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Meray mutabiq – 9th june 2012

Meray mutabiq – 9th june 2012

  • Malveros

    Sohail Warriach is an excellent polite journalist. We need more people like him. This shameless Beghairat Sharabi Hassan Nisar should be ignored for his doomsday scenarios. As for Mr "a gowher" comments below it looks like u are still gawar, an idiot imbecile who likes to spread disinformation. A shameless terrorist MQM supporter.

  • arshad9099

    hasan nisar beygarat hai…uss harami ho europe pasand hai uss ko waheen jana chahyey..sharabi

    • FarhanRasoolBoola

      sharam karo arshad jo ap ko sach batata hai os ki ap ko takleef hoti hai

    • medocrate

      Europe tho Puri Dunya ko Pasand hay . If we starting hating those who like europe , then we have to hate a major portion of the world . And this kind of thinking will be equivalent to cheating with ourselves and closing eyes over the facts. In fact , it is europe and America who are the leaders in Democracy, Science , Education, Technology , discoveries, Law and order, Industrialization and what not and what not . All the developing countries are just following the europe and even in that they are unable to follow it properly because we ourselves suck in almost everything.

  • FarhanRasoolBoola

    sohail wrriach is a genius person all the time he gives courage & hope to pakistani nation.the other thing is that CJ is a noble& honest person .even though he does not have his own house&his car.we should respect him.

  • a gowher

    I believe Iftikhar Choudhry is ignoring all moral obligations of a Chief Justice; he is certainly trying to cover up the wrongdoings of his son. Five years ago he took a fight with Musharf while protecting his son Arslan and risked his job.

    He simply brought this serious case of his son’s corruption in his court to evade other agencies to get involved and now he is trying very trick to rescue his son.

    Iftikhar Choudhry must be blind when he did not see all those expensive cars and SUV’s parked on his drive-way, his son taking expensive tours of London Paris and Monti-Carlo and rolling in money. I wonder how much money Iftikhar Choudhry inherited that he gave it to his son.

    Chief Justice must remove himself from his position until the case is concluded and for a transparent verdict a panel of Judges from all four provinces is appointed who are not linked to Supreme Court..

    Present Judges from Supreme will never dare to find Arslan guilty while his father is their Chief.

    Instead of being emotional people should be more rational and honest, true Justice is not possible from a court and it’s Judges which is controlled and dictated by his father.

    • munirm

      The analysis of Mr. Sohail is always respectful. I don't know what is the problem of the guy who has written so foolish comments about the honorable chief justice of Pakistan. I'd like to request my brother that please think before you speak or write.

  • naseer_491

    nice show

  • Satishk

    The problem is that Sohail is no match to Haasan Nisar. and both appear for the same programme

  • posteconomist

    I only watch this program for Maria Memon.

    • khan gul


  • j_kumar_70

    Even If there will be a ranking of world intellectuals in world, I am not sure if Sohail Waraich will find a place in it. The worlst PSUDO intellectual I have see ever…………

    • phpfast

      Yes J_Kumar you are correct, you might have not seen intellectuals as no ignorant and illiterate person like you is expected for this.

      By the way Sohail is a journalist and it is called "current affair journalism" its not a philosophy.

      • mir



  • khanthereal

    Now i am wondering if he got the BMW under his name or someone's else. This is the easiest anchor to buyout.

  • phpfast

    This is the right way to move forward, it will definitely help the nation to build moral grounds values and the flow of justice in a civilized society, this is a very important phenomenon in evolving of a nation, every developed country had to go through this type of struggle in its history.

    Finally it will show the course of law for everybody that no one in the country is above law, all culprits will have to face the trials and sentences regardless of their social or financial status.

  • kaloo

    Sohail Warich …KHooo Tatoooo..har aik ka Gar mein ja kar Khana Khata hai…bonsri ka

  • sar

    what moral high ground is he talking about?……in Pakistan? hahaha..Maria baby dont get misled by another of the Media "goody-guy"…..

    in Pakistan if the country is to exist……its Money that will dictate everything not the so called "Moral High Grounds"….thats all for the poor people to digest…we dont even know who is being paid by whom in the media to perpetuate a perception….

  • yasir naseem

    i dont no

    u know paakistan going to good way??????????????????????????????????????????????//////////////////