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Khabar Naak – 20th November 2010

Khabar Naak – 20th November 2010

  • Maqsood


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  • http://http:/none.com X X X X X

    all team of khabarnak kabi be "Hasbe hal" ka mukabala naheen kar saqte

    chahe NARGIS ka dance be shamil kar laya jaye.

  • http://www.mughalconsultants.com Khalid Mughal

    Such Cheap programme. Shame on all those cheap and ghatya stupid people who made this show and participate.SHAME SHAME SHAME….They don't know the respect of our HEROS……SHAME ON ALL THE PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS.


    I am very much surprised to see the comments of few friends who are actually very narrow minded. Why we people find ethnic hatred in everything. This is just a comedy and take it as comedy. I am not punjabi but i think this is not rite to divert ur criticism towards Punjab. Don’t miss some very little opportunity to smile

    Friends who thinks that to do parody of Anwar Maqsood is a sin . they should also keep in mind that these people has been doing parody of their own colleagues Dr Shahid Masood, Haroon Rashid, Najam Sethi, Kamran Khan, Mushtaq Minhas , Nusrat Javed, Iftikhar Ahmed..

    Also of our national Hero Imran Khan (I am member of PTI) is included in the list..

    Some people has also criticize Aftab Iqbal , Aftab Iqbal is a very good writer , actually he is he one who started Hasb e Hall and now he came with new idea. People who don’t believe me just read his columns that he himself is good writer. He has good Journalistic back ground before that he has been writing for Nawai Waqt also which is one of the leading news paper.

    so take it positive and be positive.. Come out of Sindhi ,Punjabi, Blochi and Pakhtuns.. Be Pakistani

  • http://www.zemtv.com fahad

    the audience in this show is very stupid who make laughter on the copy of big persnolities like anwar masood because they dnt knw about him

    yeh awaam hasstay rhay gay and bahir say aa k koi in ke bja k chala jaey ga…………………..

  • coolzzx

    Aftab Iqbal is a bullshit and Idiot person. Fuck U Aftab Iqbal!!

  • Syed Jamaluddin

    My yesterday´s comments have been deliberately "hidden" by zemtv.com without any proper justification whatsoever. The fact remains the same. We cannot allow cheap street comedians from Punjab to humiliate our heroes like this. I repeat that Anwar Maqsood is not any Punjabi politician or corrupt military personnel. Anwar Maqsood is known for his remarkable career in the field of humour. Whosoever considers Anwar Maqsood as "zero" does not even know what exactly "humour" is. People from Punjab are used to listening cheapest ever street comedy on stage plays organized in "socalled heart of Pakistan i.e. Lahore" and they think that stage comedy is real comedy which is not true at all. Indeed we cannot compare decent parody done by "Hum Sab Umeed say hein" with such a notorious and insulting humiliation organized by Aftab Iqbal with support of his fellow street comedians coming from slumdog areas of Lahore. Anwar Maqsood is a heavy-weight in the world of humour. It was Anwar Maqsood who had courage to confront General Zia-ul-Haq through his courageous humour against the then establishment when top journalists used to shiver while writing against military dictatorship. Most of such journalists are still alive today. Hats off for Anwar Maqsood for his great humour. Let these street comedians from Punjab disappear like frogs.

  • Dilawar Khan

    There should be a code of conduct while preparing such shows.Please do not humiliate our ginay chunay intellectuals.Aftab sb Hasbe haal app kay haath say qewn gaya abb samajh main aya.

  • ibrar



  • ibrar

    i am sorry but this is not a program which should be allowed to go on air from any television network, cheap jokes and humilating our national heros.

    i would like to request every single person who agrees with me , should email geo network to close this program as soon as possible.

  • http://www.zemtv.com fahad

    geo tv have missunderstanding that this is very creative one but by making jokes on national intellectuals they effect their own credibility