasb e hal, i love his show……..

    i pity on those emotional crazy ppl who think that dunya channel is worst, should be closed. cos i think that it is a bad channel in a group of worsttttt biased, corrupt TV channels.

    yes i am angry with what they did. but i know media n journalists are sold ones already, puppets. but i still think that GEO is the worst of all,

  • cheema786


  • maneee


    Guys u know , people got trust on you .  Please DO NOT take your channel side , do not loose your credibility ( which you did yesterday anyway ) .

    Please tell us , what you feel if someone break your trust .  Look at Azzee your self , by time how much you changed , now you know people trust on you and even u desire you always think about your Fans trust .  

    Another thing ,  please do not tell about other channels stories , or attitude , this time burden of prove is in your court .  Even though it was " choori " . What you think " It was right ".

    Please reply in your next show . Or reply me back .

  • Ahd

    Assalamo alaikum,







    What a change if you see the comments you will know 88% have turned against dunya news and there programes you know why , they are exposed azizi is amongst those who are giving lame excuses . Dunya news is the lowest rated channel right now . CHANGE HAS STARTED TO HAPPEN AND THIS IS A GOOD SIGN .

  • just truth

    Hahahahha.So viewers here we have the most ejucated,cleaned,Ph.d,most honest,never commit crime,well behaved,like angels """commenters" on this site.who guide us by their pearls saying.so plz follow their golden instruction.

    plz first think about yourself.be matured and dont be excited.

  • naseer ahmed


  • khalid

    should quit programe in respectful manner like Ms.Naseem zahara did, make people respect u

  • arman798

    21 hours ago

    Adeel Khan

    must watch dis n boycott dunya tv…..

    bcz yah pori pakistnai qaum ko fool bnata ha paison ki kahtir n CJ jasy honest insan ko badnam karny ki sazish ki ha isny……..

    copy n send to all of ur FB contacts n mobile contacts….ask ur friends n relatives to spread it..



  • pehlvan

    Great shpw aziz love you. The population of pakistan is just "jazbati" you keep up the good work. It is amazing how of all tv channels people are believing GEO news. A channel that has always been biased.

    I ask every a simple question what is worse?

    A) Geo not paying 2 billion in taxes

    B) Dunya doing malik riaz's interview

    For A press red and for B press green

    • just truth

      I am totally agree with you bro.Don't know about others.

  • solutions

    Hasb-e-haal team, at last you prefer to keep your job but unfortunately you will never succeed to regain our trust in you, in your analysis and in your comments. You all are paidactors and we should treat you as actors…thats it!!!!

  • aliahmadshah

    Junaid Salim Sahib! Apni izzat bech di tum ne, Is se acha tha k sadak pe pakoray bechtay, Izzat to rehti naa.

    • http://www.IslamIdentity.com IslamIdentity.com

      Bahal ho jaye gi kuch arsay main. Loog waqt ke sath sab bhool jate hain.

      I can guarantee you after few weeks comments wah azizi wah se bhare parey hon gay.

      • aliahmadshah

        Azizi mera thaya nahi lagta, I liked him because i though he was honest, sincere to Pakistan and a person who could dare to talk about injustice and condemn it. Now that I realized that he is the same as every other puppet, I will never praise him my whole life.

        • http://www.IslamIdentity.com IslamIdentity.com

          Aaj ke daur main honesty kahin nahi hai bhai. TV per baithe huay loog to hote hi puppets hain. Yeh fantasies ki dunya se bahir aa jao. Ham sab apni apni capacity main corrupt hain.

          Apni ghalti ka idraq karna aur Allah se mafi magni chahiye har waqt.

          • aliahmadshah

            bilkul sahi baat hai, apni ghalti manni chahiye aur Allah se maafi mangni chahiye, aur buray ko bura kehna chahiye jo k AZIZI sahib nahi kar raha

  • arman798

    mein dunya news nai dekhta tha bcz yah ik political bandy ka channel ha bus hasb e haal dekhta tha bcz i liked azizi n junaid saleem..i thought thy r honest n thy mean wat thy say….but m sorry kal ka program dekh k mujy nafrat ho gai junaid n azizi se inki shakal dekh k intha ka gusa ata ha…..

    junaid sab apki management n mian amir ny riaz se mil k jo sazish ki us pe ap ny kuch ni kaha lakin video leak honay ko sazish kah diya………..junaid sab buhat ho gaya ,,,,,,either u n azizi leave the channel or we the public leave u?

    boycot dunya….


