Aaj kamran khan ke saath – Maulana Tariq Jameel – 13th september 2011


Aaj kamran khan ke saath – Maulana Tariq Jameel – 13th september 2011





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  • Mrsadnan

    Allah pak ka lakhon shokar o ahsan h k us ne hamen musalman bnaya.magar hum ne us k ahsanon ka ya badla chokaya k us ko naraz kia .her wo kam kia kis ko us ne mana kia.ab bhi hamen wo saza na de tu kia ho.ab bhi waqat h sare qaum mil ker Allah pak c tauba kare.wo tu samander k braber bhi gunnah hn tu ak h nadamat k ansu sab khatam kardeta h. YA ALLAH PAK HAMEN MAAF KARDE, MAAF KARDE, MAAF KARDE.

  • safeandsound692


    kindly follow this link and watch last 5 minutes of the first video. I think u didn't get my point .http://www.zemtv.com/2011/09/15/11th-hour-with-waseem-badami-14th-sep-2011/.

  • tariqesani

    i like it

  • Imran Goldsmith

    With so-called Ulema like Qazi Hussain, Munawwar, Paracha, Fazl ur Rehman, Sunni Tehreek leaders, no wonder this awam is in the gutter. Pakistani awam is the most violent, tribalistic, corrupt in the world. Like they say you reap what you sow. So enjoy the fruits of your labor. This Molana is absolutely right.

  • Doctor Pakistani

    Shayad Inhee ulama-e-haq aur Allah ke naik bandon ke tufail Allah ke azaab me kami hoti he. Allah Ta'ala Molana Tariq Jameel sahab ko sehat aur aafiyat ke saath darazi e umar atta farmaen aur in jese naik logon ke tufail ham pe rehem farmaen. Aameen.

  • mubasherusman

    Hazoor S.A.W.W ka jab akhri waqat tha tu pata kiya WAsihat ki thi….???????????



    bhaiyo socho hamara nabi apny akhri waqat main b hamain yad kiya …ALLAH say kaha mery bad meri umat ka kiya ho ga…ALLAH ne kaha main aap ki umat k sath hoo ga…aaaah…agar nabi ki dua na hoti TU KHUDA KI KASAM…jitny KARACHI main zulam ho rahy hain zammen phat gaye hoti ya asman gir jata…Brothers Sisters ALLAH say mafi maang lo

  • mubasherusman

    to safeandsound692:

    SAb say bara gunah shirk ha ..us k bad munafqat hai…or rahi bat kisi shaqas k haq marna tu

    allah wo b maaf kar dain gey agar wo shaqas haq ko pora kar day…ALLAH apni zaat say taluq rakhny waly sab gunah maaf kar daita ha ..yar aap maaafi tu mango…or jo shakas maafi mangta ha agar us ne kisi ka haq mara ho tu qo zarror us haq ko pora karta ha…itni tu sense hoti ha us main…molana sahib ne sara hawala quran o sunat say hi diya ha…apni taraf say kuch b nahi kaha…hades e qudsi sunaye ha…but +v points ki bajaye aap -ve point kiyo highlight karty ho…?ALLAh hi jisy chahta ha hidayat daita ha

  • mohammad saleem

    donot believe zardari. he is cheating this nation by saying that he is going for

    medical checkup. infact he is gone for his business of commissions which he

    is carrying on secretly.

    he also told lie to this nation when swiss court summoned him and he used

    to send the fake certificates of sickness, and even stayed 3 years hiding in

    newyork on the excuse of dementia (a psychological disease)

    Dementia is not merely a problem of memory. It reduces the ability to learn, reason, retain or recall past experience and there is also loss of patterns of thoughts, feelings and activities (Gelder et al. 2005). Additional mental and behavioral problems often affect people who have dementia, and may influence quality of life, caregivers, and the need for institutionalization. As dementia worsens individuals may neglect themselves and may become disinhibited and may become incontinent. (Gelder et al. 2005).

    Depression affects 20–30% of people who have dementia, and about 20% have anxiety.[7] Psychosis (often delusions of persecution) and agitation/aggression also often accompany dementia. Each of these needs to be assessed and treated independent of the underlying dementia.[8]

    this man zardari is the biggest crook of all times, and he would try all his best not

    to have the free and fair elections with all the reforms, so that genuine candidates

    donot win the elections. zardari is also an azaab on this nation, and all the people should pray ALLAH swt to free this nation from this azaab.

