Jinnah Vs Gandhi

Posted on March 25, 2012 User Submitted

Pakistan must Acknowledge Mahatma’s Freedom Struggle of Non Violence that Led India to Independence. Jinnah did not run mass movements or any mass movement even for Muslims like the Civil Disobedience Movement or the Quit India Movement. Pakistanis are free today die to the Mahatma and he is ignored in Pakistan’s History books for his great soul.

Gandhi went many times to prison,spent years , so did Abul Kalam Azad .But Jinnah and Iqbal did not even go ONCE, JUST ONCE to prison and did nothing for freedom. Pakistan should be ashamed of its freedom as you can walk freely in streets of Pakistan due to Gandhi. He was a leader who was a Mahatma as he did not even accept power even after Independence.Jinnah had one & only ideology of Two nation theory(splitting the country on the basis of religion).& Gandhi had ideology of unity in diversity.