Front Line [Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan] with Kamran Shahid – 6th Dec 2011

Front Line [Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan] with Kamran Shahid – 6th Dec 2011

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  1. sakiib says:

    YOu are a Great Man Dr sahib………..We proud of u…Allah Bless U……….You did a great job……..

  2. HAROON says:


  3. ahmadfaizan89 says:

    dr sahib we all pakistanis love you from our heats and this love and respect for always
    please join pti for your pakistani sons

  4. mutahhar says:

    We love you Dr. Abdul Qadeer
    He is a man a Great hero of our Nation and Muslim ummah…….
    I salute him….
    Dr Abdul Qadeer my favorite personality at present

  5. asdf123 says:

    dr sahib we all pakistanis love you from our heats and this love and respect for alwayes
    please join pti for your pakistani sons

  6. RAQ says:

    My dear Anchor: I hope that i will not be wasting my time while writing these lines:-

    1. Pl ask your parents that how they snatched this homeland PAKISTAN from hindus and Jews. How many sacrifices were laid to build this home to have a shed for all of us and for our coming generations.

    2. After yours parents you must thankful to this gentleman Dr Qadir, who by the grace of Allah SWT make my motherland UNEXPLORABLE. Even now super powers of todays time think THRICE to go for any adventure against PAKISTAN.

    3. My son see, look at India how they grade their Nuclear Scientist Dr Kalam and you who donot know even how to tie your trouser were takling to Dr Qadeer that he is a criminal. Shame on You.

    4. Learns some manner if you cannot than pl do not go for interviews of GREAT pers like Dr Qadeer Khan…………….

  7. zak says:

    Yaar shaid…baath tho karni athi nahi tujhe ye tho path hai hame… kam se kam apna pair niche kar ke tho bait.jis admi ke samne baitha hai thu teri auqaath nahi hai uske samne baitne ki wo tho hero hai …teri auqaath tho hamare pass aik paid stupid ancher ke sawaye kuch nahi hai

  8. mrkabikabi says:

    Mr. Kamran Shahid Remember on thing, Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan is our national HERO…. The way you taking with him was showing that you are the judge and he is the criminal… you don't deserve such a programs…

    LOVE Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan

    Love Pakistan

  9. saqib_0001 says:

    next president of pakistan

  10. builtforkil says:

    Dr. Qadeer. Great person. We love you Dr. Sahib.

  11. jsiddiqei says:

    DR.ABDUL QADIR KHAN We all love you

  12. Ehsan Elahi Ehsan says:

    The Voice of the Motherland
    Ehsan Elahi Ehsan
    (written and published in 1999)

    I am proud of my sons, I am proud of you
    Now I can say that I am one, the mother of such sons
    Who can defend every inch of mine
    Who can face the storms of time
    Who can stand on Sia Chin Peaks
    Who can hit their Ghauris right
    Into the enemies arrogant sight
    Who can target with Shaheens,
    Their open or their hidden foes
    Whose scientists like Qadeer are there
    To make this nation great and strong
    My sons are not my sons alone
    They are the sons of truth
    Whose virtue, valour, love and strife
    Is known all across. Whose youths
    Are full of love and zeal, whose old are wise
    And serene, whose women like their men are
    Daring and brave, whose children are the
    Blooming springs of hopeful future bright
    Now I can say that I am one
    The mother of such sons
    I am proud of you my sons, I am proud of you.

  13. arif rana says:

    Kamran Shahid where are your manners, don't you realize who this great person is ? i am so disappointed, Look at Us how we treat our national Hero like Dr. Qadeer khan, the person we should be carrying on our shoulders we treat him like criminal and even tried to put him in the jail, and the person who should be in the jail, like zardari, we made him our President. SUBHAN ALLAH, that's why i am going to vote and support Imran Khan as i believe he would do some justice in this god forsaken country of Mine.

  14. asim-kamboh says:


    pakisatn & Dr Abdul Qdeer Khan.

    we all pakistani love u so much.

    u r hero of pakisatn.

