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Pakistan Peoples Party Jalsa at Garhi Khuda Baksh Larkana

Watch Pakistan Peoples Party Jalsa at Garhi Khuda Baksh Larkana

Aitzaz Ehsun Speech at Garhi Khuda Baksh

All Videos of PPPP Jalsa at Larkna Will be Added here.Keep Visiting This Post.

  • ameerbux

    ham balawl ka sat ha 03313347633 ameerbux matli

  • usman

    oye zardari raat ko sotty waqt 5 mint mout aur qaber ko yaad kr laina khud he insan ban jao gay

  • imzi

    all brother and sister..if you abusing someone it shows your character and your value..so wait and see the result of election..and everyone have a write to support there political leaders..but remember we are PAKISTANI and we are brother and sisters…so please be mature and learn..

    • Sialkotian

      Dear U r right all the pakistanies r sisters & brothers?but Zardari and his team knows about it,No Gas,No Electrecity,No CNG,railway finish PIA fishish even in this country not AATA?Zardari Govt have no control on economy,poor person r suisides ,bilawal zardari now bilawal bhuto zardari,pm wife shoping bill is more then 800000 in pound and how in this cirsumstance any body control himself???????

  • dunboy

    i have no words ……………..just pray for my pakistan GOD SAFE MY PAK

  • mr_abbottonian

    kyun bura bhala kehte ho bechaare ko thode din k liye to aya hai jail se phir chala jaye ga………..mehmaan hai yaar…lol

  • shawaad

    dude he was right and theres no doubt about zardari indeed is kutta or even worst

    • janijaniali

      ap logo pe lanat he
      q ke ap bhi to pakistan ke dushman he dusro ko kiya khe te hun

  • Leo

    Dear Mr. patrioticpk
    Everyone has the right to say what he/she feels about something, and there is no need for you to forget all you manners and start publishing rubbish. I am surprised as to where are the moderators? Why don't they censure such non sense? If this becomes the style of speech and writing, and people start addressing each other by saying KUTTA and all this filth, then what sort of communication is going to ensue?
    Moreover, you seem to me quite insane as well. To begin with, you have written, "sorry bro (brother) and then later you have called a writer kutta. May I ask you what is the brother of a kutta?
    For God's sake, learn patience and the art of agreeing to disagree……!!!

  • Sindhiboy

    Actually Zardari has done a good job as compared to our past leaders…..and I dont know why people are supporting Imran Khan so much, I think he talks big with no policies. I am thinking he will be a big failure than zardari if he comes to power.

    • patrioticpk

      Sorry to Say Bro..KUTTA Always Support KUTTA..If You Think You Are Not KUTTA Than Please Dont Compare Lion (Imran Khan) With Well Know Dog (Zardari).


    • Sialkotian

      U told us that "why peoples sport the imran khan?becuse he is not corroupt he dont use the name of anybody he is net & clear but Zardari is using the name of dead bhotto name he is on one corrupt president of the word,you sindhies are idiots u through the vote in bhotto grave but u r childrens sleep without foot,tum log bhotto ku marny k bad b vote dheyte hu or zardari ,bilawal zardari ku bilawal bhotto zardari ban kar ley aya hai,wo kehta hai k "kitny bhotto maro gey har ghar say bhotto nikly ga" tu es ka matlub hei k har ghar say vote nikly ga hukumat tu enu nay hi karni hai so for changing u r life ,chang u r mind….

      • https://www.facebook.com/drshahzeb.mastoi DrShahzeb Mastoi

        cool down man cool down go and see the past history of pakistan what punjab did with all the three provinces of pakistan in past history go and don't abuse us sindhes mind your language go and find out why mujeeb ur rehman slogan was just i will get betrayal from punjabis its all on record how this alone province controlled and enjoyed all resources of this country how their living peoples are more rich than all other provinces why rest of all provinces peoples took guns to fight against their rule go and record and history of this country just a one example sui gas obtained from balouchistan sibi and it was not available in balouchistan's capital even after 15 years of its discovery though it reached in each and every city of punjab even in peshawar but not in quetta if thats not injustice than what else left go and see the past than you will get answer why we vote this bhutto and his family this is not true that we all love our country and land and we believe we are brothers but what we get in results is not brotherly may ALLAH protect this country where their is no justice……


    zordari kutta i dont have batter word then this.u ideot speching behind the bulletproof glass frunt of ur own people and imran khan in karachi inside the people he was speaking becoz he is the awami leader he dont scare people love him. u basterd when u gona died babar awan spared sweet when bhutto died i will spred sweet when u will go to hell

    • jani

      agar zarzdari kutta he to ap kiya he

  • hopeful pakistani

    ….@ efkar….

    just brilliant stuff you have there for people to laugh…..

    have you ever thought about becoming a comic writer…if you are not one already…?

    • efkar

      Like you, we all are hopeful pakistanis and should not hesitate to contribute with whatever we can to spread a little sunshine in the darkness we are facing. I wish there were more people like Imran, in fact in every party, so we could get to the light at the end of the tunnel faster, no matter what

      I am not a comic though a lot of people think I do look like one.

      In case you don't have a PML tattoo on your body, here are the attributes of the 3 PPP media darlings I wrote up just now:

      SO UNHINGED Fauzai Wahab: Won’t hesitate to deep-breathe Zardari’s emissions claiming them the most elegantly perfumed since partition.

      SO JEALOUS Uzma Bukhari: You could shave a monkey’s @ss, stamp ‘PML’ on it and she will turn green with envy. In fact, unless you stamp UB on it you will get the same results.

      SO CONCEITED Sharmilla Farooqui: Would compete with a diarrhea-stricken elephant’s behind and tell it to shut up if she can]t win.

      PS. In case you do have a PML tattoo please don't go to Indiai. Go to Saudi Arabia instead.

  • ranaahmed2000

    at this time this video got already over 120 comments and i read most of them, belive or not 99% are against zardari,
    I am wondering after disliking this video so much from public wht the hell this video doing in TOP Videos??????
    please answer???
    yeah tu aysay hi hogaya hai .. baita ma say : Ma mera nam sab say pehlay aaya hia .. but bottom say…

  • kacjs

    ZEMTV plzzzzzzzzzz take this man out from top for god say remove him.put imran khan on top.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • unknown

    Pehlay qatle karo aur phir fateha parho, what a topi drema.

    The president making fool of poor nation. CHORI AUR SEENA ZORI.

    One day Benazir came in Zardari’s dream and asked:

    Benazir: Man kis ke haath pe apna laho talash karoon?

    Zardari: Mman hoon na.