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Rangers Killed a young man in Karachi

KARACHI: A youth, Sarfraz was killed in firing of rangers’ personnel in Boat Basin area of the city, SAMAA reported on Wednesday night.

According to the sources, the youth was brutally shot dead before he was arrested by the rangers in the Benazir Bhutto Park.

Rangers told the media that Sarfraz was involved in a dacoity there.

On the other hand the heirs of deceased staged a sit-in protest before Chief Minister House, saying the youth was innocent and went to the park for outing.

The extra judicial killing of the youth is being condemned by several political leaders of the city.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Interior Minister Rehman Malik ordered action against the rangers’ personnel involved in the killing. SAMAA


  • infra444

    khanjeezai tuss say zada may india pay lanat baighta hoon,lakin problem under kee hay india ko galian day ker bohat drama ker lia hum ney

  • infra444

    Aby sally khanjeezai to proud pakistani hay lakin para woha england may ho ga iss waqat (i am 100% sure) oor angraazoon key talway chatt raha ho ga,aby haramee igher pakistan say itnee mohabbat hay to england may kun para howa hay???pakistan may ja ker kun nahee marta,bohat muhabbat hay to face ker na pakistan kee problems yahan england may baith ker kia bonkh raha hay,salay munafaq

    Aby england,canada,america etc etc say baith ker bhokna bohat aasaan hay lakin go marr rahay hain un say pooch kameenay,oor khud bhee ja ker marr pakistan may phir banna proud pakistani

  • khanjeezai


  • khanjeezai

    @infra444 Mr canadian 4 ur kind information i have dual nationalities too british & Pak but i am proud to be a PAKISTANI.I am proud of PAK ARMY,ISI.Which is a biggest fear for india.i know many indian are commenting here.& remembering the 71 surrender.Just remeber 65,Kargil.Remember this army broke the mighty USSR.Things have been changed now.India had geographical edge at that time no inforcement could be sent to dhaka without entering the air or naval space of india.Just take a look at the ratio of army,navy,air force b/w india and PAK in 65.things have been changed alot my neighbor indians.don't bark here just look at the missiles that Pak have.ghori,shaheen,hataf.they are enough to rip ur indian ass.PAKISTAN ARMY ZINDABAD.PAKISTAN PAINDABAD

  • dr_sheffield

    Ya Allah hamari madad farmaa !

    Please stop showing this video of SARFARAZ , don't you know his brothers and his family members die every single second when they see it. I don't know this SARFARAZ , but I sew I feel him like my own real brother, how can a human be treated in such brutality and killed like this. He was killed by the firing of one Ranger stray beast but all those who were standing there are all BEASTS ! Listen to the heart breaking and head crushing screaming ahhhhh! when this guy was crying " take me to hospital" AHH my Allah !

    We don't need these security forces, we hate U !! Our mothers pray to Allah to make their children safe but they are killed by theses bastards like no one could even think of that in any civilised society. In my opinion biggest bastards are not these constable rank rangers, biggest criminals are KIYANI, SHUJAH, etc I don't know how Beghairat are they that they salute American agents e.g Raymond Davis. Shame on you , I don't know how could see your dirty faces in the mirror and put ur stars on your shoulder and walk with pride that you are bloody damn generals, shame on you !!! Your security forces are the worst in the world who can't save themselves , look at GHQ, now Mehran naval base, and now the shame on humanity are ZARDARI, ASFANDYAR , NAWAZ , FAZLOO, ALTAF all of these bastards. The only one who could be called a human at least is chief justice . All others are SHIT and Crap!

    I know readers would think I am against army or politicians. No that's not the case I love my country more then any one, I am not looting it, I am not doing corruption in it like these bastards are doing. I am angry and disappointed because this is not that leadership which we dream of in 60 years, this is not that army which we could be proud of! In world history there is only one example of biggest shame when 90000 army personals surrendered, arrested and the general bastard Niazi was slapped. These are the achievements of our security forces who take away our 80% budget for their luxurious lives drinking dancing and sex HUH !

    I love my country and we need the best army in which a general would go to help a poor man who is bothered by the enemies like MOhamad bin qasim not like these bastards!

  • inqlabi

    yea Sarfraz shah kia cheez ha security walon nay to saleem shahzad jasay nadar or butto jasay surma mar deay

  • shamal

    Having been lived in Sweden for 30 years and higher education from prestigeful universities and awards, I have always been proud Pakistani though not Pakist national.This is was the most sad day, and I am unable to face m intellecutua friends.

