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Khari Baat [Sohail Ahmed Azizi] Luqman ke Saath 7th Feb 2012

Khari Baat [Sohail Ahmed Azizi] Luqman ke Saath 7th Feb 2012

  • iampatel

    It is so sad indeed that in our 99% Muslim country we could not make it an Islami riyasat; on the contrary we broke it into two with making East Pakistan a Bangla-desh and to-day bringing it on the verge of a failed state. Also it is so sad that the govt. think has more, rather absolute powers and is frustrating Supreme Court's judgements. Today those whom we vote and entrust our country to rule, in ruling they steal and deposit the stolen money in Swiss bank; in ruling they keep on increasing prices of food and necessities of life needed by common man and,thus, making the rich RICHER. It is also so sad that we are divided by sects and by Imams although if they sit back and reflect, a realization can down upon them that sect's thoughts makes us love the world, not Allah (jj). If we sit back and think of why this plight of ours; the answer is: We have forgotten Allah (jj) and He (Rabbe-Kareem) has forgotten us. Our Prime Minister has a chair (of power) and both together forms a unit; and 14-times,sitting on chair, he flouted the court order to write that letter; because his chair had nothing on it to remind him of KHOFE-KHUDA..But if he had fixed two takhties containing two AYAH (translations) on his chair's both hands, his chair (of power) would have helped him, reminded him of Allah (jj) and not done a wrong thing that of finding out whether or not his President had in past done a wrong thing for which he was blamed. Because due to the prevailing sects,we can't have an Islami Riyasat, but we can have atleast a pure muslim govt. which must be an Ayah-based govt. From President to Prime Minister to an SHO of police station to a head of an Adaaraa & a head of an Unit in it; their (power) chair's both hands should contain takhties of just two Ayah of Quran chosen by the incumbent himself. I urge all editors and all talk-shows compares to please give thought on my proposal and start doing it themselves; and also demand that govt.must also do it so as to make it sure for all govt.servants due two Ayah right on their chairs not forget KHOFE-KHUDA.

  • 9teen4t7

    This is program of the Week. Best Guest and excellent topic. All talkshows should be like this. People are sick with besharam, begairat, behaya, jahil and lanti shakal politicians.

    • RAJOO-786


  • iampatel

    Imran: If you really want to break the status-quo, you need Allah’s (JJ) help. Since 45-years I have been asking Him (JJ) : “Is THIS the day?” – Imran I feel, by His (JJ) grace THAT DAY is around. At 82, when my time to go is not far, let me tell you a couple things. #1 Select two Quraqnic Ayah and make it’s translation and make two takhti and fix them on both hands of the chair you are sitting – Remember this: This chair and your body/existence is an unique unit. through which in your desire to serve Pakistan you will constantly need Alla’s (JJ) help and He (JJ) remembers those who remembers Him (JJ) and He (JJ) forgets those who forgets Him (JJ). Both Ayah will keep you reminded of Him (JJ) and keep you guided. Our Quaid was like you, but if you notice once he changed himself, he talked of Islam and fought for Pakistan and He (JJ) made him Rehmatullah.I have a feeling that Allah (JJ) has heard Duas of loved-ones of those innocents killed

  • ibensun

    both big name on one stage, ,
    God bless you gyes ,and thankx for jahad this is tru face of haq ,and kharibat
    good luck and take good measure for you safety.


    i m just turn five years old, i want to come to pakistan after watching tv i m scared , my mom told me we will come to our pakistan when honest ppl will take over from NAWAHB OF PAKISTAN , LADLA MUKHAN PUTER OF PUNJAB, NAWAZ AND BROTHERS,s shameon them sucking blood of poor nation , and poor police sleeping on street and and dying with dangy and shahbaz is popular for DIRTY LANGUAGE , you only have right for good life, i suggest them take just 10 minuts in dark room in think life after death.
    love u and god bless
    your five year old buddy

  • hassan789

    thanks thanks Lukman sb very very importent topic and program . thanks k kisi ne to postv way sy police walon ki realty ko expose kya , yahi such he jo ap ne dekhaya ya btaya …realty to is se b kahin ziada khofnak khe , boht bura hal he police mulazmin ka yaqin kern boht bura hal he …..un ko to apne haq k lye bolne ki bhi ijazat nai he wrna dismis from servic ……..kon boly aor kon razi roti se jaye …….to jb Gvmt apni security k departmnt ka khyal nahin rakhen gy to phir un se ap kya twaqo kr skty hn …….wo to phir is hi trah ka rwaya awam k sath rakhn gye .jo un k sath awam ya Gvmt rakhti he …her department main boht si schems chalai jati hen kisi ko lone deya ja raha he , kisi ko motrcycl dya ja rahe hn ,kisi ko cars di ja rahi hn ………boht kuch …..agr nahin to police demartmnt k lye kuch nai he . gvmt k pass ……ap yaqin kren police stations to hn hi police lines main pine ka pani nahin milta ……….saf pani tak nai he peni ko to phir ap kehte hn k wo 24 hour duty kr k hm se pyr se bolen to kese ……….her aam se aam insan b police wale ko apna mulazim aor noker smjhta he ….na ko respct krta he aor na koi help kerta he… duty pe mojud ho to koi bethne ko jaga nai deta koi pene ko pani tak nai deta balk mazaq uraty hn un ka log …………to phir ap un se kya twaqo kr skty hn k wo ap k sath police station main kese pyar se bat keren gay …….pleasssssssssss pleasssssssssss is topic pe 4 5 program aor kejye .pleasssssss lucman sb pleassssssss thanxxxxxxxxxxx alot for a niceeee n great topic ..ALLAH AP KO KHUSH RAKHE AMEEN

  • syedqudoos

    Good program, feel like going to a nearest duty man and hug him for the dirty work he is doing for us.

