Edhi homes or Edhi jails? by Dr. Shazia Nawaz


I visited one of the Edhi homes in Lahore and here in the video I share my experience and views about it.

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  • Azeem Meo

    What have you done yourself? Just dumped a few bags of stuff what you could not use. Anyhow, why do not you work of sponsor one center then you will realize. It is very easy to be Monday Morning Quaterback.

  • Khan80

    itni bholi lagti nhin jitni ban rahi hai,,,,agr is ki apni beti aisey yateem ho jay ,,,,to kiya ye chahe gi ke wo akeli pakistan main bahir nikle aur jab chahe wapis aye….????

  • rockthecrack

    tum log kabhi nahin samajh sakte.jis mulk ki aurton ko band ker k rekha jata hai.wo afghanistan ban jate hien.auret ka haq hai taleem or marzi se shadi kare.is se to acha hai unko jail bhej do ager itni fikar hai.jab wo apni marzi se shadi kerna chahti hai to tumko kya taklif hai.

    musharaf tumhien media ki azadi bhi de k gaya tha jiski waja se aaj pakistan bacha hoa hai or imran ko log sun rahe hien.werna aap pakistan ko bech chuka hota tumhara zardari.

    • aliusman

      We need educated women. Than they can choose respectable professions even for them which are suitable for them.We are not against the education of woman but we are against their too much freedom like US and Europe.

      You guys want Pakistani woman like a western woman. Come on we are Muslims. We have a lot of boundaries in terms of women freedom. This is I am not claiming Quran has said 1400 year ago.

      So if we look at west, what’s happening there every body knows.

      First they start relationship, start living together, spending many years together once they have kids if they feel relationship can work than they can get marry.

      Do you want Pakistani women like that?

    • muhammad.Iqbal

      You know nothing about islam so plz dont criticize islam,

      You commented about forced marriage. Who says forced marriage is acceptable in islam. If bride is not willing to marry someone and she is forced to do so than the marriage contract is not valid. This is what islam says. first learn shariah than criticize it. You criticize shariah on the baisis of western teachings. Shariah is not only based on few things like cutting hands of theif or stonnig adultrer to death. and these punishment are valid when you provide equality, justice, respect and honour in entire society and than if somebody does these than you can implement these punishments. as today there is nothing in the country you cant give these punishments to any theif or any sinner. First know your deen than listen to your enemies about it.

      allah humen hidayat de

      • aliusman

        Who said that forced marriages are acceptable. I agree with you 100% If a bride is not willing to marry someone and she is forced to do so than the marriage contract is not valid.

        But what is happening in urban areas of Pakistan girl friend boy friend culture is very common. Do you really think is it acceptable in Islam?

        In Islam there is a proper way to propose or to send a message or messenger from either side man or woman but not like to have boyfriend or girlfriend for years & than get marry.

        I just spoke about we need educated women to have good society.

        But at the same time we should keep in mind our teachings of Islam. Or do you want Pakistani woman like western woman?

        if this is the case than I don't agree with you brother with respect.

        Then you might be one of those who just say Islam is out dated religion.

        But actually it's not. It is still valid and will be valid till the day of judgement and it has all the solutions of life.

        • muhammad.Iqbal

          i agree with you bhai, you said right,

          i am againest this girlfriend boyfriend affairs. Infact this is the biggest reason i believe musharraf to be the enemy of islam. it is he who gave mobile access to common people and made our youth morally dead.

          Women need not to work when there are men available in homes. we must educate women but not to send them in mix cultures to earn livelihood for family. it is duty of husband to provide bread and butter. Educated mother is foundation for an educated and prosperous family. There are certain jobs for which women are better than men. like teaching children of young age. lady doctors for ladies and other women related jobs. but i am strongly against mix cultures in offices. If there is no mard in family who can run finances of house than it is acceptable for women to work.

