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Capital talk – Nawaz sharif and Hadiqa kiani – 18th august 2011

Capital talk – Nawaz sharif and Hadiqa kiani – 18th august 2011




  • Butt G

    Salaam to all of you

    He aranged the cameraman and reporter for the coverage,

    but setting behind the camera to give impration the he don,t want to come in the

    picture, i think that he think that viewers are idiots like him,

    dil tu karta hai ke iss sharif zadey ko gali doun per rozey mein apna moun koun kharab karoon.

  • daudanwar

    yeh hamdardi sirf cam k aagay hay bus.baqi sara waqt kia kartay hain all jaanay .in jasay leaders ko camra kay samnay hamdardi ka maror zaroor uthta hay cam na ho to athanee bhee kharch na karein.shohrat k bhookay leader.ya allah in ko wapis jeddah bhej day.

  • Arfan

    Sure this was paid program. I never been fan of Hamid, so wasn't strange for me.


  • munna202

    Hamid meer tou waisay he bikao maal ha…

  • munna202

    200% Nawaz sharif funded video .. Sharm karo Hamid meer

  • mustafaisonline

    Vote for Educated people. Vote wisely…..

  • Malik1

    this is imran sm pitthu website—i commented fairly on being good and bad

    i did not criticize any body and my comment was hidden for using bad language.

    this is month of RAMADHAN sharm karo imran aur isi ke agento

  • Fearless

    Hi Guys I have Grama Gram news for you.

    PML-N (Nawaz Sharif Party) Giving Rs 1000 a month to become there member :)

    What a jok. Both Ganjas getting Mad. They gonna start buying vote for Rs 1000 a month.

    They want us to sale our future for Rs 1000 ?

    Can some one Inform the media Please .

    Imran Khan we are all with you.

    Pakistan Zindabad