Meray Mutabiq with Hassan Nisar on Geo Tv


Meray Mutabiq with Hassan Nisar on Geo Tv

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  • umair

    Asslam-o-Alaikum Your Program Is best ever. (I Love Geo)

  • @tumbin005

    asalam o alikum hassan sab and maria ji
    hassan nisar sb na jo b kaha sahi kaha maira sawal ya hai k is pori geo k khilaf agenda mai kisi political party ka hath b ho sakta hai?????

  • sher ali khan

    Hassan sab aslam u alaikum.sir, ap ki questions ka jawab mery nazar.dunya may jetne be mulk hay aur jetne be qum allah ne peda key hay.un sab ka rezaq allah ne us key sarzameen pe dia hay.kese ko behtareen demagh aur technology deia hay.kese ko madanyat deyee hay.kese ko teel key zakheer dey hay.hamary pakistan kehna to nahi chayia hamara mulk laiken peerbi.pakistan logo ka rezaq zarkhez zameeno se hay.ab zameen kis ki hay.wo to jagidaro ni qabza key hay.ya ap kehdy 2% logo ki pas hay.baqi log koee edar koe udar rezaq ki leyee gomtee pertey hay.ab baqi 98% log kia kareengi.dunia kedar puhuch geia.aur hum abe tak rezaq may hay.aur wo be buka suka.sir, jab tak pakistan jageerdarana nizam khatam nahe tak hamarey masael khtam nahey hosaktey.dehshatgadi berozgare taleem ka na hona sehat ka na hona .to yee masaeel khtam nahe ho saktey.jageerdarana sab masaeel ka jargh hay.sir mera taluq swat se hay.sir may taleban ka hamee nahey ho.laken may ni apne 46 sal omar may qanoon taleban ki daur may deka.ameer ghareeb keley aik jesa.pakistan to ameer alag qanon ghareeb aur aisa mulk kaisa chalega.sab ap ki samni hay.sir mery dil may buhut kuch hay.laiken time nahe hay.saudi arab may mazdure karta hu.aur apni khandan ka rezaq peda karta ho.sir agar time mela to pls apna no dena.maera no 0092508414700 jubail ksa.nam mera sher ali khan.allah ham sab ka hame wo naser ho.

  • haseeb

    Kick out all afganies and sell the boder

  • tanveer ahmad

    ap ky tabserry hakekat ky kareeb treen hoty hein iss dhor mey sechi baat kerna be bhoat beribahadiry hein.

  • mehmood

    Ap ko to ppp ka tarjuman hona cahe ye ta

  • sk kr

    hasan nasar mojahd ha hama in sa sekna cahia very very barav and aonest

  • aliwaqaswiki

    well said sir

  • nisar rana

    well said Hassan Nisar.Thank you

  • a gowher

    Thank you Hasan Nisar you are an honest and bold intellectual, you have a vision and you speak the truth..

    There are some brainless people with agenda who will always oppose you but at the same time majority of Pakistani love to hear your voice.

  • sajiddoga

    Imran khan Kay halaf uthatay hi corruption khatam nahin ho jay gi balkay election jeetnay foran baad hi corruption khatam ho jay gi.

    Imran ki jeet ka matlab hi yeh ho ga Kay corruption khatam ho Gaye.

  • Raju

    drmmunawar, pawa and 786pakistan are real fool, watch the programme properly and then comment, he never supported Bilaw or Zardari and neither made any comparison. I dont understand why people like u three start nasty illmannered comments without any understanding just like JAHIL Maulvis (NOTE I SAID JAHIL MAULVIS only not the good maulvis).

    Hassan Nisar has courage to speak truth which is rear in our rotten society.

    I was in Pakistan and at a very big position I was threatened by JUI minister for money this minister is now Senator, his brother use to come to my office with his GHUDAY to force me to do wrong thing but I resisted and transfered I reported to Mualana diesal he took no action.

    I am a witness of politicians corruption so please try to help Pakistan.

  • sean

    well said Hassan Nisar.Thank you

    Brothers/Sisters vote for Imran khan and save fatherland(pakistan)from corrupt incompetent leaders and foriegn agents.

    long live Imran khan

    pakistan zindabad

  • naseer_491

    imran khan zindabad

  • Mansoor Qadri

    nice show

  • posteconomist

    I have been hearing a lot of people indicting Hassan Nisar because he drinks. At least he drinks alcohol, not people's blood like most of Pakistanis.

  • ishaqkhan1982

    Hassan Nisar sahib ap 100% sahe keh rahe hain k is mehingai say sab say ziada tankhadar tabka mutaasir hota ha kiunk baqi loog to apni apni fee bara detay hain jab k tankhadar tabka yuhe reh jata ha isliay Government ko chahein k unified pay scale banain.

  • drmmunawar

    hassan nisar reffering to mohammad bin qasim while talking about bilawal bhutto.i have decided today that i am never going to watch any programme that hosts hassan nisar.i am sure he has a double personality and split personality syndrome.the man is sick.sorry for him and his hosts

    • inamsh

      Dear, you haven't heard him i guess. He is right in saying that wisdom cannot be judged by the age. He also said that he doesn't know exactly about Bilawal that how is he but its not right to judge by age.

    • pawa

      Hassan Nisar!!!!
      do you read his columns?
      These superficial thinking folk who knows nothing about this Bas-tard who is known as Hasan Nisar.He belongs to a very lower class with very nominal education.This fact is not leaving this guy.He most of the time try to prove that he is very rich man who lives in a farmhouse.why? just to dispel the concept that he was a very third class journalist before collecting Lafafas.

      He is a patient of inferiority complex.He is so much drowned in this feeling that by showing others that he is "Battamiz" he just manifests his feelings of insecurity.

      He is just a Hypocrate of the highest order.I know many people in journalism.He is one of the dirtiest & person in journalism.

      who says he don't take Lafafas!
      we have very short memory.Try to remember he has been advocating the even bigger SOB Munas ellahi because he was receiving Lafafas from chaudaries.

      some time he says "Truth" .to which we call " truth" is actually a repression in the mind of a lowly third class journalist who behave as if he is a MAMA of the whole nation.

      This is enough sign of his "ghtyia pan" that he always attack some Sharif Aadmi.
      if he is facing some body a bit powerful :iss ki Gand band ho jati hay.
      This is the sign of an extremely Ghatyia person.

      just imagine he is nowadays in favor of zardari who is the biggest dacoit in the history of mankind and this ppp s new bas-tard balawal.

      supporting Bilawal and zardari is the authentic proof that Hassan Nisar is receiving Haddi from this side.

    • leo99

      dr sb open ur eyes of brain dont behave like dumb…and if u dont wach this nothing is goona change but think b4 u make any decision

    • bravomkm

      stupid u didnt get right,,,, listen to him again he is talking abt wisdom not going to camparisan between muhammad bin qasim and bilawal bhuto,

  • Sub Se Pehley Pakist

    Well said Hassan Nisar (nafrat ka karobar) you are great. chand aik batun ke elawa I totally agree with you.

  • rockthecrack


    • pakistani-786


      • PAKCAN


        Why you talking about drinking by the way!!!

        No doubt Hasan Nisar is a great guy who have courage to speak the truth.