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Karachi Target Killing ki Front Line Se – 17th August 2011

Karachi : Doosra Din – Front line with Kamran Shahid – 17th August 2011



    tumhy kia laghta hain tum chand ghoondy jo Azady k waqat india sy bag kar aye thy. begherat tumhy sharam aney chaye tum panjabion aur pathanoo ko kia keh rahy hoo. tum loog jab aye thy tu do waqat ki rooty b nahin thy tum logoon k passs ye tu shukar ada karo pakistanion ( sindion panjabion baloochoon aur pakhtoonoo ) ka jinhoon nain yumhy panah dy warna india waly tumhara wo hall kar dety k mujhy kehty howey b sharam atey hain. kia tha tum loogoon k pass dihshat gardey kar key tum loogoon nain jitna kamaya hain india main musalmanoo k pass itna sab khuch hain kia. tumhary pass tu khuch b nahin tha ye sab kaha sy aya. aur Agar sach janna chahty hoo tu ye website zaroor dekooo.

  • paktalibaninc

    Why these AKHROTs come to Karachi only, to earn Bread & Butter, if yes, why cant they restrict themselves to their jobs, they want their UPPER HAND on Karachiites, they do their MAN MAANI in transportation, they live like a JUNGLI, all Rickshaw Driver,s Fare Meter are fabricated and defunct, they wwant to be a Millionare from Karachiites.

    Why dont these AKHROT go to Punajb, because they are fucked by Punjabies, they dont get MAZDOORI over there.

    Last but not the least, they should look for their ROZI at their PROUD PAKHTOONKHA land, not else where….

  • AliRaza

    Great Job Kamran ……

  • AliRaza

    Being a Tribal Pathan…I,hate A.N.P ,MQM,PPP,…..Why they cant see the tears of these People ,,look at the effected people Faces of Urdu speaker and Pashto speakers ,,,,imagine the EID Day importance for these people…….I cant stop the tears ….May Allah Guided all of us……


    Let go of your worries

    and be completely clear-hearted,

    like the face of a mirror

    that contains no images.

    If you want a clear mirror,

    behold yourself

    and see the shameless TRUTH,

    which the mirror reflects.

    If metal can be polished

    to a mirror-like finish,

    what polishing might the mirror

    of the heart require?

    Between the mirror and the heart

    is this single difference:

    the heart conceals secrets,

    while the mirror does not.

  • jawad_07

    Kamran shahid shab ap plz masoom bachon se is tarah k sawal mt kia karo 1 tu age un k ghr main Matam hota hai or secondly ap or un k zakhmon per namak dalke ho……