News Beat Live from ’90′ MQM Unit [Part 2] 27th September 2011

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  • Apna Pakistan

    Mr sharabi Mirza ko willi-ullah bana ker tv per dekha ga reha hai

    None of the anker person asked single quastion to Mr Z sharabi Mirza

    Whats Zardari and his government performance in Pakistan & Sindh

    Zardari PPPP & Sharabi Mirza knows their performance —00000000000%

    People of Pakistan & Sindh will not vote for PPPP next 25year

    MQM 2nd largest party in sindh 3rd of Pakistan in each election MQM showes his groth 2% elate class knows if phlopsy of MQM spred in Pakistan their shop will colse

    whter you like it or not but people Pakistan turested on MQM

    KKF and MQM doing a great gob in Pakistan

  • lubna

    @ karachiest, stop treating mohajirs and karachi like MQM's jagir. I was born in Karachi to parents who migrated from Lucknow. Hold a free and fair election in Karachi where ppl could vote without fear of MQM mafia, phir jaa ker pata chalayga k MQM kitnay paani mein hai. You loosers have no chance in winning a fair election cuz baqi log chorro, mohajir ki khaasi taadaad knows your badmaashi. MQM only wins due to its ghunda gardi tactics. And you must be very dumb when you say that no other party has organized place where someone can come for visit, khuda k liye MQM ki fikri nashiston se baahir nikal ker dunya dekho…

  • Ramsha Sani

    In Qatilon ko itni importance dene ki waja meri samj se tou bahir ha akhir media wale itna mqm se darte q hen?? mout our zindagi Khuda ka hath me ha k Altaf sharabi k????????????????????? plz media walon in dehshatgardon ko itni izat mat do k inko innocent logo k qatal ka mazeed licence mil jae , istrah tou ye our sar charh jaegen phr ye nasoor pure Mulk me phel jaega jis k responsiblity phr media pe aaid hojegi so plz tum media walon apna daaman tou masoom shehrion k khon se daghdaar mat karo our Pakistanion pe rhm karo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is Qatil our ghaddar tanzeem ki himayat chor do mehrbani hogi tmari …..




  • suchcha paki

    MQM is the bigest party of sindh. and karachi. please admit it

    if no one killd the the first priminster of pakistan Quad-e-millat liaquat ali juher.

    so may be MQM never be came a biggets party in sindh.

  • Apna Pakistan

    Well done good program

    Mr Z shrabi Mirza ko ek walli ullah bana ker dhekya ga reha hai

    None of anker person just single ? performance of PPPP government

    In next election why People of Pakistan vote Mr Z sharabi Mirza and PPPP

  • Karachiest

    Lubna & Sar you both are just a narrow thinker.

    I always seen your comments as negative I think you people belong with some jagirdar or may be the nasli ghulam of jagirdar thats why you don't like MQM.

    As far as concern of interview of other parties they dont have such as organized place where someone can come for visit.

    My advise you both people be positive and think positive.

  • sar

    mr Altaf and 90 politics went down the drain after his last "speech" to 90 and kind of …to the Nation……….he wrote his own obituary..

    ..didnt need Mirza's help either

    now there is no echo from Karachi to Altaf's rantings and bumbblings from London

    MQM is well advised to recognise that it just is a Karachi-Municipality type of organisation and should do good for people of Karachi…forget about being a National Party that it is not…

    all its "leaders" even in Karachi are just great linguists who hedge behind words and confused use of language that even the peolple of Karachi have a hard time to unravel let alone in the rest of Pakistan…..whatever happened to the 'Boom Boom" biryani -one night stand in Lahore…MQM failed miserably

  • lubna

    Wonder if she would do a 2 part programme for other parties too like, ANP,PPP, PML, TIP, JI. All parties have been blamed for one thing or the other over time. She should go to their party headquarters and patiently listen to their clarification too. Why just dry clean MQM?????