Shaikh Rasheed & Mustafa Kamal In Kharri Baat Luqman Ke Saath – 3rd Feb 2011


Sheikh Rasheed, Salman Ghani & Mustafa Kamal join Mubashir Luqman to discuss Revolution Or Civil War?





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  • mujahid

    Yeah foolish Ullu ka Patha or Bhaoon Bhaoon ka cheheta, is a big asshole like his leader bhaoon bhaoon. He is talking about economy and on the other hand he and his party and their Bigger Bhaoon Bhaoon has been talking on the TV and on big screens that he will kill the Landlords, Industrialists and so and so. This murderers gangster have not idea that by these slogans they are destroying the economy and even a poor person will not keep his money in Pakistan due to the fear of these looters and murderers threats.

    They have no idea about history and the facts. Bhutto nationalised the industry in 1973. Since then no industrialist has brought, kept or invested his money in Pakistan and the money abroad of Pakistanis is due to Bhutto and this BASTARDS have not learned anything and are trying to create a situation where no one will invest in Pakistan.

  • Rizkhanae

    @Shamocracy, you said


    Again a FOOLISH statement, Musharraf worked for 9 years, and by some how the country,s economy condition was not as bad what we have today. I know you will NOT agree, because you are Anti Mohajir.

    Musharraf offered Imran a BIG Post, No one else cared about him even.

    This is Imran,s tradition to abuse Mohajir , PPP, and favor Talibaan. You people do your bottom best to support Imran, but the ground reality is that, he can never get more than 4,5 seats, he can never ever RULE Pakistan. Pakistan will be ruled pnly by ZAMINDAR, JAAGIRDAAR, WADERA and Beuracrats onlyyyyyyyyy. OR by Gernail, Karnail etc……..You public only get a LOLI pop at the end.

    This is BITTER my dear, but this is a FACT..

  • Naked Truth

    Mubashir Luqman is big time liar and khoochal…….. i refuse to see his programs so i can't comment wht puppet show he did today…but onething is clear he is a altaf hussain's chumcha……………. don't u guys remember wht lies he showed about PTI in flood victum's camp that PTI doesn't have n e camps in muzafergarh but wht happened mr mubashir some how passed through it found MQM's bogus camp but not PTI's……………. @ kaka IMRAN KHAN ultta naheen latukta …baki leaders ki tarah americans ke agey……baagi to sub bunderoon ki tarah kartub dekhatey hein american ammbassador ko…….. we r wht we r and we are proud of it. not like mqm killers, theives and terrorists…….wht happened on 12 may was an example whn cheif justice went to karachi……………@ precious guy go fool some1 else what they are we all kno………..u do fair elections in karachi mqm wouldn't even win half of the seats wht they have rite now………….IMRAN KHAN is a leader for all states not jst in sindh actually not even whole sindh jst the karachi…and we know how they take ppl to vote for them……u have right to choose ur party which ever u like to support but u should have gutts to admit wht ur party made of……… aik choor aik dacait katil jiss ko apney logon se khatrah hai keh woh na maar dein ussey thats whys he doesn't come back to Pakistan…….thats how brave this leader is, can't speak or do about n e thing that joker.


    mubashir lucman ko hamesha punjab hee kyun nazar atta he ? ?? roti ka problm to pore cuntry me he ,,lucman mqm ko kyun sport krta he,,?

  • Precious Guy

    MQM is providing a platform to educated, loyal, devoted, intelligent, progressive & patriotic people of Pakistan belongs to 98% middle & lower middle class who have pain & passion for betterment of Pakistan & its people,Mustafa Kamal is another example of it.Corrupt political parties & people don’t want this that’s why they are against MQM.Now my dear compatriots open your eyes & hearts & support positive forces like MQM for an independent, progressive, developed, educated & enlightened Pakistan.MQM is the bouquet of people Pakistan from all ethnic backgrounds. MQM is doing struggle for middle, lower middle class & poor people belong to any ethnicity facing social injustice, discrimination, poverty, extremism, inflation, illiteracy, lawlessness, corruption, unemployment & other problems due to corrupt political & feudal system. Corrupt political parties & feudal lords do not like to sit with poor & middle class people in Assemblies, Senate & Government that is why they are against MQM.

