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Best of Hasb e Haal – 23rd June 2011 Latest on Dunya Tv

Best of Hasb e Haal – 23rd June 2011 Latest on Dunya Tv

  • daylight


    بہن کے ٹٹے توں نیچے بیٹھ کر لن چوپ میرا۔۔۔۔

    تے اپنی احمدی ماں نوں وہ چوپوا۔۔۔۔

    دلی ماں دا بچہ

  • rehanboy16

    @ daylight and all anti muslim ahmadiya

    Check out this website " alislam.org " and i hope that atleast some of u can change your view about us.

  • karimjamali

    Daylights totally writes against posting rules but it is very sad observations that these absurd comments are being published, so I strongly request to administration to remove such comments as soon as possible

  • daylight


    in blood?


    تمارے جیسا گٹر کا گندہ کیڑا کسی کو خون میں شامل عادت کی بات کر رہا ہے؟

    وہ جس کی ماں کھوتے کے لن کو دیکھ کر تالیاں بجاتی ہو۔

    وہ جس کی ماں کھوتے کے لن پر چاکلیٹ مل کر چاٹتی ہو۔

    وہ جس کی ماں دو ٹکے پر چدواتی ہو۔

    وہ جس کی ماں محلے کے چھوٹے چھوٹے بچوں کے چوپے لگا کر انہیں سکیس کی ٹیوشن دیتی ہو۔

    وہ جس کی ماں اپنی پھدی میں ٹرین گھسا لینے کی دعوے دار ہو۔

    کیا وہ شخض ایسا دعوی کرے گا؟

    بہن کے لوڑے تیرے اتنی اوقات ہے کہ تو مذہب پر بات کر سکے؟

    تیری اتنی اوقات ہے کہ تو کسی کے خون کے بارے میں بات کر سکے؟

    کیا تیری جیسے گندی نالی (گندی نالی بولے تو تیری ماں کی چوت والی نالی) کے کیڑے کی اتنی اوقات ہے کہ میں اپنا قیمتی وقت بھی ضائع کروں؟

    بہن کے لوڑے اپنی اوقات میں رہ نہیں تو قیمہ کرنے والی مشین میں تماری ماں کی چوت اور ممے کاٹ کر ڈال کر تمارے باپ کی ٹٹی کی چٹنی بنا کر تمارے میں میں ڈالوں گا۔

    بہن کو لوڑا

  • rehanboy16


    Not your fault for this cheap language maybe its in your blood. Peoples who have no knowledge about religion, dont have any facts, no truth talking about Islam. Islam is my religion and im proud of being an ahmadi muslim. There are always two sides of a discussion.

    And for you and all the peoples who likes to thumbs up without knowing anything Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is not a prophet, he is imam mehdi. There is no prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). He is the last prophet.

    And if are a true muslim and belief in Kalma that " there's no god but Allah and Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet of Allah, then y r u waiting for Prophet ESA (AS)???????

    Please listen to what other have to say about their religion and dont just come to a conclusion after listening to some Moulvi's.

  • daylight


    تیرے جیسے ٹٹے کے فیتھ کو میں جاننا بھی نہیں چاہتا۔

    کیا تم اسے فیتھ کہتے ہو اور اس ماں کے یار کو نبی کہتے ہو جو سالا ٹٹی پر گر کر مرا۔

    کیا شان دار موت نصیب ہوئی تھی۔

    اللہ تعالی سے دعا ہے کہ وہ ہر حرامی مرزائی کو مرزا غلام احمد جیسی موت عطا کرے۔

    بہن چود کیا تماری اتنی اوقات ہے کہ میں تیرے جیسے گٹر کے کیڑے سے بات بھی کروں؟

    اگر مرزا ہوتا خدا کا نبی

    تو ٹٹی میں گر کر نہ مرتا کبھی۔

    اب تم بھی نیچے بیٹھ کر میرا لن منہ میں ڈالو اگر نہیں ڈال سکتے تو اپنی کسی مرزائین بہن کو بھیج دو جو میرا چوپا لگائے۔

    تف تھو و و و و تیرے نبی پر اور تماری ماں پر جس نے تیرے جیسا حرامی منکر پیدا کیا۔

  • rehanboy16


    We dont need to explain our faith to peoples like you. We can only pray to Allah for your forgiveness. Whatever your saying is not your fault but its those Mula's whose false teachings has encouraged you to say all the filth about us. No one has a right to question someone's belief. This is a matter beween the person and Allah.

