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Front Line with Kamran Shahid [Exclusive Special Program with Tahir ul Qadri] – 14th December 2011

Front Line with Kamran Shahid – 14th December 2011

  • dawatelallah

    jub se yeh qaenat bni hai yeh ALLAH ka qanoon hai ke jub jub insanoun ne apne ap ko 100 fised ALLAH aur waqt ke nabi ke hwale kea hai ALLAH rabbul izzet ne un ke sare dunya aur akhirat ke maslo ko hal kea hai yeh muslman ke lea ALLAH ka qanoon hai agar aj be hum apne ap ko ALLAH aur us k rasoll S.A.W ke hwale kar den ge to ALLAh pak hume zmeno asman ke khilafat ata farmea ge jese sahab ko farmae the warna ALLAH apne qanoon k mutabiq hume kafiroun k hwale kar den ge ke maro ine in ke garoun main gus kar maro aj halat hmare samne hain yehi pakistan balke pori dunya agar aman chahti hai to wo ap S.A.W ke shereat e mutehra main hai

  • atsources

    I think Dr. Qadri is very right in his opinion, because it is not possible for any person to remain fair with the nation after spending more than 200 million rupees during his/her election campaign. First he/she will recover the money he/she had spent and then he/she will think about the nation.
    So first of all this system has to be changed then fair, dedicated, honest and efficient people will come on front line.
    I suggest to Imran Khan to join with Dr. Tahir ul Qadri and put your effort to change this corrupt electoral system first.
    This is the only shortest and possible way to make the prosperous Pakistan.

  • farooqgh

    comments perh ke peta chala abi ess nation mein shaour bohet door ki baat hai. Abi ye apni halat badalna nei chahatey.

    • Wafoor

      Qaum ko shaoor aaya hai tabhee to aisay aailmo say dooor jaa rhay hain jinka Islaam say koi bhee taaluq nahien hai. Shaikh Ul Khabaais Dr Prof Tahir Ul Paadri Raees Ul Munafiqeen.

      • Jan Khalid


        Aapko ikhtelaaf hai no problem lekin is tarah ki zuban istemaal karna kisi bhi muslim ko zaib nahin deta. Ikhetlaaf kisi ko bhi ho sakta hai magar ALLAH ne humain iski ijazat nahin dee keh hum ghaleez zubaan istemaal karain.

  • Jan Khalid

    @drmmunawar FULLY Agreed with you my bro.

    Inka matlab hai keh jab sab (PPP,PML-N, PML-Q etc etc) loot khasoot rahe hain to main peeche kyun rahoon.

  • drmmunawar

    whats he doing in america.is cia now planing to mdernise islam

    • genial

      dear bro! thanks for gud question but he is not in amrica actually dr.qadri has been delivering his speeches all over Pakistan for approximately 25 years on all subject regarding Islam and Pakistan after that he wants a peaceful palace to work n research on Quran, Hadith and all challenges Islam is facing from world. People wants Islamic point of view. u can look who is defending Islam all over the world. Here in Pakistan people wants him to speech and meet with him and if he told them i m busy in different projects they get angry. so he went out for 5 years to complete his projects. like quranic translation, Serat ul rasool, for detail visit http://www.minhaj.org. thanks

      • Jan Khalid

        But why he is indulging himself in politics ? he is good where he is now.

  • umert


    he don't know what he is talking, confuse by him self, very week personality, Allah aise Alimo ko sahii rah dekhayea

  • bilal sh

    imran khan b hukumat kr lay badly ga kuch ni
    kion k wo jagerdaroon or choron ko he ticket dy ga
    Dr.sahib bilkul thek keh rhy hain jo log 15 karoor lga kr election larty hain wo
    15 arab kamana chahty hain na k awam ki khidmat.
    baqi galian dena to hmari qom ka shewa ha isi ly to sari dunya inhy gali deti ha

  • usmanbest2

    Mr. Tahir ul Qadri has rightly said that, Politics KARO YA TO phir business karo, politics and business saath saath nahi chal sakta

  • BuTurabu

    ”ا اللہ ہماری اِن کالی اور لال ٹوپیوں والے مداری نُما مولویوں سے جان چھُڑا“ ۔۔۔بولو ”آمین“

  • Multani

    any person who been arrested and jailed,

    he has right to rule and govern in Pakistan

    this is PPP


    bilawal, even dont knw about 200 gram DAAL Chana, 100 gram ghee 100 gram sugar among 6 family members…

    & i think he never had such lower class meals too…

    where begherat awan takes 30 million case fee,

    is ppp voice of poor peoples?

    u think bilawal shud be prime minister?

    hamza shehbaz shud be prime minister?

    son of gilani shud be prime minister?

    this is our political system


    sorry to be a voter of PPP

    & proud to be an aware Pakistani….

    Tehreek Zindabad

  • zulfikar

    kya doctor qadari pakistan ane se darte hai. agar nahi to pakistan aye or awam ko jagaen.