  • cokee

    yeh woh kutey hain jinoo ney literally pakistan aur pakistanion ko bhechaa . abb yeh inqillab ki baat karety hain !

  • MK Malik


    Musharraf can change Pakistan?

    Change into what? Patakistan this time?

  • shamocracy

    And today the same is true for pmln and mqm, who are working with elite plunderers and at the same time claim to be harbingers of democracy.

    Agar watan ko bachana hey tooooooooooooooo Imran ko lana hey.

  • shamocracy



    nd for this reason merely imran refused to joined him nt coz he was mohajir or els

    Agar Pakistan ko bacha hey toooooooo Imran ko Lana hey

  • moha199

    jiyae Musharraf, He did his best in all these years alone now he will have people in open with him and this time he will change Pakistan since he already has Pak army but this time it will be public too and this time it will be too easy to kick ppp pmln pmlq and all corrupt and this is why there isn't any effort by him on existing politicians……

  • qader

    Ghani is right, these three guys Kamal, Rasheed, and lukman were part of Musharaf government, how these people can talk about poor people and revolution that were (are) always part of corruption and killing. Inshallah there be revolution in Pakistan and these all corrupt people (Army, PPP, PML, MQM (Killers), etc) will have to go and Pakistani people will rule this country

  • MK Malik

    kaka ji

    Aap sari umar kakay he raheen gay ya grow-up bhi kareen gay?

    Never say never! my friend.

    Aap apni misl na deen. Aap to ulta bhi latkay, phir bhi kakay kay kakay he rahay.

  • kaka

    Imran Khan ulta bhe latak jaye tab bhe hukumat may nahi aye ga chaye jitna bhe sir deewar say maro nothing gonna happen

  • kaka

    MQM se sab ke pathte q hay jis ko dekho MQM k peechay PML or PPP do dafa to agaye na hukumat hay ek nay bal algwa lye dosray nay sara Pakistan he sale kar dia to unko azmanay may kia hay pata lag jaye ga jis ko dekho MQM yeh or wo ANP walo nay abi nam change kia hay kal wo Pak se be alag ho gay q k Pakistan ko pantay he kab hay or hum samjhtay nahi koi bhe aye na ganja aye na zordari.

  • Rizkhanae


    You said "you have been spreading disapointment. If ur a firm belever as u pretend to b the dont you kno that ” Mayosee kufr hey”

    I am not spreading MAYOSEE, you are BLUFFING people, you are deceiving people by showing a FALSE HOPE.

    You are not retrieving the GROUND REALITY and representing IMRAN as CEO or a REVOLUTIONARY Leader.

    Can IMRAN get a single seat from PUNJAB rural area, NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOO, he might get Youth votes in URBAN AREA, can these VOTES give success.

    IMRAN have to emerge a BIG LEADER, so far NO, he was given a chance by Musharraf to be a PM, if he would taken it and work publicly with Justice, would have made a FIRM FOOTING in politics. But he turned down this because Musharraf was from ARMY..or MOHAJIR.

  • shamocracy

    i pity Luq man who is trying his best to give maximum space and support to qatil jamat but alas he is not sucesful in his efforts as there are no reason to belev qatil jamat.

    mqm, ppp, pml, religios parties are all chips of the same block. Army is ruling Pakistan for the past 63 years eaither directly through generals or through the above mentioned. So who says this democracy…this is shamocracy or mocracy.

    Agar Pakistan ko bachana hey toooooooooooo IMran ko lana hey.

  • sean

    MQM in front talk nice but in back ground thay & zardarri are one also MQM from begining was voice of muhajir movment but not voice of pakistan but now thay talking about pakistan thay all one corrupt incompetent and concernd only about party power but not about concerned about pakistani peoples.

    brothers/sisters vote for Imran khan and save pakistan from corrupt incompetent leaders and foriegn agents,

    pakistan zindabad

    Thank you

  • shamocracy

    @ rizkhanae

    you have been spreading disapointment. If ur a firm belever as u pretend to b the dont you kno that " Mayosee kufr hey"

    Agar watan ko bachana hey toooooooo Imran ko lana hey.

