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Khabar Naak – 30th July 2011 Latest on Geo News

Khabar Naak – 30th July 2011 Latest on Geo News






  • Maqsood


    For android users Khabarnaak app is availible on the google play store

  • Butt G

    Salaam to all of You,

    I wish that Aftab saab & Azizi saab Come together again either on Hasb e Haal

    Or Khabar naak.

    They both R Best

    We Getting Good information from Aftab saab,

    And Azizi Saab Spread smiles on our Faces.

    i normally record Khabar naak and watch later (just to collect Information) Don't like Comedians

    And watch Hasb e Haal (Just For a Lough)

    Don't Like the Topics, They sould have good Raseachers.

    But in Khabar naak you can tell that Aftam saab doing his home work before the show

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • basit khan

    Haroon Rasheed is on payroll of ISI…..He always defend Corruption loving Generals.Generals and ISI have all proofs of corruption of polititions.But they kept files in their hands to blackmail political people like Chaudhy's and others…..in return these people defend wrongdoings of Army…..If Pakistan Army love this country why not they stand behind supreme court against corruption rather General Kiyani met Gilani and stood behind him.Afterall PPP gave him extion in service so how could he act for this country…..General Kiyani and Shuja Pasha are behind protecting corruption of rulers not behind people of Pakistan in this economic crisis our country facing………Shame on General Kiyani,General Pasha and people like Haroon Rasheed and imran Khan.Zardari,Nawaz,Maulana Fazl ur rehman………..

  • Faisal Manzoor

    I am also a fan of this show

  • farooqanjum9

    بہت معلوماتی پروگرام ہے۔ لیکن مزاح بھی ایک اخلاق کے دائرے میں کیا جانا چاہیے۔

    ہمارے صدر اور وزیر اعظم کی تضحیک کی جاتی ہے۔ وہ جیسے بھی ہیں،لیکن ہیں تو ہمارے لیڈر ہی۔ عغیر ممالک میں کیا تاثر ہوگا ہمار؟ جب ہم ہی اپنے وزیر اعظم اور صدر کا مزاق اڑائیں گے تو دوسرے لوگ کیوں نہ اڑائیں؟

  • asifumea

    aftab sb you are right I am in Sweden and here also the same law that they take from rich and give to poor that's why every body is happy and is enjoying life.keep it and continue your talk on such issues.

  • sialkotian786

    Pleaze Khudara

    4 Greater PAKISTAN ____________ Vote 2 IMRAN KHAN

    4 Safe PAKISTAN ____________Vote 2 IMRAN KHAN

    4 Ghairat Mand PAKISTAN________Vote 2 IMRAN KHAN

    4 Strong & Powerfull PAKISTAN____Vote 2 IMRAN KHAN

    4 Kick Out America 4rm PAKISTAN __Vote 2 IMRAN KHAN

    4 Finish Curruption 4rm PAKISTAN__Vote 2 IMRAN KHAN

    4 Educator PAKISTAN ___________Vote 2 IMRAN KHAN

    • tariq

      vote to PML(N)

  • Ghuman

    Woh, this is fantastic show. Mr aftab keep it up.

  • bahadar ali

    nice and very funny show