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Geomentary – Dekh magar – 16th september 2011

Geomentary – Dekh magar – 16th september 2011.






  • ali

    Thanks admin for posting Geomentary…. Please post it on weekly basis……

  • Observer

    People who are relentlessly despair with their lives and who spend their lives meaninglessly,

    hopelessly struggle for peace for which they drift towards anything.

  • Shams Alam

    Search in Islam you will found all the solution. We left the Islamic values that’s why such complication developed in our societies. In Islam the same issue is discussed in a big detail.

    •Ladies should not work in a public place.

    •They should be in a proper dress with Hejab.

    •Society should provide then respectable jobs as per there requirement.

    •Islamic education should be introduced, so that the people understand there own islamic and cultural values.

    •This is not some thing new, it is a part of human nature, you will see the same behavior of a male towards female from long ago. But Islam gives many many solution to handle this situation in the society but unfortunately we don't want to follow or understand it.

    •We are following English society were high school girls get pregnant, were the government teach them how to use condoms. Were girls goes to the club there boy friend use them with out marriage, and throw them out after some time, and she him self suppose to take care of his baby. But still we impress from them, still we say they are social, still we are following them. Shame on us. After that we blame society that we have this much complication in society.

    •Be a true Muslim and accept islam 100% not a part of it, and decide it as a society, you will found it as religion of nature, perfectly as per human nature, because Allah knows the nature which he create.

  • muzamiliqbal88

    Ladkian b dressing esi krain k koi un ko gundi nazar say na dekhain

  • muzamiliqbal88

    Sir mulk maim Islamic system lana pday ga…..

  • syad

    corrupt judiciary where is CJ