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Geo news 9pm bulletin – 23rd august 2011

Geo news 9pm bulletin – 23rd august 2011.

  • liberalpk

    If Geo or MQM thinks that through propaganda and anti Pakistan rhetoric,they will gain any good will in Sindh or Pakistan as whole,They live in fool's paradise.ZM may say some things in harsh tone but I am sure he SAYS blatant truth and his true words add spices to MQM and Geo.

    Though I am PTI fan yet as I live in Karachi,I know how GEO is handled by MQM in back scene and it's propaganda engine to MQM's agenda to create chaos in Pakistan.MQM is terrorist Mafia which is never ready to give space to any other person in Karachi but IK lives in the heart of people,but Altaf lives through violence.Violence has to reach its ultimate end sooner or later but those who lives in the heart of people never looses.I am sure IK will bring peace in Karachi.All propaganda of MQM and geo will evaporate and their racist card will disappear.

    Shame on Geo and Shame on MQM!Long live Pakistan and Long live PTI!