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Islamabad tonight – Sheikh Rasheed – 25th april 2012

Islamabad tonight – Sheikh Rasheed – 25th april 2012



  • Ikram

    skekh sahib daro nahen 18 karoor awam tumharay sath hain tun ke takho ppp ko

  • mtl

    Eitzaz tu itna gir gaya hai ke gandey se gandey janwaer bhi is se panah mangnain lagey hein aur sharmaney lagey hein magar is ko sharm nahi aati he is piece of shit now thats all i can say.

  • sean

    very well said Mr Sheikh Rasheed,I totally agree with you.

    shame on gilani and his family for commit corruption & looting pakistan.

    LANAT on this ppp govt every side every where nothings but corruption.

    All leaders(PPP/PML-N/ANP/JUI-F/PML-Q) are corrupt incompetent leaders.thay all only intrested looting pakistan.thay must go otherwise pakistan in very dangerous position.SC must send this corrupt incompetent PM to jail.

    Brothers/Sisters vote for Imran khan and save pakistan from such corrupt incompetent leaders and foreign agents.

    pakistan zindabad

  • ahmad

    KIA BAT HE G MANO BILLI KI…..AGAR KISI KO MERI BAT KI SAMAJH NA AAYE TO SAB K COMMENTS PARH LENA UR NAAM B…maano bili tum jahan khadi ho gi mn tum se aage hon ga aur kabi peche..:P

    • Maano Billi

      Bhai i dont understand apne kiya kaha pls. explain?????

  • Rahman

    Ye censored hay. kam say kam 7min kam hay us say jo youtube par hay. Ye fazol log asal batan censor kartay han. o logon kay comments bi.

  • http://www.pakistan-revolution.com Inqelab

    PPP is about to play the last and final round tomorrow to destabilize Paksitan. All plans are final and USA support is guaranteed by yesterday meeting of Mentor.

    Sind assembly speeches are just indicators, lets watch the final round tomorrow.

    Zardari ( a born corrupt and traitor) wants to destroy the country. May Allah throw in the hell this whole family.

  • Mansoor Qadri

    Nice Show

  • Pakistani…

    Sheikh Sahab Zindabad Salute to you……..

  • ismail

    Important Warning for PTI !!!!!! BBC is going to conduct an online interview of Imran Khan. This seems to be a conspiracy against PTI by the western media to defame PTI by just including those questions, which can create confusion among the PTI supporters. This has been derived from the past coverages of western media, especially BBC in which they have delibrately ignored those events which could have given PTI a good standing, a recent example of this is the Quetta Great Jalsa, about which BBC has not included even a single word in their coverage. All of us should be aware of the fact that BBC include only those items in their news which can create desperation in our nation, especially youth, and/or which can destroy our image as a nation. BBC can never be a friend of us. BBC spread the poison which ultimately lead to the fall of Dhaka. Now they are doing the same for Baloachistan and Sindh. Imran khan has given them a big blow by Quetta Jalsa. In addition, IK is also considered to be a big potential hurdle in the way of US and NATO ambitions in our area. There only and only target is now IK. I give you written that during this interview they will try their best to defame IK and create doubts about his leadership. This interview should be taken seriously by IK and should do very hard home work for it. If he has no time then he should cancel it. Please share this message to other PTI workers and if possible let Imran Khan know about this potential threat. Thank you. PTI Zinda bad. Pakistan Paenda bad.

    • arsalik

      The only solution to this ( of course serious) matter is that PTI executive should record this interview and release it to Pakistani media. that I am sure will clear every effort of BBC to amalgamate their own views and misguide the masses. I will request Imran khan to call Pakistani media just after this interview and declare all the conversation with BBC.PTI youth should unite and raise the slogan Pakistan Zinda Bad. Live long Imran Khan, Live long PTI. Overseas Pakistanis ,especially those in UK should have a close watch on this conversation and should be ready for necessary action.

      All Pakistan PTI youth know how to respect their leaders and Inshallah I am sure, everything will be in right direction.

  • mojojojo62001

    Sheikh Rashid is like a fish that's been taken out of water.. he's dying to become MNA again!

    Just like he's slamming his head against the wall, very soon whole PPP will be doing the same.

  • naseer_491

    Khan Saab. u should take notice of murder Gojra president of PTI.he was serving for Party..

  • wolf

    imran khan zindabad……..pakistan paindabad

  • Naumanafzalzia

    Why do you always ignore the last part??

  • qaisar_kosar

    sheikh rasheed saab kal ka din pakistanion ke lieye achaa aur ppp haraam khoron ka aur uss ke kameeney itehadion ke lieye be buraa din ho gao allah in sab se pakistan ko jald nijaad dilay aameen

    sheikh saab zindabad imran khan zindabad pak fooj zindabad pakistan paindabad

    vote for ( pti ) and sheikh saab save pakistan

  • Maano Billi

    sheikh ji bht hogayi yar ab bas kardoo imran k sath miljaoo aur bas in siyastdano ko nestonabood kardoooo yarrr sirf aik call dedoo phir dekhoo hum awaam kese sadkon per ati haii khuda k liye abbbbb call dedoooooooooooo we are inpatiantly waitinggggg for your callllllllllllllll mai aik ladki hokar bhi nikal aongii inko marney klyie i promise….

    • mtl

      mohterma billi sahiba if u dont mind i want to correct u impatiently hota hai inpatiantly nahi hota