  15. dako says:

    kamran shahid baandar ka bcha …… kisi izat dar admi se baat kerne ki tameez nahi …….ager isi chawal ko hilary ke agey bhitha do to is ki waheen tatttiii nikal gae

  16. Dr.Ridhwan says:

    Dr AQ KHAN is like Our spiritual father, we love him from our souls. we born listening his name . we grew up listening his. if pakistan has any hero . one if it has to be decided its not that coward, hypocrat Mush, who sold our country at one call at midnight BUT DR. ABDUL QADIR KHAN. LOVE HIM IF U THINK U ARE A PATRIOT

  17. patriotic7007 says:

    I dont believe how Kamran Shahid was taking this interview, i have met kamran he was really polite with us but cmon man he is our hero he is the reason of ur goodnight sleeps, Allah blessed us with such a gift and u tok to him like that…shame
    and the question about the apology by Dr Qadeer, kia ho agar tumharay sir par bandook rakh kar koi bolay k maafi maang?? pent geeli hojaye tumhari.

    Respect Dr Qadeer respect!!!
    May Allah protect you and we as public have all the respect for you, well apology disowned.
    Thanks a lot for the safety u provided to us and we as a nation are proud of you.
    And Nawaz Sharif…SHAME ON YOU YET AGAIN

  18. BSyed says:

    Long live Dr.Abdul Qadir Sahib,You are the Hero of Pakistan.

    Your Name will stay in Centuries ,You are the only one ,You and your co-worker we should apratiate.

    You did such a Greate job that i can not explan in words.

    Long live Dr.Abdul Qadir Sahib

  19. asdf123 says:

    kamran shahid adab se bat karna sekho qaideazam ke bad dr sahib se mukhlis admi koi nahen imran khan ko chahiay k dr sahib ko fouran requst ker k pti main laien inshalla pti jeet jay ge is k bad dr sahib ko sader bna dain shahid 2 mukhels pakistani is mulik ko bach lain

  20. ranaahmed2000 says:

    very stupid Anchor…. hard to belive it was same Kamran shahid???? God Bless Dr Qadeer..

  21. SwedMir says:

    Dr Adul Qadeer Khan is a great person and no doubt a patriot, I would love to see him as our next President and last but not least Imran khan to take charge as Primier Minister. We should embrace and cherish these two true heros.

    Salute to Dr Abdul Qadeer och Sir Imran Khan

    God bless Pakistan

  22. waqas4u says:


    nawaaz shareef ab batao mulk k hero qadeer khan nay b tumhari asliat bata d hay k tum b america k ghulaam ho.

    Imran khan ko ab koi nahe hara sakta

    mian sahab hn jaan diyo awaam d vaari aan diyo. apnay raivend k courupt mehal may raho ja kar

  23. naeemkasuri@hotmail. says:

    stupid ancor i mean khoti da pttar , he dont know how to talk with dr shb who is our only hero after quaideazam

  24. imabdullah says:

    We salute Dr. Sahib. the day Dr sahib appeared on tv asking for forgiveness for crimes he never committed, our hearts were weeping, We wish that musharaf should be brought back and trialed for his countless crimes against Pakistan.

  25. Multani says:

    my interest is Pakistan

    Pakistan’s interest is prosperity

    prosperity comes thru Insaaf

    Insaf is tehreek

    tehreek is peopls of Pakistan

    Pakistan is i

    & i am PTI…

    Tehreek Zindabad

  26. IMRAN MUNIR says:

    Imran Khan kry ga wo bhaduri or munh moor dy ga Amricion ky DR sb ap fikar na krain apko Allah ny buht izzat di hay or bi dy ga Insah'Allah…

  27. IMRAN MUNIR says:

    Geo DR.AQ Khan you are our hero…Allah bless you

  28. jawadahm says:

    Very immature anchor. Have been asking some very stupid questions from Dr. SAHIB. God bless Dr. Qadeer and his family. Ameen.

  29. naseer_491 says:

    He is our real hero. God bless at you. Nawas Sharif shame at you to hear these word by dr. qadeer khan about you .

  30. schan says:

    Kamran shahid u r very STUPID Insaan !!!

    Ager Tumain Hamarey Waten k NR of One Hero sey Baat karney ka nei patta to men kea kahun, laoo uss N k lieder ko joo Tumain Mallo mal kar raha he !!!


