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Target Point [Sharjeel Memon ,Khurram Dastager,Inam Niazi] on Dawn News – 25th April 2012

Target Point [Sharjeel Memon ,Khurram Dastager,Inam Niazi] on Dawn News – 25th April 2012

  • Observer

    'Comedy of the prime minister and his cabinet' is the topic on which every news channel will be reporting tomorrow.

  • Imran siddiqui

    Imran khan has never been in govt, he has never held any public office, he has not taken any thing from pakistan, how can you hold him for any sort of problem in pakistan. what wrong has he done with you and with this country, these who have destroyed pakistan in the last four years are very dear to you because you are associated with them what is the qualification of nawaz, he was accidentally born in politics and his originators were establishment and ISI, why should we vote for nawaz, is this motor way enough reason that we keep voting him till the time we are alive or or the atomic blasts were enough reason that we keep voting for him whole our lives the allegation on him are much bigger than these two things, the biggest is he took billions of dollars from pakistan and his whole business is now abroad and wht is he doing politics in pakistan, he has looted mahran bank, he was bribed being a prime minister. no votes for nawaz

  • naseer_491

    pti zindabad

    • mtl

      First of all salam Naseer bhai, us ke bahd may i request u if u dont mind is liey keh raha hoon if u dont mind kaun ke pti waley bhohat jaldi mind ker jatey hain mera kis party se koi talaq nahi hai meri party pakistan hai jo pakistan ka khair khah mera vote is ke liey hai woh koi bhi ho any way main yeh kehna chaha raha tha ke pti ko logoon ke dillon min zinda kerney ki zaroorat hai na ke sirf internet per. kaun pakistan main her bandey bandey ke pass computer nahi hai ager hai bhi tu electricity nahi hai,

      • jaffii

        yar jalsun main internet wali qoom nahi aati wo gareeb aur aam loag hote hain isleye dont u worry

      • zafars

        i belong to a rural area, and I wish that you some day visit a rural area of pakistan and ask the people about their opinion that for whom would they vote, and I am sure you will get the surprise of your life, every body almost every body is with PTI, Imran Khan has taken over the pakistan my friend, its the people of the rural area who have suffered the most in the previous 4 years and they hate pmln and ppp more than any thing, IK visited the rural areas in the last two months and the response to him by the people was phenomenal. People of pakistan are so fed up with these corrupt pmln and ppp that if the election was not an option left with the us, people would have killed these pmln and ppp leaders by now