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Policy Matters on Duniya News 9th March 2012

Policy Matters on Duniya News 9th March 2012





  • bestever

    The thing that impressed me in the show was the commando behaviour of the anchor Aunti Naseem Zohra. She didn't allow any participant to prolong his arguments nor she allowed anyone to interrupt the other. Every participant gave expressed himself thoroughly in precised manner. I wish all the anchors copy her attitude. Some anchors lose their control over the participants and it looks like mess around.
    Off course the culprit people should be punished especially those people who take part in the politics being a servant of the state and they become a state within the state. They clearly violated their oaths.
    As far as the politicians are concerned I think that was time when there were military involvement in the political system. At that time the military used the politicians to put into practice their game plans. But now most of the politicians have realised that they were wrong and now the political leaders like Nawaz shareef who was pro establishment before has taken an anti establishment stance. The politicians have learnt from the past but it looks the Generals are still playing their games.

  • sar

    people are laughing at these so called anal-ysts when they say that in the light of these revealations the Courts should pass a directive-judgements such that there will be no more money spending by govt and military officials in the future to play in politics………..who will be the judge of these crooks the crooks themselves…..

  • sean

    LANAT on this ppp govt every side every where nothings but corruption.

    All leaders(PPP/PML-N/ANP/JUI-F/PML-Q) are corrupt incompetent leaders.thay all only intrested looting pakistan.thay must go otherwise pakistan in very dangerous position.SC must send this corrupt incompetent PM to jail.

    Brothers/Sisters vote for Imran khan and save pakistan from such corrupt incompetent leaders and foreign agents.

    pakistan zindabad

  • iampatel

    Adear zem..Ye toom ne kiya to pls. sun lo ke main BE-LOSS KARTA HOON; TAQE WATAN AZIZ MAIN HAALAAT DURAST RAHE.82 pe main bimar bhi hoon aur ye main jo bhi type karta hooz sirf compur ke sufaid hletters ko dekh raha hoon, likha huwa parh nahi sakta aur na kagaz pe main likhu aur parh sakoon…maina ye note kiya hai ke is-se pehle bhi mere aise hi mazmoon ko aap ne yehi haal kiya hai..aur na main computer ke baare main sab kuch jan janta hoon! matlab ye ke aisa keun hota hai – koi dusre computerwala kar raha hai ke kahin koi aisa hai hi nahin aur main khud kahin MISTAKE kar raha hoon.

  • shamsims

    I am surprised on the comments of the debaters, it looks like that they are all after the Army and its Generals that they should pay, while I think they should pay for what they did, but most important is the Politicians who took money, Army General retires people don’t have to deal with them, but these corrupt politicians are still on our head and play with people’s lives, they are the ones we need to really go after, because they sold their souls, that should be the real crocks’ of the matter, they are the ones who play havoc with our lives. The psychos and parasites are what matter, we need to get these out of politics, otherwise the whole excursive will be futile.
    Yes defining the role of agencies is important but that will only happened when you remove these parasites, with them sitting in assemblies do you think they will do that, when they have sold their souls already to those agencies, not in our life time, go after the politicians then only you will get honest leadership who can stand on their own two feets.

  • witness7590

    I was going to watch this show but when I saw the face of Ayaz Amir I stopped he speaks nonsense and Naseem invites him in almost every show.

  • Msaleem

    Kia VOTE ap PTI ko dengey? Agr Han green (thumb up) per click kr dain. Agr na red (thumb down) pa click kr lain.

    Last Survey main 299 yes and 14 no. Which mean 95.52 % Jawan our parha likha tabka Imran Khan ko vote daiga. Please thumbs up or down.