Agar – 12th feb 2012


Agar – 12th feb 2012

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  • 11111

    In balochastan many problem. I m balochi pakistani.

  • iampatel

    Public Demand – That Parliament bring an amendment to our Constitution to make our constitution an AYAH-BASED Constitution to help all Govt.functionaries. CLAUSE #1. The Chair is the symbol of Power and to enable the incumbent use his powers justly, according to the will of Allah s.w.t. and this constitution, the incumbent shall himself select two AYAH of Quranemajid and make two takhteez thereof and fix them on both hands of his chair. CLAUSE #2. The incumbent, in performing his duties, shall abide-by his PLEDGE hanged on the wall of his office above his powerfull Chair. CLAUSE #3. If the incumbent is Christian, Hindu, Sikh, he shall select two AYAH from Quran or from his religious book. CLAUSE #4. The punishment to the violators shall be according to the Shariah law of the times of Prophet Musa a.w.Note: If despite this amendment, this help to thaqnk Allah jj for a Govt.job, you will indulge in rishwatkhori, your hand will be cut and your preserved hand will be kept in the office you worked.

  • sohailakas

    I voletieryly lilike to feel the raot jìhewìart and to do do a psrt to become again oncea reat nation,fist in rìthen and than Pakisrìtan