Sar-e-Aam..Prostitution (Jism Faroshi) in Karachi..with Iqrar ul Hassan 9th June 2012


Prostitution in Karachi ,Prostitution in the name of Beauty Parlour & Story of Call Girl From Different Angle !!

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  • Usman Mughal

    Several beauty parlors in Pakistan have been involved in this black business. A lot of girls have also become victim in short span of time.

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  • umair

    hey … i totally appreciate your work…Iqrar…. but with respect … i'll suggest you to make sure about the respect of those women who r involve in this issue… definitely she didnt want to invovle in this thing just for pleasure …
    plz try to help them to get rid of this thing…..


  • Amjad Farooq

    Doing great job iqrar bhai very appreciate able i live in London and after watching this episode i have tears in my eyes that where r v going……v r even worse than these western people. Keep portraying such issues and always keep guards or civil policemen with you for your team's safety….

  • Kandhro

    Dear Iqrar Ul Hasan,

    My name is Moaj Ali Kandhro and i live in Scotland, to be honest i dont have enough time to watch tv or something else like drama or movies but believe me when i do off my job i come to my home and open laptop to find any program of Sara e aam, and i watch many episode every night, I am very disappointed to see the comments of those people who just criticise on your program, at the moment their is no one in our country who highlight such blody issues which are very harmful for our society and new generation. You guys always put your lives in danger and doing a fantanstic job and discovering the real face of those people who making worse to our beloved country, we cordially appreciate your efforts and we salute your whole team, you cant believe how much very are happy to see you in Sara e aam, as you know that how much dangerous is to use catch mobile snatures and fake aamil and jadogar, and openly prostitution, and food quality in restaurants etc, not me only but all sensible people who are here in England and Scotland they like your efforts, yes indeed a single person can little bit change the society, we wish we pray for your long life and wish a good luck for your work, many many congrates, we are big fan of you. i am just looking forward for your personal emails vide which we can share many of things which should be highlighted on media. my personal email address is [email protected]

    thanks and i will keep in touch with u. and please i will advice that whenever you go any dangerious point before that must take some police protection, you are very valuable for our society we need youngsters like u, ALLAH HAFIZ

  • Malveros

    Feel very sad for the girl in the last segment of the show.

  • Amjad

    iqrar behtareen job yaar

    i swear u r the proud of pakistan keep it up my bro

  • bluesky


  • Nazir Naji

    This is so stupid programme which you organize today. It show that you just degrade

    the women. This is not main issues of Pakistani nation, first you focus on education, medical and living standard improvement of people. If every person has approach to fulfil their daily life activities, I am sure no women even any man do like to this. I am your fan, but after watching your that programme……please you do some thing positive not like to this. This is not standard of your programme. We must give respect women and give protection in face of mother,sister and wife.

    • maya

      jst shut up

  • Yasir Rizwan


    Ameer-e-shehar ki pagri ko zara gor sy daikh……………kisi gareeb ki beti ka dupatta he na ho.

    Vote for PTI….

    Doa go

  • Yasir Rizwan


    O yaar bhoki nangi awaam sy kia tawaqo karty wo….ba ezzat roti kamaa khaa sakti hai…?

    ham sab kasoor waar hain,..kabhi kisi ..posh area main bi jana aor un logon ky raat din ko bi daikhna….

    ye log to pehly sy bhhoky nangy hain……maana ky ye her giz her giz bura dhanda hai……lakin TV per ochaalny sy…

    ye cheezen khatam nahi h0on gi..balk-e- police ky rate berh jaaen gy.

    aap camra ki aankh sy un ko daikho ……. jo pakistan ki intazaamia main aaty hain ky wo kin rang raly0on main hain. wo ho ga karnama……ye jo kuch aap nain kia….es ko achievement nahi kaha jaa sakta.

    sab aik jesy hain…..hatta k tum bi.

    aik sa qasoor hai sab ka.

    Doa go…

  • Skhan

    I feel sorry for the girls and women in this profession and at the same time I held responsible to the society. Remember our's is a male dominate society where women are treated unequally most I mean most of the times.

