Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Islamabad Tonight – 6th April 2012


Islamabad tonight on aaj news – 6th april 2012

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  • ali khan


    • zemsar

      Do you know how did Nawaz and Zardari families spent their youths; Go and check


    This Laday doesn't make any sense.

    I can't expect from Nadeem to bring that kind of people in his show!

    • Naeem

      Yeah, I do agree that this woman has nothing to say on such issues.

  • insaan

    people like this Aakhira lady are traitors.

    May God protect Pakistan.

  • faisal

    sallam nadeem bhai ye kis ko ap l ke program mei bta dya wo tu against pak hei plz esay logoo ko apne program mei mat invite karein plz Allah ka wasta ap ko

  • ma mughal

    Nadeem malik sahib kis ourat ko aap ne bula leya hei hudah ke leay hei es ko bulane ka matlab keya thha mehrbani ker ke aapne aghley program mein zaroor bataeiy gha shukreya

    Ledar hei to emran khan parti hei to pti pti zindabad

  • Khanbhai

    Tahira – main kon ? Khamkhaaaa.. na sar ka pata hai na paaon ka aur aa jatay hain baat karnay, jao bibi bachoon ko dodo pilao haha

  • Inqelab

    When you invite people like Tariq then please do not invite these kind of secular Women's.

    The women who doe snot have any understanding about invested interests and created interest is talking on Indian role in Afghanistan. India is coming with a purpose not on humanitarian grounds so what a non sense stance of this stupid lady.

    Malik sb you are decent person so please make solid judgement before inviting guest in your show.

  • Shahid Nadeem Waraic

    Jeo Imran Khan. Vote for PTI

  • Agent

    What a f'ced up lady, what the hell she is talking about??

  • baloch.pti

    She is a puppet of india and america like so many in pakistani politics. Every patriot defend his country and criticize corrupt politicians in it but she is doing apposite. Love and Respect for Imran Khan,
    Vote PTI Save pakistan.

  • sean

    well said gentleman's.I totally agree with you.This woman try tobe superwoman but she doesn't know what she saying.

    LANAT on this ppp govt every side every where nothings but corruption.

    All leaders(PPP/PML-N/ANP/JUI-F/PML-Q) are corrupt incompetent leaders.thay all only intrested looting pakistan.thay must go otherwise pakistan in very dangerous position.SC must send this corrupt incompetent PM to jail.

    Brothers/Sisters vote for Imran khan and save pakistan from such corrupt incompetent leaders and foreign agents.

    pakistan zindabad

  • shadab

    oo Mr Nadeem plz dont invite the lady like thahira, a comlplete confused mass of protoplasm,at least u should know it