Capital talk on geonews – Asfand yaar wali exclusive interview – 28th december 2011


Capital talk on geonews – Asfand yaar wali exclusive interview – 28th december 2011

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  • Shahzadriaz

    aik zardari sub pay bari

    • pml n

      aik zardari soo bamari

    • jubilantks

      Allah sab se bara hay… yeh naara kufr hay

  • waseemullah

    nice show… good question from Hamid and response from AWKhan…
    No one is perfect…
    We should think objective rather subjective….

  • speaktruth

    may khud KPK se hun ye asfandiyar bht jhoota shakha hai es ne abhi pathano ke liye kuch b nai kia hai sirf corruption ki hai or yeh asfandiyar kamina mujh ko ek hospital,school,college ya orad bataye jo es kamino ne banyi ho ek university en logo ne banayyo9 hai bacha khan ke nam par waha b sirf ANP wale parhte hain or kisi adm b nai detay agar ho b jati hai to ethne paise hote hain ke middle class banda b nai sakta khuda yeh khusraa hijra mujh ko kahi mil jae na may esko maar dunga jhote ka bacha

  • abu Zakir

    These Politician and senior media anchor are property of the country, Asfandyar Wali spoke well and he is a clean politician. We should correct our language.

  • Pak.Voice

    Why Hamid Mir so much scared in front of Asfandar
    :D common brave man he Will not shoot you in front of camera

  • hilal

    Imran will bring revolotion with Qasoories, Qurrashies, Hashmiis who are not democratic???? i respect Imran but let wait for up coming elections. every one will see his/her own results. if people of Pakistan select Imran Khan, all the democratic like people will respect but remember Imran cant do any thing.

    • IK.Tiger

      Oh ch**tia, IK had national party, anyone can join. Why should he close doors to Pakistani. Regarding taking old politicians, he is not giving tickets. All new are joining on PTI manifesto not vice verse.

      And remember, it is always a leader not followers who bring change. This is so simple, you idiot cannot understand. now, get lost.

  • Concerned Pakistani

    Were you too afraid to ask tough questions? Khan sahib is very capable.
    People feel that you are losing your impartialaty
    Khan Sahib, please don't ruin your credibility by defending wrong Gilani
    Statements. Please listen his speech again!
    PM made a mistake and one should gracefully Admit.

  • sajjad pervaiz

    Mir sahib, I think this is ur first show which is totally bakwaas because of ur third class guest who is very big chamcha of corrupt Zardari.

    • hilal

      Either you weep, cry or laugh, you must accept that Asfandyar Wali khan is the great man. you didn't watch interview and wort comments. Try to make your mind democratic. Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Fazal REhman Asfandyar are public representative. they are not like badly rejected by the people "Shikh Rasheed"

  • IK.Tiger

    Go and lick Zardari's shoes and balls, which you and your party has been doing for the last 4 years. And also be part of massive killings of Pushtoons

  • hum sub

    nice show
    positive thought provoking

  • pml n

    seems decent guy , can`t understand why he is supporting Zardari?

  • waleed74

    hami meer k maze hen aaj kal…kbi asif zardari ki side pe bethe hote hen or kbi us k ittehadiyo k interviews..lekon sach to ye hey k Hamid Meer ne koi b swal HAZARA k bare men nai kia…ANP ne jo 8 banday qatal karwaey they wahan us ka zimmadar kon hey…ye ANP wale iqtidar k nashe men andhe ho gaey they…ham sab HAZARA walo k liey ANP or PMLN dono mardood hen…lekon kb tak???
    Sooba Hazara ban k rahe ga…
    Allah kre PTI aey or in dono se hmari jan bakhshi ho..

  • Ambassador

    For America, Zarsari is a used "TOILET PAPER"

  • mohd sajid

    hamare mulk PAKISTAN ko tabbahi dehanay tk phoncahany
    ma PPP govt ke sath ANP aur MQM baraber ki shareek hn .

    Phechano in Mufaad Paraston ko , Yeh AWAAM se MUKHLIS nahi hn .

  • BuTurabu

    "Dead Man Talking" اج ای ویکھو

  • jubilantks

    its sorry that one who speak for democracy, anti establishment rule & rule of law is termed as GHADDAR……
    but we should show courage & parties never say not to address the Jlasas….
    most important in democracy is to serve the people; asfand yar sb. this government has failed… this the most hard comment for these people. and U r the part of government….
    not only they failed but the crashed the institutions,,,, every body knows about the WORST CONDITION OF THE PAK RAILWAYS…. he is minister from 4m ur party, who bowed down railways for the road transport growth….. HAVE U EVER ASKED HIM WHAT IS GOING ON IN UR MINISTRY?????

