News Night with Talat – 24th feb 2012

News Night with Talat – 24th feb 2012

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  1. nab khab says:

    Hi evry1.talat is such an anchor.I wud really like to appreciate him on his fare n to the point,unbiased n independent journalism.he unlike other propaganda anchors go through the topic,scientifically and pin point the real issue.he has a proper program format,in which identify,analyse,evaluate and den sum up the program with some doable n concrete body else is of his caliber in today's journalism.I really like him for his decsency n respect him for not abusing our army instituions,but show the real face of our bit part of out media,specially those who utter there poison against army n isi,knowingly or unknowingly,on some buddies agenda or on da basis of lifafa journalism.I salute u talat hussain in presence of such bulshitt anchors,like sana bucha,saleem saafi,nusrat javed,mushtaq minhas,aasma shirazi,aasma jahangir so called social worker(agent) n the head of all non senses hamid Mir(non educated,black mailer,lifafa journalist).

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