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Off The Record (PMLN outside President house) – 11th June 2012

Haroon Rasheed, Saeed Ghani(PPP), Saad Rafiq(PMLN) – Off The Record – 11th June 2012

  • Azam Shahid

    I used to think"Mr.Saad Rafique is a reasonable man" but his last fews tv talks shows exposed him. Now I am rethinking about him.Is he not very aggresive,absurd talkative,only showing loyalities to N.Sharif or his family,not admitting wrong policies of his party,no comments on PML-N funds,No comments on Punjab Govt.'s sponsor of PML_N jalsas,non merit appointments so and so? Your blind eyes on these issues

    going against you.Real politicians serve the country not their leaders.

  • Azam Shahid

    Its obvious that the whole plan was to defame Chief justice Mr. I.Chaudary.As he is honest and sincere so this seems to be paln II,III,IV or so .Surely,Mr.Arslan had enjoyed that short life of travelling,parties,Gambling etc. but why Malik Riaz kept those proof(even the Ticket # of Airplanes).Is it not just to blackmail him or his father later on? Mr.Riaz wants to gian what? Does this matter has to do anything with Chief Justice?

    The only interesting aspect of the whole game is The son of" Mr.I.Chaudary is involved in it".Chief Justice is noble man but he might not be a good father.The people against our independent Supreme court can go to that extent too.NO WONDER…