  • naseer_491

    Just IMRAN KHAN……………….

  • sheraz

    ham ne allah ko koye mahraja samaj leya hi dil keya to saltanat da dee dil keya to cheen le allah ke haqumat us k kanoon ne musheyyat se hi melte or chente hi.ye jute log kahte han k in ke pass hal hi hal serf us ke ketab me hi or wo allah ka kanoon hi.or us k bare me wo kahta hi k allah ke rasse (quran)mazbute se pakar ke rakko or ferke mat banao.es leye apna nasbul aan serf quran apna emam quran or ledar b quran or ye hi mufte hi kyun k ye mukammal hi batel na es k agee se aa sakta hi na peche se pehle ketaboon me b ye hi tha or tamam rasoolon ko b ye hi mela tha.jo es me hi serf us hi ka heesab hona hi jo nahi hi wo allah se bool se nahi rah gaya balke us ne wo hamari shakse azadi par chor deya hi kyon k ye deen alamger hi tamam dunyan k logon ne es me shamel hona hi

  • sheraz

    salam hazoor pak(S.A}ne tamam zendge mehnat ke or deen or dunya ko sath sath rakkah ye loog loogon ke kamaye per ash karne wale kisi ka duk kya jane neem hakeem khatraye jan.allah koye hamara hukmran nahi k rooz apni ayat badalta rahe allah ke har ayat allah ka kanoon hi or kanoon serf us wakat badelta hi jab us me koye khami ho .allahk kanoon atal hi.allah ayat badalta nahi pher pher ker lata hi or jo en jasi shatan seft loog deen me tabdili karte han us ko mansook kar ke apni ayat ko mohkam karta hi ya us jasi melte julte ayat le ata hi (mesal k tor per)word hi rahena es ka matlab hama cherwaha hi to munafiq loog zaban ko tool de kar raeena kahte es leye allah ne kaha k raeena nahi unzurna kaha karo

  • Afridi420

    Wow I cannot believe we have people in Pakistan who follow the likes of Amir Liaquat. Watch and question : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfOQK6khVxg

  • WellBalanced

    I am sick and tired of Mulas..

    • arif rana

      Sir don't put all of them in one basket, there are some good one too, and i believe Dr. Qadri is one of them, even though i do not agree with some of his ideas and points. but i can not deny that fact that he has spent most of his life studying and seeking knowledge, you could not compare him with those MULAHS who have no knowledge, and most of them don't even show any manners when they communicate, its very easy to spot them out. hope you know the difference too. by the way it won't be bad idea my dear, if you apologize for your comment.

      • WellBalanced

        Sir, I know Mr Qadri for a long time now and I don't live very far from his Minhaj ul Quran. Mr Qadri is an extremely intelligent person and he is running his "business" extremely well.

  • Waqasuddin al-Pakist

    There is no hope for Pakistan. The Establishment (both military and civilian) have co-opted the real Revolution of Pakistan which would have been violent and radical as all Revolutions must be. I fully understood this when I met Zaid Hamid in Rawalpindi and asked him to begin an armed insurrection against the traitors in power and he refused! This even though he is an Establishment figure. It is when he refused to send me to Afghanistan either and told me to create a facebook account that I got depressed and left Pakistan. Had I given up my job and spent thousands of dollars to travel to Pakistan alone only to find out that not only were "my people" not ready for a real Revolution but in fact didn't even want it? Mai Pakistan kya thela khol nay iya tha? Or was I supposed to live with my nani?

    Now the true Revolutionaries have no option but to reject this anti-Revolution that Mr. Qadri is talking about (just as we rejected that phony Imran Khan who lives in a 300 acre mansion when thirty million of his fellow countrymen are landless peasants!). I absolutely dislike Mr. Gandhi's nonviolent philosophy and I hate Imran Khan's "dharna maar" tactics and ALL that they stands for. And I'm beginning to hate Pakistan because I have begun to see its people for what they are. Was I thinking about giving up my life for these greedy and dishonest people? The anti-hero's of history! Pakistan, you must have a real Revolution or be destroyed! A real Revolution would not only topple our dysfunctional political model but must tackle our rogue capitalist mimicry of other nations as well. The real Revolution would lead millions to their doom. As it should. Only that will have the power to rescue Pakistan from the abyss. Otherwise you can have the soft evolution poppycock that people keep on peddling in order to save their own hides and the anarchy and chaos will go on indefinitely! Post Revolution policy must be what I have said it should be in my previous post. Both in terms of economic policy and foreign policy vis a vis Central Asia. Everything else the true Revolutionary Nationalists reject as a farce!

  • arif rana

    Is not true that Imran khan also rejected this political system, that's why he once boycott the election too, and now he is saying that the election should be fair and working very hard towards this goal, i would love to see Dr. qadri joining Mr. Imran khan as he wishes the same, so come on Dr. Qadri this is the time come and join us (the nation) we need people like you and imran khan.