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Lekin – 24th february 2012

Lekin – 24th february 2012

  • mr_nice

    I dont care what sana says in her prog, its worth to watch her, at least she is gorgeous ;)

  • nab khab

    Sana buchA always invite saad rafique,khawJa asif Or hamid Mir,who are by default against pti n most of all against pak army.although army may had done wrong decisions regarding militancy.but these guys will not show the other face of the picture.actualy these guys including bucha are here to defame n degrade our army n suppress any hope for change.they think that they r da only role models who can drive da nation.intact they r working on a specific agenda,to degrade n disrespect army n they include PTI in it as well.bullshitt.biased sana,zaroorat se ziada aqlmand n jazbati saad rafique n agent hamid Mir.bikaoo maal.apni sense se kaam lo.apni eemandRi se socho,imran khan hi solid,scincier n koam k liay kaam krnay wala dikhai day ga.so plz vote for him,vote for safer,sounder Pakistan.dnt let dese cruels rule us again.well done imran ismael.keep it up

  • Observer

    Who debarred PMLN from serving the people of Pakistan? They are a status quo party. Nothing good can be expected from them if they again come to power. They need to be ousted from power.

  • a niazi




  • Darma_adcho

    What damn POLITICAL STRUGGLE these MF Nawaz and Zardari did except screwing the people. Always heard that these political representatives are the slaves of their party's head but here is a clear example. Request to those medias is to get representative from a party which is clean. PLEASE. These are all MF's who will sell their mother and sisters for money.

  • NRP

    What a twisted anchor. Sana is useless.

  • rabbani

    all PTI ppl hav strong arguments here.. well done boys … i also read every comments here on programes.. u ppl r really brought minded bcz of this i also may join PTI in near future… thx boys

    • Arif Khan

      you are welcome sir, we ll appriciate your efforts for transparent pakistan. I also joined pti recently as i was not happy from my ex-party(PML-N) double standards for example; they support Zardari on every fair and unfair stances, 20v tarmim etc.

  • shahidali

    ager imran ismail sana bucha ko yeh keh deta ..ki nahi hum muzamat karte hai jo app ke baray mai aisa kehta hai ki app anti pti show chala rahi hai .phir imran ismail ka kya hhaal karna tha sana bucha ne yeh app log khoob jante hai ..woh bechari apne hi pehnke hue jaal mai phans gai …imran ismail ne khoob himmat dekhai openlly us ne jab kaha ki app anti pti show karti hai to sana bechari ki confusion dekhne wali thi …good job imran ismail

  • jawadahm

    Saad Rafiq says that PTI has only one decent person Javed Hashmi who left PMLN due to dictatorial policies of Nawaz Sharif and his mishandling and ungratefulness to this gentleman. All others have no political background. Can he name even one man, now in PMLN who has a clean political record and is respected by the people of Pakistan.

  • zubismart

    Sana bucha is a big whore….Well Done Imran Ismail…achhi class li dono ki….;)

  • seoul_yongsan




    N LEAGE SHOW……..


  • rollinaces

    Great Job Imran Ismael saab atlast we had some one who can defend PTI is this utterly biased show sana was saying when did she ever critisize PTI when there is no representative of them in the show and i have seen so many times myself when she critisise PTI and Imran khan when there is no PTI representative in the show and thats why i got furstrated and stop watching the show and only today wathced it cause of imran ismael cause he is very good !!!

    And to saad rafiq and sana bacha if they dont think there leader is corroupt then all they have too see is bbc documantory about Nawaz shareef from Ilford to Park Lane it is a big proof that how big a fraud they are .. but inshaAllah There time is over now pakistani people are awake now and they wil chuck them out where there empires and kids are doing businesses in jeddah london etc …

    Vote For Pakistan

    Vote for your Future

    Vote PTI

  • mojojojo62001

    Oops, I'm watching the show of biased and lifafa journalist again, but only in the luv of PTI :)


    SANA BUCHA IS 100% biased. When Saad Rafique said about disowning Imran Ismail replied with Kim barker and his next attack would have been Humza Shehbaz Wife who he disowned. She knew that and asked for immediate break. If Imran Khan did any thiing it was in America and that time he was not in politics. Best thing about Imran Khan is his apology whenever he commits any mistake. All other parties think they are all clean but inside they are full of corruption morally and financially.

  • sbajwa

    Saad Rafiq sakal say tu aik leader say ziyada kisi tangay ka kochwan nazar aati hay, jo dono hathoon say wag thamay sawariyaan dond raha ho. Issay aik Tanga bana lana chahiyah, phi Sana Buchi aur Asma Shirazi ko khoob sair kera sakta hay.

  • rabnawaz

    Imran ismail is second to Imran khan in the party to defend PTI. Imran shut offed Dirty Saad rafiq. Hats off for Imran ismail.


  • imranjajja143

    Hum sub ko tameez say baat krni chahiyay,we r the educated youth of pak
    Saad Rafiq na bohaat maaar khai ha musharraf dowr me.yes he did really hard
    Efforts against dictatorship.But now he is taking wronge train now we do disagree
    With him
    If any anchor speak against IK he get tough feedback from youth and paki people
    Now hopfully everything wil b oright soon inshallah
    I d,nt belive of Geo tv i think PTI must hve a back up plane for Geo tv
    I am sure they will do haraamkhoori in election days how hamid mir did against sheikh rashid

  • imrankhan

    Ye saala Imran Ismail Aur Iska leader itnay sher thay to Karachi main mqm ke khilaaf boltay na. Wahaan to unki phut jati hay. Simple si baat hay agar Imran ke pass Nawaz Shareef ke khilaaf Saboot hain to unko court main lay jaay Aur Qom ko pata chul jaay ga. agar sirf ilzaam laganay hain to phir society further divide ho jaay gi.
    Imran khan nay 4 maheenay Pehlay kaha tha ke Inko court main lay ker Jaaoun ga. bhai intezaar kiss baat ka? Imran kissi Aur ke sath tv pe nahien Aata lekin sheikh Rasheed ke sath aa jata hay kiya ye apna comparison ous se karta hay ? Jo apni seat nahien jeet Sakta Imran uske sath program karta hay Aur jo sabit shuda genuine politicians. Hain unse darta hay. Kiya ye khulaa tizaad nahien?

    • jahanzaib61733

      Imran sahib : Nawaz sharif ny officially apny party leaders ko MQM ky khilaf bayan dainy so roq dia tha jb wo government sy bahir ayey thay bcoz nawaz sharif ko is main mafad nazar a raha tha..plz double standard chor dain agar awam jo joi umeed nazar i hai to usy gumrah na karen

    • batan

      pmln walo tum zehni bimar ho . ager mqm ke bare koi bat naheen ki to tum logon ke peet kioon phool gai .society ke sath jo kuch tum logo ne karna tha kar lia ab chand mazeed intzar karo 29 ko faisla ho ga jhoote syasdan kon se heen . kaka zara ye to bata aj tak tumara bapu nwaz sharif kitne live talk show meen aia . sirf recard ing interwieo deta hey . HIMET hey to imran khan ka chalnge qabool karo . nwaz sharif ya zardari 1== 2 == 1 face kar sakte heen imran khan ka nahee