  31. ranaahmed2000 says:

    Kamran shahid should understand Dr Qadir's answers where he was giving enough signs to understand rather going deepen inside and dig out those things which could be security risk, he should realize these are all sensitive issues.
    for example over iran why he was keep pushing that Dr Qadeer recommend that he should get atom bomb??

  32. imo jee says:


  33. Butt G says:

    i told you before this ancjor got no respect for elders

    dr saab is our hero,

    he shouldnt be taliking to him like that,

    he is f**n idiot

  34. Asim Munir says:

    Kamran Shahid is quite immature journalist who is just trying to become as smart as Jahanzeb Khanzada, Talat Hussain or Hamid Meer.
    He thinks through blunt questions, he can become popular and get projected as bold anchor. However, he distorts information occasionally and uses emotional dialogues rather than dialogues based on reality. For example, Dr. Qadeer said "If Iranians feel threat they should develop atomic bomb" but Kamran Shahid concluded "You (Dr. Qadeer) think that Iranians must develop atomic bomb" and there is a big difference in both statements.
    Dr. Qadeer's statement means that Iranian should decide whether they need atomic bomb or not.
    And distorted statement by Kamran Shahid means Dr. Qadeer recommends that Iranian should develop atomic bomb.
    Kamran Shahid, you must do some home work before interviewing some person over some sensitive matter, otherwise it's a good interview

  35. ccie29391 says:

    Abdul Qadder khan is the real Heroo !!!!

  36. kk says:

    A very nice ending of program by saying that

  37. Silent Soldier says:

    The Real hero of Pakistan.
    The Real Asset Of Pakistan.
    All Pakistanis Should Salute A.Q KHAN..
    The Real Patriot.

  38. Shahzadriaz says:

    Rab e Zulzala kay naam say shoro .

    The only one thing in this program i have seen NO RESPECT THE HERO ,who is this kamran shahid what the hell he his, and what kind of role he done for pakistan only BUCK BUCK , so please get rid off these kind of achors who does not know to respect of our Hero.He is investigating like a SHO. he should be sorry to our Hero DR.A.Q. KHAN. and when he asking questiong not shouding loudly. first time i have seen this blody anchor show, and i obeserve what kind of person he is he should be respect to his elders and more than our NANTIONAL HEROS. THAT IS THE MESSAGE .

  39. insaan says:

    Salute to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Saheb.
    Khuda aap ko sayhut ke saath lambi zindagi ataa farmaae.

    Kamran Shahid, you really need to learn ethics, especially when you are talking to mohsen e qaum, you must be very respectful and appreciative in asking your questions.

  40. raja786 says:

    maray watan ki mutti zerkhaiz b hay or mardam khaiz b ye sona b ogalttii hay or sohnaray log b/Dr khan ham sharminda hain or muhafi kay talab ghar b hay

  41. swati says:

    جن کے جبڑوں کو اپنو کا خوں لگ گیا
    ظلم کی سب حدیں پاٹنے آگئے

    مرگ بنگال کے بعد بولان میں
    شہریوں کے گلے کاٹنے آگئے

    آج سرحد سے پنجاب مہران تک
    تم نے مقتل سجاۓ ہیں کیوں غازیوں

    اتنی غارت گری کس کے ایما پے ہے
    کس ک آگے ہو تم سر نگوں غازیوں

    کس شہنشاہ عالی کا فرمان ہو
    کس کی خاطر ہے یہ کشت و خوں غازیوں

    ایک آمر کی دستار کے واسطے
    سب کی شہرگ پے ہے نوک تلوار کی

    تم نے دیکھے ہیں جمہور کے قافلے
    ان کے ہاتھوں میں پرچم بغاوت کے ہیں

    کل تمھارے لیے پیار سینوں میں تھا
    اب جو شولے اٹھے ہیں وہ نفرت کے ہیں

    آج شاعر پے یہ قرض مٹی کا ہے
    اب قلم میں لہو ہے سیاہی نہیں

    خون اترا تمہارا تو ثابت ہوا
    پیشہ ور قاتلوں تم سپاہی نہیں

    اب سبھی بے ضمیروں کے سر چاہیے
    اب فقط مسلہ تاجے شاہی نہیں

    پیشہ ور قاتلوں تم سپاہی نہیں
    پیشہ ور قاتلوں تم سپاہی نہیں

  42. Amal says:

    Dr abdul qadeer aap great hain ,aap nay apni excellent job, good salary, sweet home sab kuch pakistan kliye choorh dea issay barhi qurbani or keya hogee .Allah swt aap ko bhtereen dunia wa akhreat atta fermain ,Aameen.