  • safeandsound692

    ایک اور حدیث میں ایا ہے کہ خدا سب کھچھ معا ف کر سکتا ہے لیکن کسی انسان کا حق معا ف نہیں کر سکتا۔ لیکن موصوف طارق جمیل صاحب تو فرما رہے ہے کہ اللہ اُن گنا ہوں کو بھی معا ف کر سکتا ہے جس کا وزن تمام کا ئنات کے وزن سے زیادہ ہو۔ پھر اللہ قران میں یہ بھی فرماتا ہے کہ اللہ ذرے ذرے کا حساب لے گا۔ یہ مُلا حضرات بھی عجیب قسم کی با تیں کر تے ہیں۔ ان کی ایک بات دوسرے با ت تردید کرتی ہے۔ اور ظلم یہ کہ ان باتوں کو خضور کی ذات آقدس کے ساتھ جوڑا جاتاہے۔ میں تو صرف یہ کہو گا کہ

    فطرت افراد سے اغماض بھی کر لیتی ہے

    کرتی نہیں ملت کے گنا ہوں کو معاف

    • Zeeshan

      Baat ko samjho dear, Tariq jameel sahab sahi keh rahe hain, ap ke ki samajh ki kami hai.

  • JM

    You certainly raised a good question,it was really need of time and it also shows the purification of your heart.Unfortunately this question is 100% true.But in reality no one tell you the actual reason.Let give me time to unfold the truth, the Pakistan is only country in the world which have declared the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community a Non-Muslim and have refused & persecuted Officially the Imam of time (Hazrat Imam Mehdi & Messih Moud Hzrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani a.s.The True Lover and Servant Of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. and prophesied by Him S.A.W in different Ahadees Nabwi S.A.W ) appointed by God and His followers.It was not your duty to reject His message and accuse Him a liar,as it was the matter b/w Him & God who appointed Him,And God is very fast in taking revenge(Al-Quran)and God certainly cut his Jugular Vein,if he had spoken lie against HIM and fabricated a false claim of prophet-hood and had said that Allah spoke with him and actually HE 'd not been spoken with him.(Al-Quran)But if He is true then you can't escape from HIS punishment(Al.Quran)This was argument which is mention in Holy Quran in the context of Israel tribe suggested by one of wise man of them.The verses are taken from different parts of Quran and interpretation of actual meaning not exact translated.

    Now how it's ironic that current so-called Ulma give the examples of nations who become victim of God's punishment on rejecting the Messenger appointed by HIM,but refused to mention the current Messenger & Imam of time appointed by God,and no anchor has courage to ask or think to question to him that you(Molana sb.) quoting the examples from Holy Quran about nations who were destroyed by God on rejecting HIS Messenger but here you are applying same punishment without pointing towards any Messenger of God? Plz. think,and change the constitution ,seek help from God not Mullahs and pray to Allah that May Allah show and guide you the right path,so that you can't become victim of HIS Anger not in this world but hereafter.Ameen.

  • Noshin

    Maulana Jameel, Salam. I respect you a lot and I have observed you talking with great dignity. All the 12 things you mentioned which will cause a nation to suffer, unfortunately all of them are found in pakkies. You gave example of Hazrat Youns A.S whoes koom bent infront of Allah and asked for forgivness. Do you think we can attain that kind of humbleness in our repentences? Seriously Maulana can we?

    Sorry to say but we cant even turn off our cell fones or leave them in cars when go to masjids. You simply cannot concentrate because there are ringers going on left an right. When my muslim sisters gather in masjid to pray, they are more concentrating on fashions than praying. I have seen it many many times and feel ashamed that we simply cannot concentrate any more. We just cannot show our humbleness to Allah Subhan Watala as he deserves. This Maashara has toppled up upside down.

    Mujhey tou koi umeed nazar nai aa rahi hey maulana saab. We all are sure to be the fuel of Hell.

  • lubna

    Thanks alot for the answer @alimjshafi,

    Hope we could get a proper Islamic political system in Pakistan. That's the only solution left for Pakistan. How to be able to get to that system is still a big question. I agree with the teachings of Maulana Tariq Jameel, but personally I would still go out on election day and vote and try on my own to make a difference. I can not sit at home and let the likes of MQM, PPP , PML-N get elected.

  • sean

    PPP,PML-N,ANP,PML-Q,JUI-F,MQM all partys are corrupt their leaders only intersted looking Pakistan and their concern only bank balance in foreign banks account but pakistan problems and pakistani peoples problems isn’t their concern.

    MQM & other political party,s must bring to justice for artical 6 treason act .

    This govt make jokes of suprem court orders because these leaders doesn’t know what is law and how to obey the law then how poor man on street obey the law if the president or PM doesn’t obay the law.,shame on this govt and these leaders.

    brothers/sisters vote for Imran khan and save pakistan from such corrupt incompetent leaders and foreign agents.

    pakistan zindabad

  • space

    Munafiqon ki teen nishanian hain:

    Jab baat kare to jhoot bole.