  • Sarfirooosh

    munafiq chehray per sharafat ka mask charake awaam ko bewaqoof banakiliye phir se manzar per agiya hai! Tamman masoom pathano ka khoon is indian agent ke ser hai!

    • Chaudhry Lamlaat

      Maasoom Pakhtuno kay Qatal ka Zimmadaar ISI hay aur unkay Tattoo Taaliban & Alqaida… ANP nay tho in Dehshatgardo ka Bahaduri say Muqabla kiya hay… Kiun Haqeeqat ko jhutla rahay ho merey bhai ??? Bas karo ye negative Propaganda. ANP na hoti tho aaj Taalebans & Alqaida kay Log Peshawar & Pindi pohanch chukay hotain…!!

      • Sarfirooosh

        door ke door sohanay !

        bhai aap bahut door behte ho aur is kaminay indian agent ki asliyat se bekhaber ho!!

        • salamshah

          we dont want taliban as your are defending them all the time, I am Pakhtun myself and I am not ANP lover but people like you are the main culprit in destroying Pakhtuns. The good thing ANP did to took strong stance on fighting those barbarians. This Ghadaarr thing is gone now spreading your lies. We Pakhtuns are rising and understand the politics. We will not be used anymore for others.

  • RisingPakistan

    daaman pe koi chhiint, na Khanjar pe koii daag
    tum qatl karo ho ke karamaat karo ho…

    WAH WAH isfund yar Kitnay Itminan or Saffaei se Qoom ki ankhon me Dholl jhook rahe ho … Tmharay jaise ka Time khtam AB RAAJ KRE GE KHALQ e KHUDA……… ALLAH ne tmhari ot tm jaisoon ki rassi ab mazeed lambi nahe krni.. INSHALLAH

  • batan

    haji hamed meer sahib ap wazahit farmieen ge ke jab marvi memon ne imran khan ko kaha chal jhoote … us waqet ap kahaan thee wese marvi ne clear kar dia hey lakon ham to ap ki bat par yaqeen kareen ge is lie ke ap ne mashala taza haj kia hey

  • Chaudhry Lamlaat

    It is a very great and honest interview and answers from Mr. Asfandyar Wali Khan. He is a true gentle-man and belongs to the most respected political family of the region. I admire ANP's consistent fight against the Terrorists in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Karachi. The elders of ANP had given great sacrifices to liberate the sub-continent from British Raj. And with the same zeal, they are giving sacrifices for the country and its people. I think that in the current adverse security situation in the country, the govt of ANP in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has done alot especially in Malakand & Swat region.

  • wisewarrior1

    Being a neutral viewer and analyst, I truly admire Mr Wali. Because at least he have not defended Mr Bilour like others do their MNA'S and MPA'S.
    And we also know that they are not anti-pakistani, we solute your 367 workers and leaders who been martyred in this 3 1/2 years for the sake of our beloved country.
    I believe you, but its a reality as well that not yourself, but PPP, PML-N and ANP still have to do a hard work to remove the stain of corruption and corrupt party members.
    Pakistan zindabad
    Regards from a punjabi and PTI-supporter from England.

  • khan_baba

    Doosto sachaye ki wizahat nhen krni parti awam khud mehsoos kr lete hain keh yeh bat sach hy ya jhoot. Yeh PPP wale jitni marzi wizahat kr len yeh sab jhoot bolte hain kyon keh in ki ferformance ap ke samne hy. We just like IMRAN KHAN aur kisi ko nhen


  • moon05

    Last 30 years we tried twice military dictotorships (Zia-ul-Hag and Musharaf) and many times PPP (Benazir and Zardari) and PMLn (Federal and Punjab Governments).

    Differents Governments but result is same Pakistan is not progressing infact slowly its economy is sinking. During all above mentioned period wealth of these military and civil dictators wealth incresed a lot. what a joke when Pakistan's economy and most the business suffered loses their businesses made lot of profit. Thanks to well planed corruption. At that we did not have a choice there were only two parties and there was no democracy within those parties. Now we will not make mistake, we will elect

    Imran Khan as our next Prime Minister who is educated, brave and tested during cricket, construction of cancer hospital and private university where 90 percent student receive free education.

  • salamshah

    Very Straight Forward and Honest Answers. Good Interview.

  • iftikhar1hrp

    Huge difference between PTI and all other parties, Imran khan always go to TV talkshow studios for interview but all other parties head even opposition leader WIG WALI SARKAR Ch Nisar call anchors to their homes for interview.
    My leader better then all parties head. IMRAN KHAN we love you

  • idrees

    very nice interview but i still like pti

  • adam197

    Asfand yaar wali go and wash asif ali zardari shoes best job 4 u

    stupid and liar