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Agar (Internal Threats to Media) – 16th June 2012

watch Latest Agar on Ary News – 16th June 2012

  • whyman

    Channel Licences Should be granted to Pakistani Citizen Only, Until This Industry Get Mature And Solid System In Place. Imported Anchors And Channel Owner's are Poluting Pakistan.

  • suakhan

    Unless admin fixes it, the last to segments of this program can be found under "Hum Log" program. 7:55pm PST 17/6/12

  • hanan 1

    ap sub media waly bikao mall ho nd ap k log ah kar jo france k hotles me karty hy agar log ko pata lagay to ap ki gand baj jye

  • Agent

    Nice, I agree and want to add : Media should adopt, honesty,fairness, truth, stay away from prejudices and should stay with in the limits specially in case of security issues of Pakistan, ISI and army. Tv anchors and tv owners should be absolute responsible and should get punished for breaking false news and false propagendas and I want to add that Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, working together is a success. Pakistan Khuppay and Media Khuppay.

  • inqilab

    Its a fact that media is not mature at now. Anchors are acting so they are called Political Actors.