PTV – Ali Raza – World’s only with 100+ Official Certifications

Posted on May 25, 2012 User Submitted

In an interview with PTV Ali Raza (who is World’s only ATP, ACI, ACM, ACS, ACE, MCT, MCPD, MCTS, MCP, (O)SCJP, ZCE with 100+ Official Certifications) recounted his journey towards success. Answering a question about his initiative he stated that first off, he had realized that Adobe training partner’s list had India’s name on it but not Pakistan’s. It was a disappointing observation but one which motivated him to work on it considering it a national responsibility. He added that he remembers how he used to study for almost 16 continuous hours a day sometimes even sacrificing his sleep. Then, by the grace of Almighty, in February 2010 he succeeded in including Pakistan’s name onto the list.

Next he saw that a few Indians on the list had more Adobe certifications than him. That made him set the next target of achieving maximum number of Adobe certifications and now he has more certifications than any other Adobe certified instructor in the world to date.

In reply to his basic education and motivational factor he explained that he has completed his Masters in computer science. He said that his basic motivation was absence of Non-Microsoft Certified experts. He wanted to focus on other major companies as well including Adobe, Oracle and Zend on the basis that there were no Pakistani’s in there.

He stressed the need to spread this IT education all around Pakistan, to produce many more certified experts. He also said that he would like to target rural areas more because he believes that those are the people who should excel in this field in these difficult times. Information Technology, he added, is such a wide industry that doesn’t demand a big infrastructure. He thinks that in these circumstances when Pakistanis are facing load-shedding, unemployment and all other problems IT can provide great opportunities to our youth.

Talking of his guides published in the UK, he explained that he has played his role on behalf of Pakistan in the international community and written Adobe Flex 3 and Flex 4 exam guides. These have been published by UK based Exam Aid organization and these guides can help anybody to become a Adobe certified expert. Besides that he contributes to two US magazines namely Flash & Flex Developer Magazine and CoderSky Magazine.

In this regard, Ali particularly mentioned that in January 2011 his name was added as a contributing editor of Flash and Flex Developer Magazine. He takes pride in declaring that he is not only the first Muslim but also first Pakistani who was honored to be a contributing editor in a magazine where even Adobe employees contributes.

He has also developed a mobile application entitled Adobepedia which is available for Android, Blackberry Tablet and is under approval process for iOS. He briefed that with the help of Adobepedia, students can benefit from tutorial, videos, blog posts, tips and tricks.