    Reading all books from "Winess to surrender" to Disarming Iraq". This video shows a future stage of Pultan ground of Dhaka or soem other secerete dozziers "Disarming Pakistan". I heard but never confirmed that Arora Singh slapped on the face of Gen Niazi when Niazi rnaks were pulled off. But here which foreingn general will perform this duty-

  • dr_sheffield


    Dear brother I agree with you that abusing them swearing at them will do no good but earn us sins. But do you know when a weak cat or a dying dog is left with no escape will scratch or try to bite or bark and unfortunately thats what we as a nation are doing. what can a slave nation do apart from crying, shouting, screaming and begging? America, Taliban, politicians, isi, army, beurocracy, police all are together to kill this loyal, fool, weak, wasted nation!

  • Legendofpakistan

    @ dr_sheffield..

    Bhai Sb Galian denay se ham apnay dil ki Bharas nilkal laitay hain yahi tu khami hai hum main. ham main jo aag hai us se hamain Pakistan main is Na Insafi ko khatam karna hai na k Galian de kar jaan churwani hai. Bolna Kam aur Kaam ziada karnay ka waqt aa chuka hai ALLAH SWT apni Zameen par Zulm aur Be Hayaye pasand nahi karta agar Ranger walo nay Zulm kia hai tu hum Bay Hayaye kar k ALLAH k azab ko mazeed Dawat de rahay hain so Hamain apni zuban par control hona chahiye kise ko Haq par Critisise zarur karna chahiye par Gali nahi deni chahiye

  • Legendofpakistan

    @ Patriot Pakistani….

    Jab Qanoon par Amal karwanay walay khud qanoon tortay hain tu un ko ziada Saza milni chahiye…. Kia Qanoon in ki Randi hai Pakistan k Qanoon main kahe bhi yeh nahi likha k ap kise Nehatay Shakhs ko jo ap ki Custody main ho us ko yun Qatal kia jae.. Jab courts hain tu pher yeh Saza Dainay walay kon hotay hai aur Agar Yeh Saza de saktay hain tu hamain bhi Chaiye k ise tarah jis par hamain shak ho us ko ham Qatal kar de Is tarah Ikhtiarat ka najayiz use kia ja raha hai.. in ko in k karnamay ki Saza Zarur milni chaiye… aj tak saza nahi milti rahe tabhi tu hamaray mulk ka yeh haal hua hai Aise hi Story hoti hai har Khudkash Dhamakay k peechay k Zulm Hota hai aur Insaf nahi milta Ghareeb k bacho ko tu pher Ghareeb k pass koi option nahi rehta k woh apna Intiqam khud lay

  • Legendofpakistan

    @ Adylhallmark

    Yeh sab kuch jo ap aaj kal dekh rahay ho yeh Pakistan main koi Naya kaam nahi hai.. Jis mulk main Qanoon sirf Kamzoor k liye ho aur Army, Establishment, aur Hukmaran kise Qanoon ko na manay Waha aisa hi hota hai mere bhai. 1971 main Hum nay apnay Bangali Bhaio k sath kia kya Sirf apni Hakoomat aur Establishment k chakar main Hum nay Aapnay aise Bangali Bhaio ko kho dia hai Jinho nay Tehreek e Pakistan main Hum se Ziada Qurbania de theei. Jub tak is mulk main Qanoon Har aik k liye Baraber nahi ho ga aise Tamashay hum Daikhtay aye hain aur Dekhtay rahay gay.. Is Jungle k Qanoon se chutkara Hasil karnay k liye Puri Pakistani Awam aik Awaz par Labaik kahay aur Apni Supreme Court ki Azadi k liye Tehreek chalye.. Is Mulk main Jo Elite Class hai Us ko Qanoon k under kia jae nahi tu Hum yeh Pakistan bhi ise tarah kho de gay :(

  • adnan1

    Jis tarha se is Nojawan ko in logo ne mara hai aisa lagta hai yeh in ki practice koi first time nahi horaha aur na janay kitne logon ko dako bana kar mout ki nend sula di hai yeh to aik video hai jo samne agea na janay kitne humaray musalman bhaio ko mout ki nend sula dia gea hai mai pochta ho yeh ranger ki out put kia hai dialy banday mar rahay hai daily logo ko lota jaraha hai in ki out put hai kia koi to pochay…..

  • adyhallmark

    Is mulk woh woh horha hay jo kabhi history mai na Pakistan may hua na kahin aur sunnay mai aya Dunya may sabsay aik begherat mulk kay naam sai hum janay jatay hain jiski na koi apni pechchaan nahi rahi nahi apni koi izzat.

    Aik kahawat hay bari mashhoor "kawwa chala hans ki chaal apni chaal bhi bhol giya"

    Us mulk ka kia haal hoga jahan logon ko apnay musalmaan honay per sharam hai apnay pakisntani honay per sharam hai. Is mulk may har idara media samait jaanwar say battar hogya hai. aap koi channel kholain to har rrooz maut ki khabrain sunnay ko milti hain agalay hi lamhay ksi bollywood adakkar ki brithday ki news ya usnay kia khaas kaam kia aik din uski news hogi.

    is mulk mai nojawan nasal ganay bjanay, west ko follow karnay, munh tera karkay kay english bolnay aur indian culture follow karnay ko status symbol samjhnay lagi hay aru aadhi say ziada yotuh inhi kamon may lag gai hai and sorry to say media ka ismay boht bara role hai.

