Hasb e Haal – 29th December 2011


Hasb e Haal – 29th December 2011

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  • sufyan.ahmad

    fantastic programe
    jeo sohail ahmad

  • jimmy

    very nice shah mahmood

  • shasha

    please can somebody explain the below news. I am very much concernd about this

  • farooqgh

    Azizi is the best as usual. Junaid Saleem plz keep supporting Imran Khan. Aik akhari umeed hai Pakistan Bachaney k liye.

  • hassan334

    azizi ke tareef k lye alfaz nahi han

  • salman21045

    Wah Jeee Wah. Thanks so much for a trip down the memory lane. You reminded me of a my aunte's wedding about 45 years ago. Those were the glory days and golden values that we have left behind in the name of so called modernity.

    In fact, we have gone so far off the base that it is not even in our history anymore. I wish the people begin to realize what they have sacrificed in the name of so called Western Values; I wish we develop some respect for the old values and impart them to our children. Wah Azizi Wah; you are simply awesome.


    • buttmunna

      Salman bhai,
      really sweet memories no comparison with current system

  • shafiq

    Very nice parody of Shah Mehmood Qurashi by Shoail Ahmed No doubt he is parody master keep it up you are doing a great job to spread happiness in people of Pakistan

  • PTI_Japan

    PTI Rocks…

  • sialkotian786

    خدا کے لئے عمران خان کے ہاتھ مظبوط کرو
    یقین کرو عمران خان ایک اچھا محب وطن لیڈر ہے
    ہمارے پاس اس وقت کوئی اور چوآئیس نہیں ہے
    آپ ذہن میں صرف یہ رکھو کہ آپ اچھے کے لئے کوشش کر رہے ہو
    باقی جو کرنا ہائی اللہ کی ذات پاک نے کرنا ہے
    اللہ پر بھروسا رکھو اور ایک اچھے مسلمان کا ساتھ دو

  • zahid.rj

    azizi sahib hmary haan abh bhi yehi sistam hai shadi ka. bilkul jis tarha aap ny kaha.

  • umershahzad

    really a GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT ARTIST AZIZI UNCLE SO excellent performance .

  • jawad_arshad

    haha perfect copy of Shah Mahmood Qureshi
    Dont worry if InshaALLAH PTI wins Election then PM tu Imran Khan hi banay ga
    There are many other important seats for SMQ and Javaid Hashmi

  • (NICE_BOY)

    Aziizi Uncle 100Saal Geo, Excellent copy of SMQ,

  • Me Imran Khan Hun



  • sani123

    hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wha AZIZI wha teri kia bat hay very good copy of Shah Mahmood

  • danishah7156


  • moon05

    We are proud to be Pakistani, We love our country, We represent our country when we visit abroad.

    We trusted our political leaders and military dictators many time. These so called leaders think we are stupid and it is easy to make us fool.

    Hold on we were not stupid we trust you but you betrayed our trust. What you have done only two things, You made lot of wealth and assets for yourself and your next generation by corruption, this is one big acheivement for you, second acheivement is your successful dictatorship within your parties. After Benazir Bhutto, Asif Zardari next will be Bilawal and Asifa they changed their surname from Zardari to Bhutto tries to fool us no chance. Ex prime minister twice Nawaz Sharif, his borther Shebaz Sharif Chief Minister of Punjab many many times, next generation is ready in the form of Hamza Sharif, Mariam Sharif and Captain Safdar their son of law. Do not worry you made lot of wealth by corruption but you will go empty handed from this world. You keep asking foreigners and Pakistani who live abroad to invest in Pakistan but your own wealth made up by corruption you transfered it abroad, no one can beleive you.

    We beleive you but you did not respect us or our country so we are fed up with you. My country fellows are honest, hardworking and educated so we will like our leader to bwe like us. We will elect Imran Khan as our future prime minister of Pakistan why he is brave like us, he is educated like us, he is respectful like us, he is honest like us, he is man of words like us.

  • imranmunir88

    Good show…..
    nicely balance show..
    every thing is there….keep it up girl and guys…
    i like u
    PTI Zinda BAD
    Imran munir

  • kashafitaly

    aaj ka program bot acha tha ur wo jo ap ne bate bati thi parane waqat ki shadi ki muje bt achi lagi main ne hesi shadi dekhi hohi hai bot aacha laga parani bate sun kar

    ur best hasb e ehall time long life

  • ImsPak

    Great programme , long live Azizi you are fantastic,

  • frasky23

    greattttt azizi……..allha apko khosh rake dono jahan me

    vote for PTI




  • M4Mussi

    Jab Sa Is Dunia Ma Ay

    Halat Na Sara Din kam kariya

    Phir Thursday Ay

    Azizi hasb e haal Lay

    Sab ko khoob Hasia

    sara Thakan Door Kariya

    Bara maza Ay :D

    Wa AZAZI Wa

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    Azizi zindabad