  • irfan7999

    Jis girls ka last mei interview liya tha aisi bohut girls hongi . I pray Allah in k haal par raham karey.

    And this is good program.

    Blessing for all.

  • Nazu

    پاکستان میں خواتین کا احترام نہیں کرتے ہیں اور وہ رکنہین ہیں۔ یہ ہر مسلمان کے لئے ایک بڑے شرم کی بات ہے، لیکن ان بدقسمت عورتوں کے ساتھ کون اس طرح گندی کاروبار میں مصروف ہیں، پھر وہ ہی مسلمان جو روزانہ نماز پڑھتا ہے اور اپنا گناہوں کے لیے خدا سے معافی مانگتا ہے۔ لیکن بدقسمتی سے نماز ختم کرنے کے بعد خدا کو بھول جاتے ہے اور پھر جاتے ہے گناہ کرنے کے لیے۔ ضرور ان مردوں کے پاس بھی، بہن، بتیجی، بیوی اور ماں ہے. کیا وہ نہیں سوچتے ہیں کہ زندگی ہمیشہ ہمیں خوشی نہیں دے سکتی۔ عقل مندون نے بیکار بات نہیں کی ہے : اگر آپ دوسرے لوگوں کے دروازوں میں دستک دیں گے، ضرور وقت آئے گا اور آپ کے دروازے پر بھی دستک دیں گے۔ میں صحافی کو کہنا چاہتی ہوں کہ آپ عورت کے ساتھ بے احترامی کیے۔ آپ اپنے عہدے کو استعمال کرکے کوئی شخص کو بھی اس کا چہرہ دکھانے یہ تو انٹرویو دینا پر مجبور

    کرنے میں اپکا حق نہیں ہیں۔ یہ خواتین، وہ جو کوئی بھی ہیں، آپنا اور آپنا حقوق کا دفاع کرنے میں انکا حق ہیں۔ کیونکہ وہ بھی اسی ملک کا شہری اور آپ جیسے ایک انسان ہیں۔ اگر آپ آپنا ملک کو ایسے لوگوں سے صاف کرنا چاہتے ہے، آپکو سب سے پہلے حکام اور حقوق نافذ کرنے والے حکام سے ربطہ کرنا چاہیے۔ شاید وہ تعلیم نہیں کیے گئے ہیں، اگر وہ انپڑھ نہ ہوتے تو ان کو آپ جیسے بدتمیز کے ساتھ کس طرح عمل اور کس طرح بات کرنا پتہ ہوتا۔

    • javaid

      ji iqrar bhai in aurto se ye to jano k is kam ko wo kis majbori me kr rhi he .
      mulk k halat aise he k degrees ke kr bhi job nhi milti salo sal jobs k liye phrna prta he
      aise me majboor aurte bhi in kamo me pr kr apna aur apne buchowaldain wagaira ka guzar auqat krti he

  • arpanhwar

    The effort was good but will add fuel to the fire only. This program identified the ways to reach prostitutes in the breadth and width of the metropolitan city and even the names of the place were disclosed. The unfortunate women were promised that their identities “faces” would not be shown to the public, were shown somehow, endangering the lives of these women.

    Many people like me were not aware about the word “NIEQA” and their ways of running this shameful business before today. Every person who saw this program would now know about the places and ways of contacting prostitutes and also could help those unfortunate women who do not have resources to fulfill their and their families’ basic needs to join these unlawful ways of earning money.

    I would have rather appreciated if the people who force these poor women to enter into this evil trade were identified and their identities were disclosed.

  • Asad85

    Yeh MQM ka gift hai karachi walo ko poray karachi k thakay daar banay phirtay hain in ko yeh ilm hi nahi hua k kab yeh buraee itni taizee se phail gae her jagha khi main … mai is team se or baqi dosray tv channels walon ko kahon ga k khas toor pr isi topic pr programme karain or jo log aisee cheezon k peechay ja rahay un ka face tv pr dekhain aap aik ka face dekhain gay i guarantee 100 log us ka anjaam dekh ker aisee burae ki taraf jana hi band ker dain gay … nice programme Allah aap ko himmat de or aman mai rakhay …

    • irfan

      kaya ye kaam Lahore may bhe MQM karwa rahi hay. ye kaam puray punjab or pakistan kay har soobay may hota hay is ka matlab ye hay kay Punjab or Baluchistan may PML N karwa rahe hay or KPK may PTI karwa rahi hay.