    Mujhay nahi pata ye saba idarai kinko hathon chal rhy hain but bhaion ye jo saray symptoms hain ismay to yahi sab hona tha aur jistarah ye anay wali nasal ko tabah kia jaarha hay aur hum sab bilkull bayhiss banay behtay huay hain, Allah karay meri zaban ghalat ho laikin agay is mulk ka mustaqbil to duur ki baat ye mulk hi nazar nah aarha mustqbil mai.

    Ghulami to abhi say shrro hpogai hai bus offcially handover hon abaqi reh giya hay…hukumraan America ki ghulami mai hain aur awaam western culture ki ghulaami mai…baaqi bacha kon??? koi nahi bacha is mulk ko bachanay wala Allah bachai to bachai

  • dr_sheffield

    I am sorry if some readers get offended but theses are my yesterday feelings when I was really shocked when I saw the video of a human being brutally killed by beasts

    "Shame on you beghairat Pakistan security forces. I swear u should die of shame or start dancing and become prostitutes and sit in Heera Mandi ! Shameless !

    u cowards when raymnd Davis fuck your moms and u provide him security to take him to airport to see him off and than kill innocent Pakistani man on street ,,, ahhh my God I swear u dnt deserve to wear uniform. U better sit in he Heera Mandi"

  • dr_sheffield

    Dear brothers

    We are typing comments here, fighting with each other like school children. But we have no sense of a dying, disgraced, bloody nation ruled by army, civil and political BEASTS..

    I don't watch theses programs much coz of busy schedule but when by chance I saw this innocent person murdered in such a brutal manner that animals are thankful that they arrant humans like these so called security forces. How coward and beghairat are these forces when Raymond Davis is taken to airport in security and protocol who fucked the honour of these security forces. That's one example, there are 1000s.

    Please wake up ! We don't need this 2% elite class of army, politicians, feudal, and looters.

    I don't know who is so stupid to vote ZARDARI, Faisal raza abidi (zardari's personal dog) NAWAZ, ASFANDYAR , fazloo, altaf. Biggest dalaals of America are, SHUJAH pasha KIYANI !

    Plzzz my brothers wake up !

  • infra444

    @khanjeezai no,you cannot a put a bullet in my head and you cannot even tuch me,you know why? because by the grace of allah and using my head too,i got canadian immigration and now i am a dual citizen of Canada & pakistan,i know if you do this to me if i am a paki only nothing will happens and i can be killed like a DOG on the streets of pakistan but you know canadain goverement will fuck your bluddy ass if even you try to tuch me or any of their citizens in anyware around the world,do you know why? because pepole living here are human beings not animals as they are treated in pakistan,so stop barking for these so called security forces who do nothing but just eat tax payer money and then take money from america also to do their durty job

  • patriot pakistani

    bhai mn nahi janta k ye jo bhe lerdka rangers ki firing se mara gya ha wo dako th ya nai but mn aik chez janta hun k karachi mn jo kuch ho rha ha us k bad ye ferq kerna mushkil ho gya ha k kon thk ha or kon ghalat

    MQM khti ha k wo mazloom ha

    ANP khti ha k wo mazoom ha

    agr ye sb mazloom hn to mujerim kon ha?

    terrorist kon ha?

    bhtta khor kon ha?

    ye jo bhe hwa bura hwa

    forces ko ikhtiyar nai ha k wo is terha kisi ko bhe marr de khuwa wo mujerim he kun na ho but un ka bhe point of view lia jna chaye

    aj hum apni forces k khilaaf kiye ja rhy hn ta k fouj akali rh jae or khuda na khuwasta

    mashriqi pakistan wli tarikh dohrai ja sky

    plz apni fouj k khilaf mat hon

    but is incident ki investigation ki jae or agr ranger wle zimedar hn to un ko saza di jae

  • niceboy0345

    ye salaay security force walay apnay pakistanion ko goli mar daity hain, agar ye salaay security force itnay bahadur hain, toh india say apna kashmir AZAAD karein, agar itnay bahadur hain toh india say siachen AZAAD karien aur agar itnay bahadur hain toh india say DAM band karwaye

  • zem_arif


    Mubarak ho , tu nay phir apni maa chudwa lee again from a muhajir…….

  • Observer

    Unless some of our innocent family member gets hurt, humiliated or killed by the personnel of any of these so called defense agencies, we keep on saying that these institutions are our great national assets that defend us. We should feel the pain of others also.

    We should criticize the Sindh rangers for this incident unless we see exemplary punishments. Only in this way, such incidents can be stopped in future.