    Allah says ! " there will a time comes when Moulvi's will be the worst creatures under the sky" and you can see these days it's the Moulvi's who are killing peoples in the name of Jihad. These are the Moulvi's who are encouraging kids in the madrassas to bomb theirself in the name of Allah.



  • daylight


    don't just call ahmdi a kafir,……..

    also call them bhen kay yaar.

    also call them madar chood

    and also call them kuti kay bachy……harami pilay ….lun choosnay wali twaif kay bachy….

    علامہ ڈاکٹر محمد اقبال نے کیا خوب کہا ہے۔

    اگر مرزا (بہن چود کتا) ہوتا خدا کا نبی

    تو (بہن کا یار) ٹٹی میں گر کر نہ مرتا کبھی

    اب میرا لن چوس اور آرام سے بیٹھ اور خبردار اگر اپنی ماں کے یار مرزا غلام احمد عرف حرامی کے ٹٹے چوسنے کی کوشش کی۔ نہیں تو لن مار کر تیری ماں کا ناک توڑ دوں گا۔

  • digitalMindhunter

    @ Sultanj

    "The solution for these people is only and only ….. Declare them Kafirs (Non-Mulims) just like we did to Marzai and Ahmadis years before, …. only this way we can stop people from supporting and funding them …" You seems to be a beginner concerning your own history. Your so-called Muslim parliament declared Ahmadis as Non-Muslims (Kafir), and from this worst error Pakistan is still suffering. The current happening is the worst out-come of that worst decision taken by the people of Pakistan to declare Ahmadis for Non-Muslims.

    Who the hell are you to decide peoples faith? Be careful who you call Kafir.

  • Khattak

    @Sultani, i think no single patrioitic pakistan will support killing of innocent people of pakistan.but as mention in your commets its totally irrelevent.just go back in 2004 is there was any sucide attack took place in pakistan.Every action has a reaction.When Paki army and US drone strike started in fata the reaction came in sucide attack.if someone kill innocent people so than u expect flower it is just our illusion.Why Media is not allowed in FATA why Human Rights activist is not allowed in FATA.You have any idea how many innocent people are dying in drone attack.Why this corrupt and so called and fake govt is not review foreign policy.USA is taling with Taliban but our Traiter have no interest to talk with these people because they want to earn dolloer.

    Please leave the role of Mir Jaffer and MIr Saddaq.Do,t be a part of international propaganda.

  • Misdaq

    O Yaar this the mixture of different programes.

  • sultantj

    We Pakistanis are indeed living in a country which has become Base camp of all terrorist activities all over the world,

    theses terrorists in shape of Taliban and AL-Qaeda are killing our innocent people inside and outside Pakistan and we are daily blaming India and USA , it is shameful thing for us, but let us think why it is happening, …….

    the reasons are , we are not ready to face truth, our many people from army , political parties, religious parties and media persons are supporting these people, funding these people, appreciating thee people,….. proving that they are true and real Muslims, …..

    i don’t like this corrupt Govt giving very bad situation to Pakistanis, but I love them coz they are clearly against terrorism, they gave Independence to swat valley and other agencies of FATA from bastered Taliban,

    Shame for many media persons who having soft support for Taliban,

    The solution for these people is only and only ….. Declare them Kafirs (Non-Mulims) just like we did to Marzai and Ahmadis years before, …. only this way we can stop people from supporting and funding them …..

  • HotShot

    :) Best of Hasb e Haal :)

  • purepaki

    No more funny najia ki hansi is terrible.

    I donot know how producer is tolerating her?

  • PTI.protector

    old program…