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Islamabad Tonight with Nadim Malik – 20th February 2012 Latest

Islamabad Tonight – 20th February 2012 Latest



  • iampatel

    There is a need… To SAVE Pakistan1.. the need that of mentioning QURAN – kalam-e-RABBI – IN OUR islamic CONSTITUTION. how?? We need an amendment to mention Quran in our constitution. And because our constitution was lacking that important amendment, there is so much corruption, because we had not provided the FEEZA or enviorment.. To govern any country with law and order – in an orderly fation – you need, in the ultimate analysis, #1 A boss who leads his team; #2 A CHAIR with two hands sitting there he uses his assigned power – so it is his this chair THE SYMBOL OF POWER…AND #3 A UNIT, AN OFFICE where an assigned activity occurs or takes effect.. EVERY COUNTRY – WE TOO – have these bosses, these chairs and these units in millions… Boss is always right.. HE CAN BE MORE RIGHT IN QURANIC FEEZA…because Quran is sheefa … We can provide an Islamic FEEZA by amending our constitution by mandatory providing three things. #1 that CHAIR’s both hands must be fixed with takhties containg two Ayah chosen by BOSS HIMSELF; #2 quran Majid must also be there on the wall just above boss,s chair and #3 THE PLEDGE.. must also be on the wall of boss.s office..it usually relates his activity…Some will point out what if boss is not muslim…I know from experience that Hindus, Sikh and Chritians have no problem with Quran…but obviously they may choose from Quran or from their books. The motive or the reason is only this, that boss may form a habit that of remembering ALLAH S.W.T. our Creator i.e. Creator of all. It is for this reason that America has by law provided IN GOD WE TRUST PRINTED ON Dollar. Muslims call Him jj ALLAH, OTHERS GOD..This constitutional Provision will guarantee two things; first the boss will form a habit to remember ALLAH JJ and as promised HE s.w.t. too will remember the boss and this relationship will prompt the millions of bosses do his duty justly as the entire Millat wants…The bosses and their two Ayah will become the talk of 5th branch THE MEDIA…Some may ask – What is the necessity? there is a need to bring Quranic protection to bosses, because every boss is a weak human being who is tempted by his own nafs and by Shaiytan…Quran can help him, because Ayah in Quran brings ALLAH s.w.t. to the minds and boss and Allah both comes nearer to each other. The amendment will help not only every BOSS, covering Executive, law makers, judiciary, but also semi-govt adaare too and even our sectarian brothers who currently is an obstruction in the way of Islami Nizaam…The amendment atleast introduce a culture called AYAH BASED CULTURE with benefits for which our hearts are yearning since creation of Pakistan. We dont want such slogan as ROTI KAPRA MAKAAN…people who invented them knew ROTI KAPRA MAKAAN is in the hands of Allah s.w.t. By becoming BAD BOSSES, they became thieves, dakuz and sinners and we all are responsible. But with AYAH culture every boss will be better muslims and start fearing Allah jj and remaining content on whatever salary Allah jj will give them, they will work 8-hours a day to earn HIS jj pleasurn, not anger which even can deprive them of their hand or a PANJA WHICH IS SHARIA PUNISHMENT. May Alla jj make us all better muslims and make our Pakistan a country whom entire world love as a best governed country