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Imran Khan se Pakistan Poochta hai – 2nd May, 2012 – Express news

Imran Khan se Pakistan Poochta hai – 2nd May, 2012 – Express news

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  • eengr

    Imran Khan is a lion-hearted man, he has got an ocean heart; He did wonderful interview, but I think the anchor is not suitable for the profession.

  • aizaz

    Pehli baar imran khan sahab ko sunnney ka dil nahi chah raha is bekaar ghatya jahil aurat ki waja se …seeng kata kar bachroon mai shamil ho rahi hai..tameez hi nahi hai isko question karney ki…tamam social media par har koi iski dhajeyan ura raha hai but isko koi faraq nahi par raha…bhai tu sooch zara or apni isla kar..jahil ancher …….jab 80. 90 or 200 loog apko aik hi baat bol rahey hon to inssan ko sochna cheye or apni islah karni cheye…..pagal kahein ki

    Full time hata di is ney

  • shah_jee

    YA ALLAH mere mulk pakistan ko in shr bradran zer bradri se mehfooz rakh ameen

    Imran khan ka sath dein pakistan ko badlein

  • Asad

    معتبر ذرائع سے معلوم ہوا ہے کہ عمران مخالف "نورے" سیاستدانوں، ایم پی ایز/ایم این ایز نےکمپوٹر جاننے والے بے روزگاروں کو آٹھ آٹھ دس دس ہزار پر ملازم رکھ لیا ہے کہ وہ سارا سارا دن مفتے کے انٹرنیٹ پر بیٹھ کر پی ٹی آئی کی "کٹ" لگائیں اور ان کے "ستیوں، چوہدریوں، زرداریوں، مڈھیانوں، مخدوموں، گیلانیوں، شریفوں اور رانوں" وغیرہ کے قصیدے عام کریں۔۔ وہ جاہل یہ نہیں جانتے بات وہی اثر کرتی ہے جو دل سے نکلی ہو۔۔۔ بے روزگار بے چارہ کچھ پیسوں کے لیے پروپیگنڈہ مہم کا حصہ تو بن سکتا ہے۔۔پر وہ یہ کام بے دلی سے کرے گا۔۔ بلکہ اس انداذ میں کہ لوگ عمران سے اور محبت کرنے لگیں گے۔۔۔ خدا ہمھیں شیطان مردودوں کے وسوسوں سے دور رکھے۔۔

  • ali khan


    • nadeem3781

      Mr. Ali Khan, how much money, you got from these corrupt group, or you don't have brain, what's going on in the country? If you have gone to school, would not talk like that? Very sad about your thoughts, let the general election to come, then the result would be opposite, then don't commit suicide, at that time.

      • ali khan


  • ISH

    ALLAH bless imran khan

    • Mian01

      She is really one of the worst and most annoying anchors I've ever seen… If she keeps it up, I'm sure out of a job very soon! Good luck Imran Khan, Pakistan needs more leaders like you…

      • ssulehria1

        I make you right. I don't think she's professional enough for the job.

        • Shobi_Pti

          hahahhah She just need a good rating for her show and that's all… This is the first time I'm watching this show and that would be a last time too..

  • nadeem3781

    Oh, muniza bibi, you are in-eligible for this show, for example, you took the first caller for KHAN sb, and didn't let him finish the answer the same attitude with 2nd caller, you have no patience to listen the right response because you people have agenda of America, you have been working for foreign plannings by receiving millions of dollars for media. How could you bear to listen the right planning of IMRAN KHAN, who wants to bring this country on a path of progress, security & peace, which is been unacceptable by all the elite classes because of fear of KHAN, he wont allow that, everybody has to pay tax including Muniza bibi?

    Muniza, you want KHAN sb to answer for the whole planning of his next government, in 35-40 minutes, which is enough, to understand about your eligibility, being an Anchor of this show. I beleive your producer should think about replacing you with somebody capable of doing this job or otherwise he/ she must be of same categary like you.

    You could make fool to the local public, however, people living overseas, understand very well. Salute to IMRAN KHAN, he is a cool guy, how patiently & briefly, he replied. These are the qualities of the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. She is attacking on our leader by using very abusive language about resignation of Awais Leghari, jahangir tareen & others being Musharraf party but her remembrance power is too weak about our current defective ex- PN, he was a federal Minister of the shoura of Gen. Zia ul Haque, then his third change was to PPP. I believe, she has no problem with that but so much pain in her stomach about PTI only. I request to KHAN sb, please avoid this kind of Anchors for show next time.

