Hasb e Haal – 17th June 2011 Latest on Dunya News


Hasb e Haal – 17th June 2011 Latest on Dunya News






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  • missdare

    i like u pog but i can't agree with ur statement k logon k taref krne chaye HAAN tareef krne chaye magr samne nahe hadees ha "jo shaksh kisi k mu pr us k tareef krta ha goya wo usy halaq krta ha"

  • save pakistan

    Azizi rooock

  • purepaki

    Khabarnak is much better

  • angrypakistani

    AH. I wish i got one day rule, and hang all the mentally sick people who use vulgar language for comments and make the atmosphere stinky.

  • bilal sh

    azizi u r n0t an uncle .,.

  • http://www.zemtv.com jaanis



    |_______________ _ _|||_|ISI__|)


    PAKISTAN and Pakistanis

    Shetaan partiyan aur shaetaan loogon ki Gari pakistan aur awame pakistan ko Kuchalrahi hain …….MQM Zinda baad

  • daylight


    if i have one day rule in pakistan i will kill all illiterate people even if i have to kill 50% people.

    don't you think you should go to school at least?

    do you think azizi was saying good things about sasti roti?

    he is ACTUALLY criticise it by saying it is so thin and unjustifiable to spend billions on it and he also spoke about the curry which is 1000% more then this roti.

    do us all a favour…will you?

    try to jump in to a gutter and kill your self

  • Hafizikram

    This show swwms anti-PPP show. I think this is sponsored by Nawaz Sharif. Otherwise you should comment on the corruption of Sharif family. If you don't know their any corruption, I can tell you Azizi.

    You were talking about "Sasti Roti Scheme" an taunting the person who points out his corruption.

    Please consider my request. You are not addressing PML(N) only.

  • HotShot