    As you can see the comments are 94% voted against Dunya news and this is not a joke ,the building is comming down because of the management , for just few more days enjoy yourself , when you defend yourself it is laughable ,because awam is not chutia . Eventually this channel will be closed .

  • ishaqkhan1982

    Duniya TV was most popular channel just three days ago but only one program against CJ and Judiciary made it rejected for ever. Remining channels take lesson from this. CJ is our hero. Any channel who telecast a single program against CJ or judiciary we will reject that also as Duniya TV.

  • khizar

    bad Acha Badnaam bura,,,

    Media ke safhon main abi bhe bohat sari kaali bhairain hain..par Ahtisab ap ke criticism say nai ho ga ap k Vote say ho ga…so watch this prog as for Entertainment..aur sab ka Ahtisab he karna hay to vote say karo…so

    Vote for IK…

    • bhoori

      100% agree with you.

      • ilovepakistan202

        vot to dasaktay hain par ya chanal nai dakh saktay

    • khizar

      shayad sab say bary Gunhagaar hum khud hain jo in Currupt hukumraano ko Muntakhib karty hain jo in jasy Azizion ko Mohron ke trha istimaal karty hain aur ya Aziziss apny bachon ka Pait palny k liye un intihaaon ko pohnch jaty hain…so dont change Channel or Prog change your mind and than change the currupt system through your vote…

      So vote for IK…

  • peshabkhan

    Aziz ye batao ke tumhara baap aik rishwat khor police wala tha ya nahe? Tum police kee rishwat khoree ko itna support kioun kartey ho. Azizi aik bohot haramey insaaan hai. Iska baap aik corrupt, rishwat khor police wala tha.

    • theScientist

      aisay fatway na laga dia karen, yeh acha tareeqa nahi hai. hamien us say ikhtilaaf ho sakta hai but itna had say nahi guzarna chaiyeh.

    • amir9939

      Well, no need to go that for. If you have a point just dislike it like us/others.. criticism should not be just for the sake of criticism mate!

      • peshabkhan

        I know for a fact ke iska baap aik police wala tha. Aur 99% police walay are rishwat khor.

  • a.butt28

    Is bat ma koi shak nahi ha k duniya channel or is k sab program ki credibility per doubt ho gya ha per hasb e hall program ma junaid saleem ne apni clarification ki ha per afsos sirf is bat ka ha k isi program ma hum awam ko batya gya tha k apni ghalti ko maan lena hi akalmandi ha or masla tab hota ha jab ghalti ker k us ko na manana ……..sirf isi bat ka gilla rehy ga ap se k ap ne apni ghalti mani nahi k haan hamary channel k anchors or us ki team ne aik fixed program kia ……….bawjood is k i think ap log ka program acha ha or is ko fixed program nahi keh sakty

  • engineerarif

    I didn't watch this program but just came here to say NO TU HASB E HAAL

    Please dont watch this program until they say sorry to the people of Pakistan

    Love u Pakistan,, Hate u Dunya News

  • Jhon Smith

    Azizi Said I have SCOOTER or MOTO BYKE. He is lying. BOTH JUNAID AND AZZIZ have automatic Parado Jeeps and Totyta CARS!! Juniad are corrupt!!

    All Anchor have some price in Pakistan. Some you can buy at low some have one Villa and Car as its price. These corrupt meida is part of society when every department is doing corruption. Than why media will not do corruption. It is nothing unusual. Any we have to live with corrupt media. Most Anchors are multi millioner in Pakistan. Every Anchor has price. Geo and Duynia are big channal. So they are most corrupt in Pakistan.

  • just truth

    Whatever!….Azizi is legend and realistic..Hasb e Haal is still good and the best which promote the basic problems of society.

    You people are victim of conspiracy against Media and judiciary. must bycott the black sheep oh Media.

