Khabar Naak – 20th November 2010


Khabar Naak – 20th November 2010

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  • Maqsood

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    all team of khabarnak kabi be "Hasbe hal" ka mukabala naheen kar saqte

    chahe NARGIS ka dance be shamil kar laya jaye.

  • Khalid Mughal

    Such Cheap programme. Shame on all those cheap and ghatya stupid people who made this show and participate.SHAME SHAME SHAME….They don't know the respect of our HEROS……SHAME ON ALL THE PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS.


    I am very much surprised to see the comments of few friends who are actually very narrow minded. Why we people find ethnic hatred in everything. This is just a comedy and take it as comedy. I am not punjabi but i think this is not rite to divert ur criticism towards Punjab. Don’t miss some very little opportunity to smile

    Friends who thinks that to do parody of Anwar Maqsood is a sin . they should also keep in mind that these people has been doing parody of their own colleagues Dr Shahid Masood, Haroon Rashid, Najam Sethi, Kamran Khan, Mushtaq Minhas , Nusrat Javed, Iftikhar Ahmed..

    Also of our national Hero Imran Khan (I am member of PTI) is included in the list..

    Some people has also criticize Aftab Iqbal , Aftab Iqbal is a very good writer , actually he is he one who started Hasb e Hall and now he came with new idea. People who don’t believe me just read his columns that he himself is good writer. He has good Journalistic back ground before that he has been writing for Nawai Waqt also which is one of the leading news paper.

    so take it positive and be positive.. Come out of Sindhi ,Punjabi, Blochi and Pakhtuns.. Be Pakistani

  • fahad

    the audience in this show is very stupid who make laughter on the copy of big persnolities like anwar masood because they dnt knw about him

    yeh awaam hasstay rhay gay and bahir say aa k koi in ke bja k chala jaey ga…………………..

  • coolzzx

    Aftab Iqbal is a bullshit and Idiot person. Fuck U Aftab Iqbal!!

  • Syed Jamaluddin

    My yesterday´s comments have been deliberately "hidden" by without any proper justification whatsoever. The fact remains the same. We cannot allow cheap street comedians from Punjab to humiliate our heroes like this. I repeat that Anwar Maqsood is not any Punjabi politician or corrupt military personnel. Anwar Maqsood is known for his remarkable career in the field of humour. Whosoever considers Anwar Maqsood as "zero" does not even know what exactly "humour" is. People from Punjab are used to listening cheapest ever street comedy on stage plays organized in "socalled heart of Pakistan i.e. Lahore" and they think that stage comedy is real comedy which is not true at all. Indeed we cannot compare decent parody done by "Hum Sab Umeed say hein" with such a notorious and insulting humiliation organized by Aftab Iqbal with support of his fellow street comedians coming from slumdog areas of Lahore. Anwar Maqsood is a heavy-weight in the world of humour. It was Anwar Maqsood who had courage to confront General Zia-ul-Haq through his courageous humour against the then establishment when top journalists used to shiver while writing against military dictatorship. Most of such journalists are still alive today. Hats off for Anwar Maqsood for his great humour. Let these street comedians from Punjab disappear like frogs.

  • Dilawar Khan

    There should be a code of conduct while preparing such shows.Please do not humiliate our ginay chunay intellectuals.Aftab sb Hasbe haal app kay haath say qewn gaya abb samajh main aya.

  • ibrar


  • ibrar

    i am sorry but this is not a program which should be allowed to go on air from any television network, cheap jokes and humilating our national heros.

    i would like to request every single person who agrees with me , should email geo network to close this program as soon as possible.

  • fahad

    geo tv have missunderstanding that this is very creative one but by making jokes on national intellectuals they effect their own credibility

  • mohsin

    very bad copy of hasb e haal

    all of these people cant copy sohail ahmed

    and they think that they can beat him.

    aftab should join hasb e haal agian it will be better for his career……….

  • http://nil Arshad khan

    people should not take it very seriously.I am sure anwar maqsood has a large heart and will appreciate his parody.

    one thing we should remember that only well known people are target of comedians.

  • http://zemtv.cim yasir

    well done aftab ……….yara q mind karty ho joke joke hota hy.

    bus IMRAN KHAN



  • akhtar

    this shows the standard of ''JEW''..( i am not wrong/mistaken, its really of jews,from jews )

  • Ali khattak

    Its so sad to see them making such cheap fun of one of pakistan LEGEND ANWAR MAQSOOD, this is not even parody , dont know what this guy think of himself..if people today know him thats all because of SOhail ahmed, i think the whole country is going down when third class street comedian make fun of legends, i am not even from SINDH ,but watching this shit comedy hurts me that they are making fun of anwar maqsood

  • Nash Qureishi

    cheap copy program of Hasb-e-Haal. Really bad jokes and disrespectfull to heroes of this country.