          You know batter than men about forced marriages. good. I think it is our culture that has created bad image of sharia. You know in islam even if parents of a girl reject a proposal on the basis of family of boy. no matter how morally good that boy is. his dealing with deen and dunya is superb but because is belong to a low status in our culture so we reject. islam condems this very strongly and those parents are commiting gunah by rejecting such proposal on such bases.

          Brother you said wrong that for me islam is an out dated religion. I am a man who is trying to be a true momin. Whatever i hear from quran sunnah or lives of sahaba i try to obey it who heartedly without any excuse and for it sometimes i have to argue with my family and friends and they reffer to me a daqianoos insan who dont believe in today's world. and they hate me for this that i have islamic ideas. everybody says "Tum aik parhy likhy jahil ho".

          But i feel this is what happened with all prophets so what if it is happening to me. i feel proud that i am following the only right way.

          Allama said

          Qalandarana adaen, sikandarana jalal

          Yeh ummaten hain jahan main barhana shamsheerain

          shukriya apne meri bat suni. suggestions and criticism welcomed.

          M. Iqbal

  • aliusman

    First of all, you should know who those girls are.

    Either they don't have anyone from their family anymore in this world.

    Or they just escaped from their parent’s home to get marry & than got betrayed by their husband's (Lover).

    Either because of poverty in Pakistan etc etc….. So, than they decided to live in Edhi homes for the sake of Food & Shelter.

    Do you want to see those girls like Veena Malik, Meera etc etc? Certainly, we don’t want them like them.

    Or do you want them to be raped like in US?

    People like you, I know them very well. You guys can just talk & can be tigers on just talking.

    Forget about these innocent girls. You got freedom what you have done? What you guys do when you see a Pakistani boy or man abroad you even don’t want look at them or to talk to them because they work at petrol station or a grocery shop. But once girls like you become pregnant from white or black man than your parents start looking for Pakistani guy (who works at petrol station or a grocery shop) to whom girls like you should get marry.

    So, we don’t need to give them freedom what you have. Let me correct you, this is our culture not yours. Your culture is American culture.

    But if you still think you are Pakistani or very much loyal to Pakistan. Then come back to Pakistan and serve the nation or otherwise shut your mouth. Stop saying in America America…….

    If you will be back than I am ready to help you and 100000’s of people from Lahore Pakistan. Though I am not in Pakistan but soon will be there when I will finish my studies.

    Abdul Staar Edhi is a great man. In my opinion he is doing a great job. He lives like a poor man of Pakistan. Not because of he can't afford it because he likes to serve humanity.

    See below statics of America


    Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

    In 1995, 354,670 women were the victims of a rape or sexual assault. (NationalCrime Victimization Survey. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, 1996.)

    Over the last two years, more than 787,000 women were the victim of a rape or sexual assault. (National Crime Victimization Survey. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S.Department of Justice, 1996.)

  • [email protected]

    Shikwa e Zulmat e Shab say to behtar thaa

    Apnay Hissay ki koi shamma jalatay jaatay

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    Instead of complaining, suggest solutions.

  • muhammad.Iqbal

    Yeh hai wo soach jo musharraf hum main paida karna chahta tha. Humari baparda bahaya khawateen ko Veena malik banana chahta tha. our agar ghor karen to usny kafi had tak bana dia ha. Khuda ke liye is roshan khiali sy nikal aen. Humara deen aorat ko utni freedom data hai jitni usy chahye. Edhi saab jo kam kar rahy hain usko badnaam na karen. agar kar sakty hain to apny tarz pe yeh nazam chala ke dikhaen.

  • pakipower


    • aliusman

      This is 100% true. She should open a charity school in Pakistan and teach those girls. She can take them out as well & I really don't mind also even she can take them out every day. We need educated women.

      If she opens school in Lahore, I will defiantly convince my friends to help her. We are not against the education of woman but we are against their too much freedom like US and Europe. So, what's happening there everybody knows.

      First they start relationship, start living together, spending many years together once they have kids if they feel relationship can work than they can get marry.

      Do you want Pakistani women like that?