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  • Zamurad Khan

    Doosti or AQRABA Perwari ki ala missa mey khod kafeel hain.Khuda khoofi or Qanoon ki gerath unqa hay.

    Aaj jo loot maar hay woh iss he nainsaafi or zulm ki wajha sey hay

    Ameer ka Pakistan or hay or Ghareeb ka or.l

  • bluesky

    1stime ever i feel proud on very high caliber work by paki police.

    • yaserpathan

      dear …

      for this … u need police officer to be ur friend ….. who has all the contact numbers of ur places …. its not proud for me … tht our police did this .. as they are capable of much better than that … but they only take bribes …. from normal / poor people …

  • afzal525

    Ya Allah mere Mulak ki police ko aisa farz- shanas bana de…..Ameen

    • khan babar

      i cant believe this what a great job by pakistan police

      so intelligent so active WELL DONE WELL DONE WELL DONE


  • usmanafzaal79

    o bhai its ISLAM not SALLAM

  • Insaaf786

    I Proud to be a Muslim and Pakistani.

    My cast is MUHAMMADI and Religon is Slaam.

    I m not punjabi, sindhi, sraiki,etc etc.

    I m Pakistani.

    Sub Pakistani 1 Flag (LA ILA HA ILLALAH) K neeche akathe ho kr Sirf QURAN or un AHADIS pr ammal krain jin pr her Sheia, sunny, wahabi, brailvi etc etc ITEFAAQ krte hain Or INSAAF ko 1st priority de k apnay Pakistan ko bacha sakte ha,

    or her Wo maamlaat ya issues jin per Firkey akathey nahi tu Mil kr baith kr mutual consent se hal kar len.

    Unity hum Muslims ki strenth he.

    So for GOD Sake ane aapko is divisions se nikaalo or ek sache muslman hone ka saboot do. OR ALLAH KI RASSI (QURAN ) ko mazbooti se thaam lo or tafurkey (sects) ma na paro. please……..

    • posteconomist

      So, Christians and Hindus can't be Pakistanis? What should we do with them? Kill them or kick them out?

      • asifsajjad

        Take it positive man, He has not talk against hindus and christian, When we talk to follow islam, we talk about rights of every human, not only human but also animals and plants. Islam is the only religion which talks about the rights of each and every human being. Murder of one innocent person is murder of humanity!!!