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Hassan Nisar Abusing on Live Program

This clip is a part of Program 11th hour


  • MolaJat

    Can someone confirm if the idiot is off air yet? I have not seen his 'show' since 'heated debate'.

    Jat – against all scholars using Hassan Nisar language.

  • Mushtaq Raja

    This Hassan Nisar is ill mind. I do'nt know Media is educating the people how to abuse or respect others. Hassan Nisar should be in treated in Mad Hospital. I hate you Hasan Nisar. The people like you are the part of ill society. Should be treated by animal Doctor because you are not a normal human being.

  • khanbaba

    Hassan Nisar is simply drunk person and these idiots jounalist always want to critisize others but thay cant afford if some one ask or critisized them why?

    and keep in mind Hassan Nisar is backing MQM all the time for un known reason or may be he think he is brave but have no balls to say against MQM.

  • MolaJat

    Hassan Nisar the hypocrite. He brates the politicians day in and day out without any proof yet once he was caught off guard with his pants down, he started cursing.

    I am not taking sides here. All I want to say is that as educated and scholarly he portrays himself, he should have taken it on the chin like a man and should have responded to the allegations calmly.

    I don't know, he may be living in a farm house and he probably bought it using his hard earned money but by cursing on the national TV, he sounded just like one of them – the politicians.

    GEO needs to cancel his show – yes it is a show for entertainment. He just criticizes everyone and everything without providing a solution.

    Jat against this idiot now.

  • pakiboy786

    Mushahid aik No. ka jhoota aadmi he. awam ko gali dena is ko bura laga to apne leader se kahe ke ghareeb awam ke vote khareed kar un se jhoote wade karke usi ghareeb awam ka gosht noch noch kar khane se baz aajaye. or ye dunya ko chutiya banata he ke 22 grade ka aadmi jo karachi ka administrator reh chuka ho us ke pas koi ghar na ho is se ziyada bara jhoot bhala kia hosakta he. aik ghareeb aadmi ke pas bhi 80 sq yard ka makan hota he. jhoota makkar

  • Khan80

    Hasan Nisar, you are SICK and just deserve fucking til death. May all Pakistan fuck u turn by turn :( Amin

  • Satyanaas

    These politicians have shown the nevers the awam is dealing on daily basis. They have shown what the level of patience is among awam. The circumstances which have been created by the present govt, my salute to all the pakkies who are still surviving. How? I just dont know. But just like Jajooj Majooj, this dheet pakki qoom just dont die easy. You never know, these pakkies will turn into Jajooj Majooj one day.

    When Adam (AS) was created and Allah informed the Farishtey about him, they said, what?? you are creating humans who will create fitna on earth??? The Farishtey knew which group of humans will create fitna. They were talking about pakkies. and boy they were rite or what?????

  • pakistani2011

    these mother fuckers run the world they both made an complete idiot of them self uneducated fools

  • Khan1

    All are idiots in this program, including Badami

  • realistic

    hassan nisar ny 100% theek bat ki mgr thora tareka theek nhe tha mgr mushahidullah ny pahly bkwas ki k hasan nisar bukta hy

    waisay mushahidullah aaj kull okat sy bahir howa wa hy nam nehaad sharif bradran k agay apny number tankna chahta hyyyy

    n league pori ki pori corrupt hy , or such inko chubta hy ppp or n league dono dako hain mulk looot rhay hain phir bahir ja k london mai ayasheyaaan krty hain lanat hy in py

  • dayliht

    hasan nasar gandoo hay

  • Wafoor

    Why did get so offended why he was accused for living at a farm house? Did he made all that property from haram money? Aik hamam main sab nangay hain. Sab say baran nangar aur harami Zardari khanzeer aur bhir Gilaani kuttay da puttar hai.

  • arsalik

    I have watched Hasan Nisar's program many times and this the only time he spoke the truth so boldly. The politicians ruling this country are really the people who are not among us. They should be thrown out of this country. The other person who is blaming Nisar is himself using non parliamentarian and barking like a street dog that bite the people for no reason. This nation is tired of such dogs and needs a solution to her problems.

  • pakistani60

    tum log ish kanjar ko nhe jantay ….i know him from Faisalabad ….he lived there in jhang bazar lasuri shah k mizar k sath ….ish ki behnain sab gashtian theen aur ish ki maan on gashtioon ki kamaeey say ghar chalati thee …. ish ka chota bhai gandoo thaa aur woo bhi apni taxi behnoon k liay gahak dhondta thaa ….yeh hay ish ka maazi ….aaj yeh kanjar bari bataaen karta hay ….he is a paid raw n cia agent ….haramzada

  • noor


    hasan nisar views are very good but i do not like the way he has done,

    i am sorry to say that hasan nisar has shown himself as a badmash rather than a writer or intellectual,i think and sure that he was over drunk.

    galiyan insan tab nikalta hay jab us ke pass dalil nahi rehti,

    sorry i can not appreciate him.


  • SAM

    I think, these N-League politicians deserves a lot more than what was said. The N-League politicians alway starts shouting whenever truth about them is brought on media.

  • genius

    What hussan said is absolutely right. Present govt. gaddar hai. gaddar tu wo sub much hota hai Jo hussan ab ne kaha hai. inn politician ki gadder ka shoot ya hai k ya log sirf dolt k lite hmari maoon bheno bhaion ko darown attacks main merwa rahay hain.

  • mohib-e-watan

    HASSAN NISAR Is 100% right….

    These all present politician can never give happiness to this nation…

    We all are also responsible for this regime…