    Jab wada kare us ki khilafi karay.

    Jab koi cheez imanat main di jaye us ki khayanat kare.

    Teenon properties individual se lay kar qaum tak ham per poori utarti hain.

    Ham ne Allah se Pakistan manga ke ise Islamic state banain gay. 64 saal bad bhi khali naam ke sath jura hua hai yeh lafz, practically non-muslim state se bhi badtar hai.

    No legislation can be passed which is contradictory to Quran and sunnah. Itni bare baat lakin haqeeqat main koi Qanoon aisa nahi that is in accordence with Quran and Sunnah.

    Federal Islamic courts is another example, us ke pass kuch karne ka ikhtiar hi nahi.

    Banking system jis ka matlab Allah aur Rasool se jang karna hai woh hukumat ki protection aur approval se chal raha hai.

    Allah ke diyay hue laws jo Quran aur hadees main maujood hain un ko aaj tak implement nahi kiya gya.

    Dunya main koi aisa mulk nahi jo Islam kay naam per hasil kia gya ho except Pakistan lakin is kay mil jane per ham nay munafiqat ki hadood par kar din.

    Yahan to koi kisi rah chalte ajnabi ko salam ker de to woh ghoor kar dekhne lagta hai ke salam karne wala Pagal to nahi. Na jaan na pehchan aise hi salam!

  • alimjshafi

    @ Lubna Sister

    Maulana Tariq Jameel may not allow the practical Muslims to vote in elections, because the Political System liberally doesn't filter the hidden bad profiles and we can also see the results of this democracy. Instead of voting the politicians, it is better to study the Islamic Module of Political System. We need the radical revolution for our politics so that we can kill the rats in our roots.

    Salaam Alaikum to All Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

  • umair_safeer




  • muzamiliqbal88

    Bhaio Allah ki taraf lot aao Hum nay dekh lia hay K Allah naraz ha …kia kisi aur mulk main itnay msail hain????????????????????? is ki seedi si waja ha k haum nay ye mulk Allah k nam pay lia tha aur Allah say wadda kia tha k yhan pay tera NIZAAM kaim krain gay hum nay aisa nahi kia aur nateeja hmaray samnay ha…

  • kashifyy

    agar USA mai selab aye to azab aur pakistan mai aye tu kuch aur???

  • ajnabisahir


    Is say Sakht Azmaesh tu Anbya karaam per bhi aii.. Anbiya karam tu Masoom hotay hayn har gunah say paak. us kay bawajood Allah nay kara say kara or sakht say sakht imtehan lia….

    Aj kay zamanay kay may or Ap kis khait ki moli hayn.. Aj hum sub ghareeb ho ya ameer sub kay sub oper say nechay tak gunah say dhakay howay hayn.. ye tu phir bhi mamoli azaab hay… Allah say toba karoo kay koi bara azaab nahi ayey..

    Or jaha tak aap nay ye jo Ap nay Murtid, or Shirkia Alfaaz istemal kiay hayn.. Agar tu aap musalman thay pehlay.. magar ab nahi.. rahay or Ap ka Nikah bhi Toot Gaya.. agar kisi ko Alim ya Mufti Samajtay ho tu jaa kar apnay Kalmay ki or Nikah ki tajdeed karawoo.. Warna Azaab-e-Elahi ka intezaar karoo… jo tum nay alfaaz ada kiay hayn Allah kay baray is ki bohot sakht pakar hogi.

  • lubna

    Can somebody clarify here, do Tablighi Jamat walay allow to vote in elections??? I heard that they dont, plz let me know. I was very much surprised at this cuz I believe that a practical Muslim should actively participate in the electing of leaders, we should vote for the right ppl in order to establish a just society. If we boycott this process then we let the looters and murderers to get elected and rule over us.

  • sohaildxb

    ALLAH tariq jameel saab ko AJAR de jino achi baat bataei aur humaey hukummarano ko hadith dee.

  • Sword of khan

    Allah hamaray Saaray Gunah maaf farmaaye. Aaameen

    Aor Saaaray Log Allah say toba ke taraf rojogh karay.


  • sani123

    dil khoon k ansoo ro raha hay inn poors peoples ko daikh kar , Allah ham sab ko moaf farmay aur inn hukmaranoo say nijat dilay .

  • bahadar ali


  • imzadou

    I think this is Good……..Ulema should come up and play their part in getting the nation on track…….And sya openly what is bad.