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Best of Hasb e Haal – 16th June 2011 Latest on Dunya News

Best of Hasb e Haal – 16th June 2011 Latest on Dunya News






  • azer7786

    I feel sorry for Fika, I know that all true but why ?

    Why President and Prime minister are not responsible for these

    Important issue ?

    They are answerable at judgement day if they believe , which I

    Don't think they do .

  • salman21045

    Although a re-run, but still a very sound performance and a wake up call for all the people of Pakistan. Pakistan by the way, means a land of Paks; well this is what we have come to! What a shame.

    This was a good combination of humor with a pinch of reality. Keep up the great work and May God Bless your team.

  • missdare

    u r 100% right silenttears

  • silenttears

    Riyaz pando

    Best of ka matlab old episode hota ha

    kb akal aye gi……

    itnay baray ho gay ho uncle

  • rockey

    yarr koe new program karo fehka welldone

  • ozairumair

    I am a Pakistani and in my view the the solution of problems of Pakistan is only one we should all be united as Pakistani nation not as Balochi,Sindhi,Punjabi,Pathan etc.

  • purepaki

    Fake laughs + old show = 0 ranking

  • save pakistan

    yaar ye tu puana programe hay..tu hasbehal kedhar say hogia..ye tu hasbemazee hogia,,,lol

  • Buzdil75

    ye bahot AHEM swaal hai k khud Pakistani apnay mulk ko kaisa dekhna chahtey hain…..ek ISLAMIC( Wahabi?) STATE jiski jhalak Afghanistan aur Saudi Arabia mein dekhnay milti hai ya phir ek Democratic State jo hum India, America aur Israel mein dekhtey hain. pichhlay 63 saal ka Tajruba hamain ye batata hai k …Pakis ney hamesha Democratic State ko pasand kiya….Elect kiya. iska matlab ye huaa k …Pakistani apnay mulk ko INDIA , AMERICA AUR ISRAEL jaisa Modern aur Democratic mulk dekhna chahtey hain…. Jab k Pakis hamesha “Islam Mukammal Zabita e hayaat hai ” ka naara lagaatey aaye……dilon mein hmesha Islamic state ka khwaab dekhtey rahay. phir swaal ye uth ta hai k ….main Pakistan ko CONFUSED mulk samjhoon ya MUNAAFIQON ka mulk ????

  • HotShot

    This is best of best >>>Best of Hasb e Haal :) ;)

  • Riyaz

    yar yeh purana program hai …..

  • HotShot

    :) Wah G Wah Azizi Teri Kiya Baat Hey ;)