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Sniper – Inside the Cross hairs Geomentary on Geo Tv

Sniper – Inside the Cross hairs Geomentary on Geo Tv

  • The Muslim Sniper

    اس سنائیپنگ کی فیلڈ میں انکی اپنی فراہم کردہ معلومات اور تربیتی مشورے انشاء اللہ انکے اپنے خلاف استعمال ہوں گے۔ اللہ نے پاکستانیوں کو خوب مواقع دیئے ہیں۔

    یہ پچھتائیں گے جلد، انشاء اللہ کہ انہوں نے حما قت کی تھی یہ ڈاکومنٹری بنا کر۔

    دعا کا طالب

    "سعد سنائپر"

  • The Muslim Sniper

    السلام علیکم۔

    اللہ اکبر ۔ اللہ نے ان امریکیوں کی مت مار دی ہے۔ ابھی انکو لگتا ہے بغداد سنائپر کو بھلانے کا طریقہ یہ ہے کہ صرف اپنے چند اکا دکا واقعات ، اس طرح سے پیش کئے جائیں کہ سب پر رعب طاری ہو جائے۔ مگر یہ بدھو نہیں جانتا ، اسکا الٹا اسے نقصان ہو گا انشاء اللہ

  • Emran

    It is inhuman to film the killing of people, and also highly unethical on moral grounds. Shame on US Army, Jeo Tv & Mir Khalil ur Rehman.

  • rizwansarwar

    How much you are paid for this mr. Khalil ur rehman

  • Tanha47

    Shame on you Geo, the puppet.

  • Pakistan a miracle

    If they have such heroics than why they were banished from Korea, why it took sooo long to turn down insurgency in iraq and why they are still engage in Afghanistan…..they are showing just one side and incomplete too, the other side is more lethal…Why they show only military operations, there are other examples, US president murder, south american's famous political icon's assassination, BB in pakistan and much more…..

  • unknown147

    Sala Geo TV American establishment ke pasoon pe chal raha hay
    Shame on Geo TV

  • shaheen-shah


  • sarc007

    Salaamz to all , By showing this on Pakistani Channel they are trying to make us afraid that they have these snipers whom they can unleash on us, if we don't accept their slavery. Allah is bigger than them. And we will only accept the slavery of Allah only. Their all dirty intentions and plans have failed to break Pakistan up. Now they are trying to play Balochistan card. Inshallah they will fail miserably.We have to be united in order to save the last fort of Islam i.e. Pakistan.

  • shezbaig

    So, instead of protesting that the US is making films to glorify their soldiers' ability to kill people in foreign countries they invade, we suffer the indignity of watching them on our TV? Why?

    Conversely, do they think showing this on Pakistan's TV will decrease the distaste for their wars in the population of Pakistan? I think people will simply hate them more.