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Khari Baat Luqman Ke Saath (Haroon Rasheed) – 19th March 2012

Haroon Rasheed, Salman Ghazi, Sami Ibrahim Joined Mubashir Luqman in Khari Baat Latest

Khari Baat Luqman ke saath





  • xtra

    Haroon ur Rasheed stupidly tying to become a king-maker, but lost his battle already. Now he expresses his frustration using foul language in TV talk shows and his "non-sense columns cum PTI campaign materials".

    Read Hamid Mir's column in Jang 19th March, 2012. http://jang.com.pk/jang/mar2012-daily/19-03-2012/

    and HR's reply in his column of 20th: http://jang.com.pk/jang/mar2012-daily/20-03-2012/

    Pakistanis! open your eyes…. stop being fooled by imposters. They are neither scholars nor visionaries. They are bunch of opportunists, using their pens to mint money and power.

  • zafar gul

    Luqman sb, u introduced samee ibrahim as a journalist but to me he seems to be a jiyala of ppp. please do not include him as a journalist as it is a big shame for the journalist community.

    • Rizwan

      you r right no true journalist can defend such corrupt govt. and shameless prime minister, he is definitely on PPP payroll and getting handsome amount to defend such stupid actions of ppp

  • Pakistani Shahri

    Samee Ibrahim appeared to be a partial person heavily inclined towards PPPP. May be he is being paid for such favours on media. Secondly he lacks in having clear concepts of Islamic teachings which have been made very clear in Quran Shareef by Allah (SWT).

    He should revisit his mental approach in the light of ground realities. He did not provide any solid arguements during the discussion but ……..uselessly barking.

  • Khurram Riaz

    Haroon ur Rasheed pehlay Pakistani hain jinhon nay on record media per kaha kay Baynazeer shaheed nahi hain… What a bold comment…

    is main koi shaq nahi kay voh iktidaar ke jang main qatal ho gaeen… we respect her but not as shaheed ….

    • zahidsz72833

      God bless Haroon Rasheed Sahib for your courageous and bold "true" commetns about these so called shaheeds. Who ever is killed during his/her struggle for power, he/she is labeled as Shahaeed – what a joke . Unfortunately this joke is valid only in Pakistan by the Jiyalas.

      Jiyalas like Sameeh Ibrahim must learn the Quaranic definition of a Shaheed before labeling his leader Shaheed. Just don't get sympathies to get votes from the people in the name of Bhuttos. What they deserved before Allah they got it – not a single leaf can mover against the will of Allah – so Allah wanted them finished from the earth, so He did.

  • saq2020

    Haroon ur rasheed aur Mubashir Lucman mien sulah kab hoi??kis tarah hoi??Haroon sb MQM key pakay dushman,aur lucqman MQM ka himayti tha,pata nahi ab hai key nahi,shaaid is ne kahain Altaf se koi sakht sawal kar dya ho.jawab mein altaf ne koi gaana suna dya ho.


    sami abrahim u khoti maa da bacha lanat teri shakal te

  • mughak

    haroon rasheed sb is a real great person and very patriotic and true scholar….luv him soooooo much……..

  • a gowher

    It is really mind boggling when Lawyers kick the Judges out of their Courts in Pakistan and openly beat-up Police officers and some times assault a megistrates and nothing happens to them.
    It is complete break-up of Law and Order in Pakistan, I like to see Lawyers from Pakistan come to Canada or U.S and insult a Judge and beat-up a Police Officer.
    They will be lucky if they are alive the next day, they will be either shot dead at the spot by Police or they will be rotting in Jails for a long long time.

  • batan

    sacha muslman . imran khan .


    Pakistani Qoum Dunya Ki Intehai Beghairat aur Jahil Qoum Hain, Q?