  • shamocracy

    they are NOT from middle class rather Faqeerey who turnd LOTEREY and Dako.

    History is witness to the fact that neither faqeerey nor vaderey cod be good and passionate leaders or people with responsibility. that is why Quran says ''a juge amongest you shod not be one ( beside some other prerequisits) of poor family background coz otherwise he wod be more prone money making rather justice''.

    The same syche applies every where. Its the middle class that always prove to be visionary and revolutionary. BUT mqm is nt a from middle class, its jhugianz class who are now using mohajir name ( first their fathers used islam name to fix their tanticles in karachi.

    Agar watan ko bachana hey toooooooo Imran ko lana hey.

  • hawkeyeblue

    Good Job Mubashar Luqman you always prove time and again your relentless support to Altaf Bhai and MQM. This is exactly what is you are known for and Keep up the good work of Pleasing Chooran Faroosh Haleem wali Sarkar.

  • Rizkhanae


    Wakeup Khan saheb, SUCH BOLNE KI AADAT DALO, warna Marne ke baad WOH CHITTAR parenge ke pichwara LAAL hojayega.

    Yeh mat bhoolo ke tumhara deen tumko kiya kahta hai, pahle tum musalman ho, phir Pakistani, phir khan .

  • ambaig

    Thank You Mubashir for fair and unbiased reporting and showing people of Pakistan whats coming ahead of us.

    Please forget the party affiliation, think about Pakistan.

    Your party leaders are the not Rasools and Paghambers. They are also humans and they can make mistakes. Do try the same peoples over and over again. Give the new people a chance.

  • amjadkhan

    mubashir tum se yeh umeed nahi thi

  • amjadkhan


    mam inqilab laye gi kiya my foot, mqm k leader se kaho arbon k mehal me chup k bethe ho ajao yahan sara pesa le kar

    shiekh rasheed ko tab mot parti thi jab 1 genral k talwe chat raha tha aj ye haat in logon ki bnayi hoi to he

    or rahi baat inqilab ki to baba gharib bhook se mar jaye ga or amir apna mal bator k mulk se bhag jaye ga…..

    or inshallah pakistan ko kuch nahi ho ga qk yahan allah k madad he okzzzzzz

  • yasir


  • abbasit

    luqman has a soft corner for MQM ,,,

  • Rizkhanae

    @Naveed Awan

    You said "New agent for MQM in Punjab – Mubashar Luqman… 000!!!!"

    On what ground/basis you said this, whatever came in your big mouth, you just took it out.??????????

    Disliking or criticising MQM is acceptable & welcome, but how you accuse someone as an AGENT.

  • cokee

    this was totally onesided show ! total crappp. they want a technocrate govt so they can have some nice ministries and enjoy . they dont gve a damn about pakistan . these are supporters of musharaf . he is the reason behind what we are today .

  • Naveed Awan

    New agent for MQM in Punjab – Mubashar Luqman… 000!!!!

    People like him do more harm to the country than enemy.

    What MQM is doing in Sind? What can we use these lower middle class looters, creating law & order situation in Karachi, just for own interest, not for the people of Pakistan? Sheikh Rasheed should understand that his political life is over.

  • Rizkhanae

    @Sheikh Rasheed Saheb,

    A BIG Salam to you. Your concluding message :" we are divided in 4, we need a NATIONAL Leader"

    Who is that NATIONAL leader?

    Sheikh saheb, aap kiyon KHAP parahe hain, PPP ke baad Nawaz kee baari hai, aane dain hukoomat mai unko, London mai mazeed investment karna hai unko…

    Nawaz ke baad, phir FAUJ ki baari hai….yeh "merry GO ROUND" chalne dain…

    Hamara koai National Leader nahi hai, hum Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi aur Pathan hain….Marne dain is qowm ko, yeh be deen loag hain, jisne DEEN ko chordiya, woh PAISE ke liye sub kuch kar sakti hai…