  • symphony

    In the previous programe they were defending their channel but most of the people disliked their chattering . Today they have changed a bit of their tone but i could not lough just feel pity on their behavior.they are exposed . I say thank you to Naseem Zahera who have resigned from this bloody channel.

    • M waqar

      yar Azazi u r doing good job but I m sorry to say that miaa Amir is very close to chaudhry brothers &he never take action against his anchor

  • ilovepakistan202

    jab jab main dunya tv dakhta hon mera dil karta hay kay inkay hq ko aag lga don

    pls agar koi thore power rakhta hay to inkay khlaf supreem coart main patition do

  • Arfan57

    now no feel any interesting in hasb e hall.boycot,,shame shame shame

  • Pakistan first,PTI

    Ab en ki hansee main bi rona chopa hoa hey ,

    NO body listing uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu any more

  • aliahmadshah

    Can any one tell me what is the direct contact details for Hasb e Haal ( i mean e-mail address etc) I just want to let them know how much people have started hating Hasb e Haal team after tomorrow’s programme.

    If anyone could give Azizi’s personal e-mail address, it would be great because I was a great fan of him and now I hate him.

  • grace

    boycott Dunyan TV.

  • jk12

    lanat on DUNAI tv SHAME ON mian amir mahmood





  • zabardast

    Sohail Ahmed now i feel you are part of the problem since you did not quit ,instead you also started giving lame excuses , sorry to say you all are alike ,i appreciate one of your anchors , she took the responsibility and quit . You are a cowered and is afraid of your job but you know what ? what happens supreme court take action , or pemra take action and closes the channel , then what . I am sure that will happen then you will be domed .

  • ik786

    sab se pehle dunya news ki kali bheron jo nikalo.

  • salman saqib

    oye tussi v paissy la ly ki gal ? azizi b bik giya hai ,,,,

  • aliahmadshah

    Can any one tell me what is the direct contact details for Hasb e Haal ( i mean e-mail address etc) I just want to let them know how much people have started hating Hasb e Haal team after tomorrow's programme.

    If anyone could give Azizi's personal e-mail address, it would be great because I was a great fan of him and now I hate him like a DOG.

  • tahseen

    All your funny way is not appealing any more. You people dont say what you do.

    I will not watch your program any more.

  • Pakistanitigers

    Vote for change

    vote for pakistan

    vote for pti

    vote for imran khan bauee

    Boycott Dunya News

    sorry! untill you will give justificaations about your ancors and your management we will not watch you program…. boycott

  • grace

    Please boycott dunyan tv and support CJ

  • amir9939

    Well disappointed by this episode as I found it as just a cover up to save/approve their anchors.. I did not find it funny as Junaid's attitude was bit strange and over reacting. Suhail Ahmed is Pakistan's asset and it is pity that Dunya TV has used him for this cover up. Here is the end of the road for this program for me as I would not wait and watch it again, it does not worth it. somebody mentioned above to boycott and I agree 100% with that! Good luck Hasb-e-haal

  • afzal525

    Please boycott this show, I haven’t watched it and request ev one not to watch.

  • aliahmadshah

    I watched the starting two minutes of Hasb e Haal and shut it after that because Junaid Salim and Azizi are trying to cover for the shit of their channel.

    Keep your mouth SHUT Azizi, your jokes are no more funny. You are sold and so is Junaid Salim.

  • farhanakhter

    Hum pagil nahi hain shutt upppp no more hasb e hall no more dunia tv bycott

  • irfan maddy

    don't watch it……………stay away ….come here jst 4 comments……….dur fitay moun..sb ka …jo jo es channel ka hisa ha or jo jo dagh dar ha

  • insaaf200

    sorry! untill you will give justificaations about your ancors and your management we will not watch you program…. boycott

  • Sirf Such

    Please boycott this show, I haven't watched it and request ev one not to watch.

  • imran-my-leader

    according to survey dunya is the most watch tv in pakistan now surpassing geo tv network.

    sometimes i wonder who else has to gain if dunya tv credibility goes down. also who is gaining if media starts a war to outdo each other.

    Also some fake lists r circulated to defame good journalists with the bad ones as well .

    just food for though