  43. asifme1 says:

    Dr Sahib you are always in our heart and prayers and all those leaders who took a bold stand against world pressure knowing they might have to pay the ultimate price.Bhutto, Zia-ul-Haq, BeNazeer, Ishak Khan they all are our heros.Musharaf and Zardari they are weak they sold our country and history will never forgive them.

  44. abdul basit says:

    Kamran shahid sb sy pehly to yeh btao k tum kisi national hero ka interview kr rehy ho ya kisi qomi mujrim ka interview kr rehy ho?
    Afsos ki bat hy k itny salo man tum yeh nai seekh saky k mohzab andaz man kesy bat ki jati hy.

  45. znaseem says:

    dr.sahib pakistan k haqeeqi mohsin aur sachay pakistani hain ALLAH unko lambi umar aur sehat de

  46. humayunawab says:

    Kamran Shahid kush tu koshish kero k acha andaaz sa baat ker sako… or dakha k tum kis sa baat ker raha ho… tum qoom k mohsin sa baat ker rahaa ho..tum kisse sadak chaap sa baat nahen ker raha….Akk intahai qabla ahtaram hassti sa baat ker rahaa ho…jo pakistan ka mohsin ha…..jis na pakistan sa kush liya nahen sirf dia he ha….
    herre ahmaq kamran shahid Khara or khota k farq pahchanoo…
    Dr Saab We are proud of you….and our up coming generations will be proud of you….Allah bless you with great health.Ameen
    Pakistan Zinda baad. AQ Khan Painda baad…

  47. youth says:


  48. asad muhammad says:


    Dr.A.Q KHAN is our national hero.He gave power to Pakistan as offensive and what now pakistani nation giving him reward.
    It is request to all Pakistani citizenz that please make an agenda that our great leader Dr.AQ KHAN will be next President of pakistan.For that every pakistani should emphasis on political leaders that permanent president of pakistan will be Dr,Qadeer and Prime minister will be elected from people.We can then be feel proud to have Dr.A.D khan as president of pakistan.Our nation should give him that honour.
    Honourable personality (Dr.A.Q Khan)should be the President as india made president of his nuclear scientist.
    Our youth should be awaken now.
    our nation should get rid of these bloody politicians and some educated people should govern the pakistan.
    Its my request to Imran khan take Dr.A.Q khan as president and himself as prime minister then pti will get success.
    asad ch

  49. Haider Soomro says:

    Aur aaj hamaaree qoom kay Sab say baray hero nay bhee confirm kar dia kay Nawaz Sharif Aik darpook insaan hay.

    Dr Qadeer Ko Mairaa Salaam,we will love you always – InsahaAllah-

  50. razy says:

    kamran shahid sab sory to say but apko itni bar shaksiyat se bat karne ki tameez nai he? baki fir b apka shukria k apne baki begherat anchors ki tarah nahi kia kam se kam in AZEEM insan ka interview to kia.

  51. sajjad pervaiz says:

    Look Look our national hero come on TV screen.he is like our parents.we love with him lot.he is the light of our eyes and peace of our hearts and mind.But some very low thinking(Ghatiya)people put their fingers on him like Haroon Rasheed (ghanda Insaan)

  52. sar says:

    if i were to have been a the nuclear scientist…..i wouldnt have gone on the path of making "nuclear weapons"……..the devestations of Hiroshima-Nagasaki had clearly demonstrated the futility of such nuclear bombs…….never since then any nuclear power has used or even thought of using such weapons upon other humans let alone animals and the enviornment….

    such weapons give no leverage and no help for the defence of a country………..such weapons are a useless waste of taxpayers money when to day Pakistan can not even defend against Drones and attacks on its soldiers and all the corruption in society …what good does it do have atomic weapons?…….i would have preferred an atomic program for use in medicine and agriculture and other such uses producing benificial radioactive isotopes that being a nuclear state Pakistan has to import such isotopes….unbelieveably stupid thinking….look at all those European and non-europen countries who have had no nuclear capability and yet are far ahead in civilisation that Pakistan is today

  53. raja786 says:

    kamran kash tumai koi ya bta deta kay apnay mohsan say say kis indaz mai guftgu ki jati hay ?