    Q K Pakistan Mein Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Maulana Fazlu Rehman, Altaf Hussain, Ch.Brothers aur Asfandyaar Wali Khan Jaisay Jahil aur Corrupt Loag Hum Par Hukumat Rahe Hain Tu Phir Iss Mulk Ka ALLAH Hi Hafiz Ho,

    Misbah Ki Team Ney 1,2 Matches Kiya Haaray, Hum Pakistani Qoum Ney Poraay Team Ko Ghaliyaan Dena Shoro Kardi, aur Jab Keh Yeh Jahil aur Corrupt Leaders Poraay Pakistan Ko Lout Rahey Hain Tu Hum Pakistani AWAM Khamosh Bhetay Tamasha Dekh Rahe Hain,

    Agar Hum Par Yeh Jahil aur Corrupt Leaders Musalat Rahein Gay Tu Phir CRICKET MATCHES Tu Kiya Hum Poraa Pakistan Harwa Daingay,

    Iss Liye Zaroori Hai Keh Pehlay Apnay Mulk Ka SYSTEM Theek Karein, Tu Phir Pakistan Mein Saray Kay Saray IDARAY Theek Hojayen Gay,

    Iss Kay Liye Zaroori Hain Hum Anay Walay Election Mein Eik AIMANDAR LEADERSHIPS Ko Elect Karein, Jinka Bank Balance aur Paisa Pakistan Mein Ho Tu Phir Yeh MULK B Chalay Ga aur CRICKET TEAM B Chalay Gee,

    Baaqi Faisla Aapka

    Corrupt aur Jahil Pakistan YA Khush Haal aur Taraqeeyafta Pakistan

  • muztarib

    sami ibrahim sahab aap jesay lougon ne hi pakistan ki barbadi main barra kirdar adda kia hai kuch tou khuda ka khouf karain aap ne mar ker Allah ko hisab dena hai kub tuk aap chaplosi kertay rahain gain

    • ey

      100% i agree with u. He is a bikaw journalist.I do not know from where he got journalism.His blood is infected by zardari's corruption money.

    • candid

      Absolutely you are . Sami Ibrahim has learned one word "MIND SET" — by the way what kind of mind set he is having ??? Seeing a black and calling it white — Conduct of Guilllani now and in the past is more than obvious and even a donkey would say that he is corrupt — dishonest — intriguer and a swindler of highest order to the trust of Pakistan as PM. The whole pakistan knows it whole media is shouting about it and this BIKAOO sami Ibrahim can't see it — He should simply tell public as to how much he has been paid to speak plain NON-SENSE on the media.

  • candid

    The EVERLASTING — SHAEED –SHAHEED game playing PPP has ruined this country. Few people have been blinded by money or stupid thinking .
    It is a curse to have these idiots in the helm of affairs. PITY Pakistan has been RUINED BY BHUTTOS and equally worst SHAREEF BRADRAN, ANP, MQM, JUI — PLEASE SPARE PAKISTAN
    Someone very rightly said that if you want to hurl MAXIMUM abuses to any one instead of dirtying your tongue one should simply CALL HIM A POLITICIAN !! Pakistani politician perceives that GREATER LIAR , GREATER CHEAT, GREATER FRAUD , GREATER "CHARAB ZABAN" he / she is GREATER POLITICIAN he / she is .
    In fact BHUTTOS are mainly responsible for this perception development after 1971. He started with “TASHKAND cat that he wanted out of bag “ major hand in break up of Pakistan – Then he played havoc with NATIONALIZATION — Thereafter all the politicians followed the suite and this became basic criteria to be a GREAT POLITICIAN. ALL BUMS of PPP, PML (n) , MQM, ANP, JUI ARE ALL BUNCH OF CORRUPT – CORRPUT —- financially, morally, intellectually, attitudinally corrupt PEOPLE.
    IF SOME ONE TALKS OF jamhooriat IT IS PLAINLY A MATTER OF joke AND LAUGHTER . Leadership from middle class can and will only emerge if there is some ROUGH and TOUGH HONEST person (MUST BE CIVILIAN) comes in the helms of affairs – no matter HOW — and eliminates all these swines once for all — TURKISH action by ATA TURK is best example. ONLY RAY OF HOPE IS IMRAN KHAN — MAY ALLAH ALMIGHTY BLESS HIM COURAGE AND STRENGTH TO TAKE ALL THESE RASCALS TO TASK AND PUT PAKISTAN ON RIGHT TRACK.

  • kashi123

    I like this programe, I think all the institutes are corrupt. Government of Pakistan don't care about it. FIA,PIA are involved in this matter. Wat you think Authorities don't know about this…………..Pakistani interior minister Rehman Malik's is working with the help of PIA FOR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Shame on them.

    Proud to be a Pakistani