Aik din geo ke saath – Deedar – 13th november 2011

Aik din geo ke saath – Deedar – 13th november 2011.

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Aik din geo ke saath - Deedar - 13th november 2011, 7.5 out of 10 based on 30 ratings

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  1. sohail khan says:

    Stage artist ki bus yehi zindagi hoti hai.

    " Bohat zaida paisa bohat zaida showrat Aur aram sakoon ki zandagi"

    By the way Deedar is looking beautiful and gorgeous.

    But these artists are also "Arrogant".

    Deedar ny apni age ghulat batai hai. Yeh age ma 34 yaha 35 saal ki ho gi.

  2. kharjan says:

    stage drama and dance se koi itna kama leta hay kiya? yaar phir ye sath me wo kam bhi karti hay?

  3. daastaan says:

    u must be a scumbag to post comments like that, what does Imran has to do with it, by the way learn some English too before you start posting comments

  4. PK says:

    HAHHAHAHA Nargis nay same program main sohail warich ko apni age 42 years batai thi. Yeh bol rahi hai main apni bahan say 8 years choti hoon that means yeh 34 years ki hai aur abi is program main bol rahi hai main teen age main hoon :) Very funny

  5. EJ says:

    MR IMRAN KHAN is also avaiable he can married with her with help of her ,he will be able to menage big gatherings.

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