  54. hami says:

    ALLAH apko lmbi umr day dr sahab,
    ap grt…….. hn kasam se r mian sb se request ha k mian sahab in jasi hstian sadion ma kbi kbi janam letti hn in ki qadar karain plz………………………….

  55. mrgullu77 says:

    he is the second father of over nation after over Quiad.

  56. (NICE_BOY) says:


    Humaray Pas Dunya Ki

    2sri Barri Namak ki Kaan

    5vi Barri Sonay ki Kaan

    5vi Barri Koilay ki Kaan

    7vi Barri Tambey ki Kaan

    Phir B IMF Say Bheek?

    2sra Baray Dam

    3 Nuclear Reactors

    5 dryaa

    Phir B Har Waqt Light Goum?

    6ti Barri Army

    7vi Nuclear Power

    No.1 Taqat-War Army

    Phir B Drone Hamlon per Khamoshi?

    7vi Barri Chawal ki Pedawaar

    8vi Barri gundum ki Pedawaar

    Phir B itni Mehngai?











    • Mian Masood says:

      yahud aur nasara kabhi tumharay dost naheen ho saktay. …(AL QURAAN )

      oye payara payara bacha log baat suno kiy tum janta hay keh…..?

      Ans. Ameica ka khufia hathyar Musharaf Aur musharaf ka khufia hathyar zardari aur zardari ka khufia hathyar imram hay aur usay khufia walay hi chla rahay hein….


  57. hate pakistani polit says:

    Koi iss jahil insaan ko btaye National Heroes se KAISEY baat krtey hainnnnn :@

    he should quit anchoring

    • ALAM Shahid says:




    • saleem says:

      He is a big freak and insilent person.Anyway Dr.Abdul Qasir Khan Zinda Baad,Pakistan Zinda Baad.Promote PTI and vote for Imran Khan

  58. mehrsaghir says:

    اسلام و علیکم ۔ اسپیشلی ڈاکٹر قد یر صاحب کیلیۓ پنجابی کا ایک شعر عرض خدمت ھے کہ ۔ تؤڑ حیاتی د نیا ا ندر اینج ای چانن و نڈ یں > تینوں کدی وی سو ر ج پترا تتی واء نہ لگے ۔ ڈاکٹر صاجب کو سیاسی صدر بننے کی ضرورت نہیں کیون کہ پاکستان کے ھر شخص کے دل کے صدر اور ھیرو ھیں ۔ ڈاکٹر صاحب کو میرا مشورہ ھے کہ پاکستان میں جو گندی سیاست ھو رھی ھے اسکا کبھی حصہ نہ بنیں ۔ پاکستانیوں کے دلوں میں کسی صدر کی اتنی قدرنہیں ھے نہ ھوگی جتنی ڈاکٹر قد یر کی ھے ،اور انشاءاللہ رھے گی،اللہ انکو صحت اور لمبی عمر عطا کرے آمین !! مھرصغیراللہ سلیم پوری ۔ پیرمحل

    • asad muhammad says:

      you are a baby.Supreme commander is President of i think our nation should think about it and Dr.AQ khan deserves for it nor anyother body.

  59. (NICE_BOY) says:

    Badlo Bure Nizam Ko, Vote Do Imran Ko"

  60. Dani123 says:

    I stand with IMRAN KHAN to save ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN from dishonest politicians.

    I also understand this is my religious and moral duty to stand with truth.


    We want to build a new Pakistan, a stable Pakistan with a more educated builder,

    I think about The Builder IMRAN KHAN

    If you disagree then please explain any other capable person.

    And why?

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