  • khan321

    BHoot acha Iqrar SB, agar itni hi hamdardi hai tu in ma sa kissi sa Nikah hi kar looo….

    meri jan ap na jo bhe areas dekhya who sub Gareeb Abadi waly tha….

    As per my opinion is program ma jitni bhee Ladies the who sub Innocents the.. sub Halat ki satai the…. Ap in ka Ghar ka Expense q nai bhartay….. koie tu step layty kissi ko job par ya phir kissi or tanha…

    Camera Mic outha kar khud Hero banna bhoot Assan hai…

    Ap ki HIgh Society ma jo Massage Center hai CLifton Defence Zamzama who kia ligeal hai Massage ka nam par Kanjar khany bany hai… is taraf tu kabhe jana hi nai????

    meri samj ma yeah nai aata ka Aj ka Pakistani Media in hee cheezo ko q Highlight karta hai jo Channel dekho kabi kissi ka Rape, Terrorism, Badhali or sari Negative things ko he highlight karna koie bhe News Channel ho 22 hours apny mulk ki burai hi kartay hai… or 2 hours India ki Tarif India na Itnay Carore ki Movie Bani, Ayeshwaria ki Larki ho ge ya Larka, Salman Katrina Movie ka liya agree….

    yeah sari International Conspiracy hai Pakistan ka khilaf or agr koie doubt ho tu GOOGLE PAR SEARCH KAR LOO "AMERICAN BUDGET 2010 FOR PAKISTANI MEDIA"

    sachi pata chal jaye gi……..

    ma Prostitution ka khilaf hu but Jab ap bat kartay ho HALAL OR HARAM ki tu Yeah kam Defence Zamzama Clifton ma ja kar HALAL nai hoo jatay.. oudhar bhe jao dekho….





  • Naveedrr

    Well done guys very good job, excellent.

    You have to do in Lahore also in every city of Pakistan.


    Sachayi lakh karhwi sahi, iska saamna na keya to hamari naslon ko kha jaye gi. Maana ke prostitution pehlay bhi thi magar jabse aik Zardari sab pe bhari huwa hai; logon ko majboori main ye sab karna parhta hai magar ye na bhoolein ke aisay log bhi hain jo Rizq e Halaal kamanay ke liye apni din raat aik kardetay hain magar kisy makrooh kam mai nahi parhtay, in aurton mai se mai nahi samajhta ke koyi tangdasti ka shikar maloom hoti thi, aur na sahi… beauty parlor hi khol letay… magar us mai mehnat ziada aur kamayi kam hai na… is karwi sachayi ka samna karengay to kuch kar payengay nahi to ahmaqon ki jannat mai rehna to asan hi hai

    • space

      Demand gives rise to supply.

  • slow thinker

    Aj kal bacho ko b sub pata ha.ajkal k bacha purna wala bacha nae raha. wasa iqrar sab program k last ma apki awaz b apka sath nae da rae the. khair shaitan to sub k sath ha:)

    • IMKHAN

      kissy ke ansu dekh kar awaz kabhi kabhi badal hi jaya karti hai, har koyi aik sa nahi hota

  • naseer_491

    police need to be active to stop such sexual activity

    • medocrate

      Four Police Men ( Military Police Men ) Raped Four young girls who had gone to Dera Ghazi khan for a visit/ Tour .You can read the story and pictures in Sunday Express Newspaper and Jang Newspaper . Now we have to create another type of police department to keep check on the existing police . If it was one person , we could have explained the situation for different reasons like mental illness , frustration, individual character issues etc But here we are talking about a whole group of four men from a department like police , and the girls were not some prostitutes but ordinary girls who had come for a visit to Fort Munro of dera Ghazi Khan. This tells you where we stand as a nation.

    • aamir

      hanso ya rou tmharee baat par, Police in Bury Aurato sy bhi ziada buri hy, Police hi tu Jarr hy hr buraee k shoro hony ki is society me. in ko tu Latka dena chaiya.