  • Qartaba

    To be honest, Anwar Maqsoos is no 'sky high' sort of thng. Or if u thnk he is, then jokes are always launched on celebrities n well knowns. Wats the point then???

    Khabarnak hasnt let Zardari, Gilani to get off the hook by making maximum fun of them, who is Anwar Maqsoos then???

    A person who has been trying his luck in almost 5 areas of art n in mean time gets fame???

    I admit that ths episode of Khabarnak isnt gud. But 13/14th Oct2010 wer gud shows. On the other hand, if some of us hate punjab n punjabis then simply get a life n try to cope with ur mentality.

    We all represent Pakistan as a person as a nation.

    Anwar Maqsood has been insulting every single famous person throughout his career.

    Even Moin Akhter wished him to seeked forgiveness from All mighty Allah for his comments abt Khana-e-Kaaba. (He made sum funny remarks once)…

    Sorry dudes, learn to differentiate b/w Heroes n Zeroes.

    The other day one guy was tryin to convince me that people always vote in election to heroes.(If this is it, then Zardari is the horrible one)

  • kashif ka fan

    cheap program btw.

    geo should stop this show

  • kashif ka fan

    اسلام کے پانچ بنیادی اراکین میں سے ایک قربانی ہے۔ اور آفتاب اقبال جیسا پڑھا لکھا جاہل یہ کہہ رہا ہے کہ یہ ایک روایت ہے۔ اور اسے جاری رہنا چاہیے۔

    کیا اگر یہ روایت ہے تو اگر روائیت ختم کر دی جائے تو کیا اسلام پورا رہے گا؟

    کیا بے ہودہ توجہیہ بیان کی ہے آفتاب اقبال۔

    تمارے نزدیک تو اگر کوئی چیز اردو لغت میں بھی ہو اور اگر کوئی ایک شخض ایک مقالہ لکھ دے تو وہ ڈکشنری تو ناقص العلم ہو جائے گی لیکن وہ مقالہ تسلیم کر لیا جائے گا۔ حلانکہ لغت کسی احمق نے نہیں لکھی اور جو جو محقق اس کو پڑھ کر اس پر اعتراز نہ کرنے کی جسارت کر چکا ہے کیا وہ احمق تھے؟ یقینا آفتاب اقبال ایک احمق شخض ہے اور موٹے دماغ کا الو ہے۔

    رہی بات انور مقصود کی تو کسی بھی دوسرے ملکی فنکار کی طرح وہ بھی ایک فنکار ہیں۔ اب ایک موچی کی پیرڈی تو نہیں کی جائے گی یا ایک نائی کی نقل تو کوئی نہیں اتارے گا۔ ایک عام پھیری والے کی نقل کون ٹی وی پر کرے گا؟ نقل ہمیشہ مشہور آدمی کی ہی ہوتی ہے۔

    لاکھ کی لعنت ان لوگوں پر بھی جو صوبائی اور لسانیت کا تعصب ملک میں پھیلاتے ہیں۔ ان کے اپنے بھائی روزانہ ٹآرگٹ کیلنگ کا شکار ہوتے ہیں اور یہ اچھی طرح جانتے ہیں کہ یہ قتل کون کر رہا ہے لیکن یہ پھر انہیں قاتلوں کو دوبارہ سلیکٹ کر لیتے ہیں۔ یہ لوگ گولی کے ہی قابل ہیں۔ بالکل ایک پاگل کتے کی طرح۔ جو لوگ اپنا برا بھلا نہیں سوچ سکتی اسے ختم کر دینا چاہیے۔ کیونکہ سدھرنے والے تو یہ ہیں نہیں۔

    عید پر کھالوں کے نہ دینے پر بھی تین مار دیئے گئے۔ لیکن ایک چیز قاتلوں نے بہت کی ۔ ان کو مقتولین کی کھال بھی اتار لینی چاہیے تھی تاکہ کراچی کے نومنتخب ایم پی اے جو لاکھ ووٹ لے کر جیتا ہے اس کا جوتا ہی بن جاتا۔

  • Rauf

    Shame on aftab iqbal

    shit prgm nd cheap jokes…

  • 99TH

    Aftab Iqbal is a really seriously non sense person. TOO RUDE, considers himself best in the world.

