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Front Line [Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan] with Kamran Shahid – 6th Dec 2011

Front Line [Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan] with Kamran Shahid – 6th Dec 2011

  • sakiib

    YOu are a Great Man Dr sahib………..We proud of u…Allah Bless U……….You did a great job……..



  • ahmadfaizan89

    dr sahib we all pakistanis love you from our heats and this love and respect for always
    please join pti for your pakistani sons

  • mutahhar

    We love you Dr. Abdul Qadeer
    He is a man a Great hero of our Nation and Muslim ummah…….
    I salute him….
    Dr Abdul Qadeer my favorite personality at present

  • asdf123

    dr sahib we all pakistanis love you from our heats and this love and respect for alwayes
    please join pti for your pakistani sons

  • RAQ

    My dear Anchor: I hope that i will not be wasting my time while writing these lines:-

    1. Pl ask your parents that how they snatched this homeland PAKISTAN from hindus and Jews. How many sacrifices were laid to build this home to have a shed for all of us and for our coming generations.

    2. After yours parents you must thankful to this gentleman Dr Qadir, who by the grace of Allah SWT make my motherland UNEXPLORABLE. Even now super powers of todays time think THRICE to go for any adventure against PAKISTAN.

    3. My son see, look at India how they grade their Nuclear Scientist Dr Kalam and you who donot know even how to tie your trouser were takling to Dr Qadeer that he is a criminal. Shame on You.

    4. Learns some manner if you cannot than pl do not go for interviews of GREAT pers like Dr Qadeer Khan…………….

  • zak

    Yaar shaid…baath tho karni athi nahi tujhe ye tho path hai hame… kam se kam apna pair niche kar ke tho bait.jis admi ke samne baitha hai thu teri auqaath nahi hai uske samne baitne ki wo tho hero hai …teri auqaath tho hamare pass aik paid stupid ancher ke sawaye kuch nahi hai

  • mrkabikabi

    Mr. Kamran Shahid Remember on thing, Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan is our national HERO…. The way you taking with him was showing that you are the judge and he is the criminal… you don't deserve such a programs…

    LOVE Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan

    Love Pakistan

  • saqib_0001

    next president of pakistan

  • builtforkil

    Dr. Qadeer. Great person. We love you Dr. Sahib.

  • jsiddiqei

    DR.ABDUL QADIR KHAN We all love you

  • Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

    The Voice of the Motherland
    Ehsan Elahi Ehsan
    (written and published in 1999)

    I am proud of my sons, I am proud of you
    Now I can say that I am one, the mother of such sons
    Who can defend every inch of mine
    Who can face the storms of time
    Who can stand on Sia Chin Peaks
    Who can hit their Ghauris right
    Into the enemies arrogant sight
    Who can target with Shaheens,
    Their open or their hidden foes
    Whose scientists like Qadeer are there
    To make this nation great and strong
    My sons are not my sons alone
    They are the sons of truth
    Whose virtue, valour, love and strife
    Is known all across. Whose youths
    Are full of love and zeal, whose old are wise
    And serene, whose women like their men are
    Daring and brave, whose children are the
    Blooming springs of hopeful future bright
    Now I can say that I am one
    The mother of such sons
    I am proud of you my sons, I am proud of you.

  • arif rana

    Kamran Shahid where are your manners, don't you realize who this great person is ? i am so disappointed, Look at Us how we treat our national Hero like Dr. Qadeer khan, the person we should be carrying on our shoulders we treat him like criminal and even tried to put him in the jail, and the person who should be in the jail, like zardari, we made him our President. SUBHAN ALLAH, that's why i am going to vote and support Imran Khan as i believe he would do some justice in this god forsaken country of Mine.

  • asim-kamboh


    pakisatn & Dr Abdul Qdeer Khan.

    we all pakistani love u so much.

    u r hero of pakisatn.

  • dako

    kamran shahid baandar ka bcha …… kisi izat dar admi se baat kerne ki tameez nahi …….ager isi chawal ko hilary ke agey bhitha do to is ki waheen tatttiii nikal gae

  • Dr.Ridhwan

    Dr AQ KHAN is like Our spiritual father, we love him from our souls. we born listening his name . we grew up listening his. if pakistan has any hero . one if it has to be decided its not that coward, hypocrat Mush, who sold our country at one call at midnight BUT DR. ABDUL QADIR KHAN. LOVE HIM IF U THINK U ARE A PATRIOT

  • patriotic7007

    I dont believe how Kamran Shahid was taking this interview, i have met kamran he was really polite with us but cmon man he is our hero he is the reason of ur goodnight sleeps, Allah blessed us with such a gift and u tok to him like that…shame
    and the question about the apology by Dr Qadeer, kia ho agar tumharay sir par bandook rakh kar koi bolay k maafi maang?? pent geeli hojaye tumhari.

    Respect Dr Qadeer respect!!!
    May Allah protect you and we as public have all the respect for you, well apology disowned.
    Thanks a lot for the safety u provided to us and we as a nation are proud of you.
    And Nawaz Sharif…SHAME ON YOU YET AGAIN

  • BSyed

    Long live Dr.Abdul Qadir Sahib,You are the Hero of Pakistan.

    Your Name will stay in Centuries ,You are the only one ,You and your co-worker we should apratiate.

    You did such a Greate job that i can not explan in words.

    Long live Dr.Abdul Qadir Sahib

  • asdf123

    kamran shahid adab se bat karna sekho qaideazam ke bad dr sahib se mukhlis admi koi nahen imran khan ko chahiay k dr sahib ko fouran requst ker k pti main laien inshalla pti jeet jay ge is k bad dr sahib ko sader bna dain shahid 2 mukhels pakistani is mulik ko bach lain

  • ranaahmed2000

    very stupid Anchor…. hard to belive it was same Kamran shahid???? God Bless Dr Qadeer..