  • Yasir Rizwan

    Asslam-0-aliekum …

    V bad i cant consider it a karnaama…. maza tab tha k in main sy koee baraa ya ameer banda hota.

    doa go.

  • arsshad

    میں سرعام کی تمام ٹیم کو سلام پیش کرتاہوں

    اور یہ آپ جو کر رہیں ﷲ تعالی اپ کی مدد

    کرے اور اس پروگرام کو تمام برائیوں کے

    خلاف جاری رکھیے گا '''' پلیز پلیز پلیز

  • ahmer

    hero bhai yeh log ghalat hain to aap jo kar rahay ho woh sahi hay?? bacchay na dekhain.. yeh program behan maan k saath dekhnay wala hay?? bas sab ko apna maal bechna hay, woh log jisim bech rahay hian aur aap log paisay kamanay k liay yeh bech rahay ho.. itnay hi society ko theek karnay walay banay ho to dance parties py chapa maro baray baray hotels per chaapa maro.. afsoos ager aap nay wahan chaapa mara to aap k mizaaj theek hojain gay :)

  • rehmanbaba

    well done guys.good job ;;;.but I want to say one thing .IN SOME PROVINCES people try to save their family from this kind of EVIL THINGS then some peoples. so called open minded .saying they suppress women;;.good LUCK for those who want these things ;;;allow your women only with.. mahram .where ever they go .even dropping to school college etc .every one have the rights to gain knowledge .women or men .;but this is also our duty to keep safe and look after your family .allah hafiz

  • http://YouTube(DesertStone) Desert Stone

    یا رب العلمین ان سب کو سیدھی اور نیک راہ پر چلا میرے مولا اور نیست و نابود کردے ان لوگوں کو جو ان سے یہ کام کرواتے ہیں رحم کر ان خواتین پر یا الله رحم (آمین)

  • Charming

    welldone, these kinda ppl shud exposed anyway. meanwhile the society itself shud play a role to discourage them and give 'em a way to proceed on the right path.

    May Allah guide all of us aur Ghurbatt se mehfooz rakhay. Ammeen

  • aq

    Entering someone's privacy is not allowed but if evil spreading out

    it has to be exposed.

    Some cases may be very sensitive, so its reasonable to expose

    this business and covered the faces at the same time, but real culprits

    should be dealt very harshly and islamic punishments will eliminate

    these evils really quick

    Alas our leaders can create such environment and opportunities

    when people dont have to involve in prostitution

  • kashifyy

    reporter with a mic harassing a 'prostitute' in a burqa. Why doesn't he take her to a mosque and marry her. Moralistic tharkee.

    • maya

      jst shut up
      shame on u

  • pakistan110

    Good program.. Keep it up Iqrar bhai

    • Kishor Garewal

      Tum Bade mard ho, jo inkamzor aurto, ko be nakab aur badnaam kar ke apna naam bana rahe ho.
      Jab tak is duniya main Mard hoga aurat bazaar main bikegee, Aaj pakistan ke halaat se sabhee waqeef hai,
      aur mardo hi hukumat main auraton per zulm to hamesha hota hai.
      Just shut ur camera, n if u have guts go catch some ministers who hire escort for a night,
      According to WHO the highest number of homosexual in the world are in Pakistan, lack of education, infrastructure, and economy to support life on minimum is not provided by the system, Thus everything is fair, do not judge in dispair.
      we do not live in Olden days, where people use to get married very young, however now to make ends meet, people travel, migrate, and do not get married early, just to try and settle with a decent lifestyle, and in this
      the age is all running away, thus like food is the need of life, so is craving for sex in certain age.
      If prostitution is supervised, legal, protectetd by the authorites, It will reduce alot of rape of women, children, homo sexuality and many more social problems.

      Plse stop harrassing those poor womens, and find a decent job for yourself.

      • Irfan

        Iqrar Hussain ortoon ka face dekha kar illegal kaam kar raha hay. is per case ho sakta hay. ye kaam kisi mulk may nahi hota jo iqrar sar e aam may kar raha hay.

    • javaid

      iqrar sahab keep it up