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Capital talk on geonews – Asfand yaar wali exclusive interview – 28th december 2011

Capital talk on geonews – Asfand yaar wali exclusive interview – 28th december 2011





  • Shahzadriaz

    aik zardari sub pay bari

    • http://www.hotmail.co.uk pml n

      aik zardari soo bamari

    • jubilantks

      Allah sab se bara hay… yeh naara kufr hay

  • waseemullah

    nice show… good question from Hamid and response from AWKhan…
    No one is perfect…
    We should think objective rather subjective….

  • speaktruth

    may khud KPK se hun ye asfandiyar bht jhoota shakha hai es ne abhi pathano ke liye kuch b nai kia hai sirf corruption ki hai or yeh asfandiyar kamina mujh ko ek hospital,school,college ya orad bataye jo es kamino ne banyi ho ek university en logo ne banayyo9 hai bacha khan ke nam par waha b sirf ANP wale parhte hain or kisi adm b nai detay agar ho b jati hai to ethne paise hote hain ke middle class banda b nai sakta khuda yeh khusraa hijra mujh ko kahi mil jae na may esko maar dunga jhote ka bacha

  • abu Zakir

    These Politician and senior media anchor are property of the country, Asfandyar Wali spoke well and he is a clean politician. We should correct our language.

  • Pak.Voice

    Why Hamid Mir so much scared in front of Asfandar
    :D common brave man he Will not shoot you in front of camera

  • hilal

    Imran will bring revolotion with Qasoories, Qurrashies, Hashmiis who are not democratic???? i respect Imran but let wait for up coming elections. every one will see his/her own results. if people of Pakistan select Imran Khan, all the democratic like people will respect but remember Imran cant do any thing.

    • IK.Tiger

      Oh ch**tia, IK had national party, anyone can join. Why should he close doors to Pakistani. Regarding taking old politicians, he is not giving tickets. All new are joining on PTI manifesto not vice verse.

      And remember, it is always a leader not followers who bring change. This is so simple, you idiot cannot understand. now, get lost.

  • Concerned Pakistani

    Were you too afraid to ask tough questions? Khan sahib is very capable.
    People feel that you are losing your impartialaty
    Khan Sahib, please don't ruin your credibility by defending wrong Gilani
    Statements. Please listen his speech again!
    PM made a mistake and one should gracefully Admit.