    Don't worry! All the parties, anchors & jounalists, who are been leading campaign against IMRAN KHAN & PTI, will see his success of being the first leader of Pakistan after, Quaid e Azam & Liaqat Ali Khan, with the whole hearted support of the people of Pakistan, to bring change, in justice, security, peace & harmony between the whole nation. He is an honest person with commitment & enthusiasm, which are the qualities of a leader. Vote for IMRAN KHAN, Vote for PTI, Vote for Pakistan. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  • imranauz

    This Ancar is stupid. She herself does not know what she is asking

    • mohammad Iqbal

      The girl is behaving as a teen-ager and simply repeating the already repeated questions by other anchors many many times. It is a waste of time to watch such talk shows. IK should not waste his precious time for such ignorant anchors..

    • farmanbacha

      Yes u r right. She does,nt know what she is asking because if u concentrate, she is getting instructions on the ear-phones from her producer who must be getting money from anti- Imran and anti PTI powers. That,s why she does,nt let Imran khan to finish his answer and interrupt him again and again. But for the kind information of all these anchor persons , their producers , tv channels owners – now u can newer stop Pakistani people from vote for Imran khan. It does,nt matter if Imran khan is pro establish or not, it does,nt matter if people from other parties are joining him or not, it does,nt matter he is speaking against MQM or not, it does,nt matter he is living a lavish life on his own money or not, it does,nt matter who is funding for his jalsas. All these stupid questions does,nt matter for us , we will vote just for Imran khan because he is sincere, he is enthusiastic, he is highly educated, he is committed , he is a practical person, he clear on solution of the problems of Pakistan , he is not doing politics for money , fame or any thing else . He is doing politics just for the common people of Pakistan , so we will vote for him and we does,nt care about ur stupid questions and interruption during his proper answer.

  • abbasi-uk

    Few days ago I watched a movie in that flick a new actress was shooting a scane after so many retakes she cudnt delivered a line of dialogs on 30th retake she mixed words again at that time spectators chanted the same the lines…

    Now viewers will repeat answers of isi mqm Musharraf league leavers Bala Bala Chappa anchor Chappa media no homework no innovation no veriaty completely booti mafia media…. copy paste shows

  • moin shah

    muneeza jehangir, i won't be watching yuor programme anymore. you should have shown some respect to the next ,and genuine, prime minister of pakistan (imran khan), at th behest of fake leaders,( nawaz sharif and zardari) !

  • rollinaces

    We should count ourselves lucky that Allah has blessed us with such a leader and now its up to us to make a right decision .. whether to support such a great honest man whom have pain for us people or still support those corroupt mafia type politicians whom have sucked the blood of our people for past decades ..

    and finally this lady was like interrogating as imran khan pointed out she was way to bias was just critisising not a single positive thing she said .. but Imran khans ansers showed that she hasnt got enough knowledge on her ..

    anyway nevermind we love our leader and will support him til last breath

    Love PTI

    Love IK

  • Mani234

    For the past 2 months, Imran khan has appeared on most of the programs on this site but all the questions asked have been the same, as if any anchor is forbidden to watch other talk shows. Imran khan should save his time and send a video recording of his talk shows to these anchors to take his seat instead, otherwise hell get grey hair just repeating his answers before he even gets the government. Pity how these anchors can look up facts, quotes and news cuttings of their questions but cant look up the answers which Imran khan is repeating for the thousandth time in their show. Same with these stupid callers. All the issues have already been explicitly answered.

  • Umer2777

    The anchor is an idiot ..

  • kkhalil

    Wow I hope the anchor reads this… She is incredibly rude, it was annoying watching this every 5 words mr khan spoke she jumps in whining, just do your job don’t be a smart a#s. a very unprofessional women, she has every right to criticise and critique, but there is a way of doing that without totally offending your audience, viewers and your guest who by the way showed emmense restraint, most people would have walked off straight away after looking at her smug face, but he stayed, much respect. I certainly won’t be watching this show again.

  • dmax

    IMRAN KHAN, we all love you so much for pakistan and for lost respect.

  • jony

    Khan sahib ko aisay programs me shirkat nehi karni chaye. is larhki ko to scnario ka pat hi nehi she is not update whats happning. such question westing of time of Khan sahib but he is great trying to convince as ever. Khuda is qom ko akal de our is meida person ko bi aqle ki wusat de Ameen.

  • Imran siddiqui

    Imran khan has never been in govt, he has never held any public office, he has not taken any thing from pakistan, how can you hold him for any sort of problem in pakistan. what wrong has he done with you and with this country, these who have destroyed pakistan in the last four years are very dear to you because you are associated with them what is the qualification of nawaz, he was accidentally born in politics and his originators were establishment and ISI, why should we vote for nawaz, is this motor way enough reason that we keep voting him till the time we are alive or or the atomic blasts were enough reason that we keep voting for him whole our lives the allegation on him are much bigger than these two things, the biggest is he took billions of dollars from pakistan and his whole business is now abroad and wht is he doing politics in pakistan, he has looted mahran bank, he was bribed being a prime minister. no votes for nawaz