    He is way better than aftab

    you should be ashamed. very bad non sense show with low lever jokes

  • Nadeem

    @Syed Jamaluddin: I don't think anyone will disagree with me when I say that Answar Maqsood is the best among us. I have always praised what he stands for. He has ultimate sense of humor. He is more than a thinker, a comedian, a writer or an anthropologist; he is above all this. I have all the respect for him.

    Has anyone checked with Mr. Anwar Maqsood if he disliked this comedy parody show?

    I am sure; this parody has nothing to do with Punjabi or anything. We all have jokes about each other. British have jokes about Irish; Indian on Pakistani and Pakistanis about Indian and above all whole South Asia has about Sikhs, and Pakistanis have about Pathans.

    In "Hum Sub Umeed Sey Hain" the fun is made about any personality in politics, I am sure no one minds that. No Punjabi has gone mad at parody of Ch. Shujaat and no general is mad at making fun of gen Musharraf. I am a family friend of Ch. Shujaat and I love his parody across the board.

    I am also sure; Mr. Anwar Maqsood himself is above all such discriminations. He has made fun of all types of people in our society and no one has gone mad at him. Moeen Akhtar has impersonated so many people across the board. I am sure Mr. Answar Maqsood will laugh it off.

    This program may be a bad comedy program but I am sure, no one has the courage to insult Mr. Anwar Maqsood. He is a hero. Please take it as a simple good or bad comedy. I am sure, if you watch great American, British, European and Indian comedy programs; much more is at stake in their programs.

  • Saleem

    Extremly agreed with most comments! This is really stupid programme! Even shocked to c this! I wasn't expecting this type of commedy, cheap programme Mr Aftab. U shud apologise from our far better then u,hero. in my view all other commedians are lafangay!!

  • hasan

    the format of this program is very contemptible. Aftab is trying to compete with his last program on dunya tv but that program is much better than this with respect to content anf format..this is such a shameful program and a person like anwer maqsood is has been humiliated in such a cheap way…i condemn this program particularly..and punjabi is not the language of whole pakistan,,they should also realize it….

  • Ali

    This is such a stupid program. Extremely cheap comedy. Why zem tv is uploading it?????

  • muhammad

    @syed dude go get a life ! we all agree that these comedians goes too far but that doesnt me that u should start all this punjabi sindhi shit . these are because of loosers like u we r divided .

  • Zaigham

    I watch this program first time and shocked to see how they are treating our country heroes and respectable personalities. Secondly in this this program they also use the Races language against Urdu speaking people and Urdu Language. well they don't aware that it's our countries National Language, and if they are being races and discriminating Urdu Language and its speakers then their is nothing more shame full of that they making laugh of own country and people.

  • shahbaz

    my dear brother

    i agree with your opnion

    i love anwar Maq and his art no doubt he is a great pakistani artist and we should respect his art and work

    i also dislike the way some times the humiliate great personalties

    but the way you have shown the sickness of dirintiating punjabi and urdu its awful

    my dear i am unjabi and we have given more respect to moeen akhtar bushra ansari anwar maq and others

    u could say bad to guys but who one earth given u a right to divide us on ethinisty

    you should rethink and come out of this cheap way of division

    we al are pakistai and you can say wrong or right any one fromour country

    i agree with your all words but tis unjabi , punjabi is a sickeness of your mind

    many urdu speakers make fun on stage of athan and punjabis which is not wrong becase they do nt do it for sickness like u they just do it for fun

    so try to rethink for this division my dear

    we all are pakistani

    punjabi are more then 70 % papulation still we happily consider urdu our national language

    and i have no problem with it

    so u should also respect others


    this is not fun .this is humiliation.anwar maqsood is a very respectable man

  • Syed Jamaluddin

    Anwar Maqsood is not a bloody Punjabi politician or any Punjabi military personnel. The street comedians from bloody Punjab should differentiate between Punjabi politicians / Punjabi military personnel and the most decent personality like Anwar Maqsood who ruled the PTV in the field of true humour. People still remember his dynamic command on presenting the greatest ever humour through his award-winning programmes. How can we expect the illiterate Punjabi street comedians to understand or even comprehend the real humour of Anwar Maqsood which kept the entire Pakistan stunned and pleased. The street comedians who were busy in displaying their reality on Lahore´s stage have now entered the studios of private TV channels just to win the ongoing unofficial competition among the various mushroom TV channels. Time has come that these Punjabi street comedians should offer respect to those historic people like Anwar Maqsood who had the privilege of being known to the whole world because of his real humour. It is sad that filthy and dirty street comedians assembled by Aftab Iqbal have attacked Anwar Maqsood in such a notorious manner. Such insults are more deserved by corrupt Punjabi politicians and Punjabi military personnel and not people like Anwar Maqsood.