Misbah ul Haq Exclusive Interview on Geo News Score

Misbah ul Haq Exclusive Interview on Geo News Score

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  1. saaim says:

    misbah hve nt such a quality of caption ,need a passion guys as caption like afridi nd younus

    • Sub Se Pehley Pakist says:

      saaim@ you mustb joking afridi (TULLA) and younis both not capible plyers either in the team and you want them as a captain u drunk this time or ur mental position doubtfull..MISBAH is a v.right person for captain .

    • hulk79 says:

      u must b from karachi ………….this is a jok …afridi?? eating cricket ball and leaving pakistan team after first test in england and jonis he is also a mental case …..plz think above karachi

  2. rashidkhan says:

    afridi ko bpl mai captan bnaya tha or ap nay us ki captani dekh le hai aisa hona chiyea agar batting nahi karay to bowling karta hai agar woh na kary to batting karta hai woh dono nahi karay to feelding karta hai or us kay alawa active hai hum kis terha yeh kahee kay woh misba say acha captan nahi hai

  3. moonatpeak says:

    i think we should not be rigid and give him a chance

  4. Desert Stone says:

    3 Chehray Insan ko kabhi Nahi Bhooltey.

    1: Mushkil Me Sath Deny Wala,

    2: Mushkil Me Sath Chorr Jany Wala.”





    Tik tuk tuk tik tuk tuk tik tuk tukTik tak tak tak tuk tuk tik tuk

    Tik tuk tuk tuk tik tuk

    Samjh aya


    Itni jaldi bhool gaye

    MISBAH ki bating

  5. ali100 says:

    i think misbah should retire now and he should give the chance to youngsters .
    PCB should announce afridi as a new captain , he is the only star in the pakistan team at this time .im saying this becoz im very didoppointed after the third t20 match against eng.Misbah did before in world cup and we lost that semifinal .i think pcb should take serious steps for the future of pak cricket . im sorry if someone didn't like my comments but its true …

  6. hulk79 says:

    jub afridi world cup main as captain hara tha to media nay or logon nay pher bhe us ko sar pai uthaya tha ….tub awam bagal kun nah howee the …huda kay leay pakistan ka sucho >karachi ya lahore ka nahee

  7. Wafoor says:

    I got no time to listen to his B.U.L.L'S C.R.A.P. I got better things to do like just sit here and watch paint drying up or count the waves on the beach etc etc etc.

  8. Pakifriend says:

    we never got a good batsman since 1996 when Mohammed Yousaf came in team. team have won matches only on bowling basis. you can not make a team with only one strong end and poor fielding and extra poor batting. Misbah talking about patiance, that's y he wait till last ball with patiance and stretch match from winning to loosing. this approach is good in test but odi and T20 have limited time and overs. misbah dont fit in those. espacially T20 team should be different with young energatic players only.

  9. hulk79 says:

    karachi or afridi lobby bohat active hain aaj kal misbah kay helaaf

    • Umair_Khan says:

      han sach h k ham Misbah se ziada Afridi ko pasand krtey hein but is time team mein 2 gruops baney huwey hein aadhi team Misbah ki taraf h or aadhi team Afridi ki taraf hein . or jab tak siasat rahey gi team Match nhi jeet paay gi……

  10. N khan says:

    mind na karna,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,misbah tuc tuc tuc k icc rank ma no 1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,give him a big trophy tuc tuc

  11. scorpio says:

    aik baat kahun???
    ap log mind to nhi karo gy???

    .BOOM BOOM MISBAH…:PPPP…lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. fahim abbas says:

    Misbah should be captain in only tests. he has rather no place in oneday and T20.

  13. scorpio says:

    pal mayn "tola" ,, pal myn masha hy anchor sab…….TOSHA nhi…:DDD

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