  • jannubaba

    good program
    vote for pti

  • Multani

    1% elite class in Pakistan is enjoying




    sugar mills


    hi-profile jobs

    30 & 70 million case fee

    free foriegn tours

    black money

    elite education system


    we 99% are facing


    bomb blast


    load sheding


    no jobs


    lower education system

    health issues

    only because we are voters

    a public msg by PTI youth


    Agar Pakistan Say Chand Munafiq Polititians (Siasi Leaders) Ka Khaatma Hojaye, Tu ALLAH Ki Qasim Pakistan Raato Raat Taraqee Karega,

    1)Haramkhor Zardari

    2)Munafiq Nawaz Ganja

    3)Munafiq Shahbaz Ganja

    4)Chor PM Gilani

    5)Munafiq Mulla Dieseli Fazool

    6)Mufadparast Ch.Brothers

    7)Qatil Altaf London Wala

    8)Easyload Baba Asfandyaar Dalaa

    9)Munafiq Ch.Nisar Mr.Bean

    • Ike

      Agar Pakistan Say Chand Munafiq Polititians (Siasi Leaders) Ka Khaatma Hojaye, Tu ALLAH Ki Qasim Pakistan Raato Raat Taraqee Karega,

      1)Haramkhor Imran "kan-jar" Khan

      2)Munafiq Nawaz Ganja

      3)Munafiq Shahbaz Ganja

      4)Chor Imran "badkirdar" Khan

      5)Munafiq Mulla Dieseli Fazool

      6)Mufadparast Ch.Brothers

      7)Qatil Altaf London Wala

      8)Easyload Baba Imran "taliban" Khan

      9)Munafiq Ch.Nisar Mr.Bean


    best episode and best topic.
    Both sohail ahmed and luqman sb discussed Police problems so nicely and simpatheticaly !!!!
    Aaj feqey ka gila bhi luqman sb ne door ker diya :) jo uus ko apney studio mein nahi gusney dety thay!!

  • a gowher

    It really makes me mad when more 70 % of the Police force in Lahore is being used for the security of Chief Minister, Ministers, Judges and Politicians.
    People are getting robbed and killed, women are being raped and kids are kidnapped for ransom while most of the Police are guarding these Bastards.
    It is shocking when a Prime Minister of Canada or England is travelling by road he is escorted by one or may be two squad cars while Nawaz sharif and Shahbaz Sharif alone have twelve hundred police for their security.
    This has to stop, out of 29000 police officers only 8000 are looking after entire Lahore while 21000 are guarding VIP's. This is unacceptable and criminal, if all these coward VIP's are so afraid of their own people than we do not need them,I hope they are all cleaned out of the surface of the earth.

  • maverick

    Mujhay Mubashir Luqman "Point blank" program say hi bohat passand hae, Mubashir aur Talat Hussain, dono marvelous journalist hain, jinsay aur journalists ko kuch sekhna chaye…..

    Media ki zimmadari awam ki tarbiaat kerna hota hae,jo yae log bohat ache terhan nibha rehay hain,Kash kay aur log jo sirf paid hain aur propegenda kay liaye programs kertay hain, awam aur humare society ki welfare kay liaye kam shuru ker dain, tu humare awam aise bure bhi nahi…..jo samjhay naa, humare awam ko sirf tarbiat ki zarorat hae…..

    Good luck Mubashir,keep it up man,you are a Jem of journalism…

    • nadia_shoyaib

      wonderfull comment & best comment for Mubashir Luqman

      Good luck Mubashir,keep it up man,you are a Jem of journalism…

  • batan

    mayoosi gunah hey . umeed pe dunia qaim hey . inshala PTI ke door meen tameer pakistan ho gi

  • kk

    The Hidden Truth……… :(
    i always look forward to see KHARI BAAT…….
    May Allah bless our Pakistan and its Nation…

  • humayunawab UK

    Mubasher saab very nice show very nice topic. its very nice to see that you highlighted very very important issue. its need of the hour. O Allah Hum bohot gunahgar han humain maaf fermiya….or hummara haal per raham fermiya…
    Sohail saab very nice. After this show I have much more respect for you…!!! I am very regular viewer of Hasbe hall. Your show on Sunday 5th of February was one of the best show of hasbe haal. Keep it up…..
    Take good care of yourself.
    Humayun Niaz UK

  • zaidi